As everyone known, a good solids control system can benefit a lot in different aspects, such as increase the drilling rate, make the drill bit longer working life, lower drilling mud cost and disposal cost for barite, chemicals, water, cuttings; reduce horsepower losses to gel and viscosity; reduce the possibility of lost circulation and blowouts; less drag pulling pipe; reduce surge and swab pressures; less differential pressure sticking; better cleaning work, etc.

A complete solids control system consists of primary shale shake, desander, desilter ( or mud cleaner), degasser, decanter centrifuge, etc.
Shale shaker is the first phase solids removal. To use a proper mesh shaker screens to reach your required result according to the cut points. The high performance shale shaker has reduced the solids from the drilling fluids, the fluids drop into the sand trap, and pumped by centrifugal pump and feed to desander cone, desilter cone. If the shale shaker separation performance is not good, the desander cone and desilter cone will be damaged very fast.

Hydrocyclones- desander & desilter & mud cleaner, are the second phase cleaning and third phase cleaning equipments. 10” cone and 12” cone is normal used as desander hydrocyclones; 4” cone is normally used as desilter hydrocyclones. A 500gpm desander use 1ea 10” cone, 1000gpm desander use 2ea 10” cone, 1500gpm desander use 3ea 10” cone. A 500gpm desilter use 8ea 4” cone, 1000gpm desilter use 12ea 4” cone, 1500gpm desilter use 16ea 4” cone. We will choose different numbers of hydrocyclones for your different treating capacity requirement.
As one of the experienced solids control equipments manufacturer in China, GN solids control produce complete line solids control equipments and mud system, we also provide design and first time commissioning service to our clients. Pls contact with GN solids control for more information.

Recently a unit of mute solids vacuum pump are ready for shipment, it will be used for tunneling slurry transfer. The vacuum pump is used to suck the slurry used for Tunneling project and discharge to another place, the max suction distance is 50m horizontally, max discharge distance is up to 1000m horizontally. The vertical lifting depth is up to different materials. The max solids content allowed is 80%, and max solids size can be pumped is up to 75mm, it can be used to transfer tunneling slurry, especially for long distance transfer. Since the vacuum pump is 100% air operated pump, no need electricity supply, it is suitable for hazardous area application. When the vacuum pump is installed near city center, a mute tank is applied to reduce the noise.

Tunneling slurry is a mixture of topsoil, Portland cement, and water. The consistency of the slurry is different depending on its purpose in a repair project. The slurry is made thinner and more watery for filling purposes and thicker with less water for lifting purposes. In foundation repair and tunneling, slurry is used as a filling material and is of a thinner consistency.

We have 3 models of solids vacuum pump for option with different flow rate, GNSP-10B with flow rate max 10m3/h, GNSP-20B with max flow rate 20m3/h, GNSP-40B with max flow rate 40m3/h. There are automatic mode working and manual mode working for option based on different working conditions. After several times testing for suction time and discharge time, the user can adjust the timers of suction and discharge until it reach your requirement.
It can be widely used to transfer waste mud, drilling cuttings, oil sludge, tunneling slurry, animal waste, hazardous waste, sand and solids, etc. material. If you need solids vacuum pump, pls contact GN solids control.

The water based mud drilling cuttings treatment solution including cuttings solidification unit and waster based mud drilling cuttings treatment system.

High G drying shaker is core equipment for primary solids control and drying the water based cuttings, to meet the requirement of final disposal and recover more base fluids. The features of high G drying shaker is that high G force adjustable up to 8 G, flexible feeding method such as weir feed, top feed and hopper feed, mechanical deck angle adjustable while working from -1 to 5 degree. The high G drying shaker can lay under the primary shale shaker directly to collect the water based drilling cuttings from primary shale shaker. Or it can lay on a separate mud tank, to collect drilling cuttings from screw conveyor or waste vacuum pump.
The working process of high G drying shaker system is as below:
The screw conveyor collect the water based drilling cuttings from primary shale shaker and transfer to high G drying shaker, which is lay on the fluids catching tank, the centrifuge feeding pump feed the fluids to waste decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation, the fluids flow to intermediate tank, the clean fluids can be transferred to solids control system storage tank or mud mixing tank by adding chemical additives. The discharged solids together with the separated cuttings from desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge will be transferred by screw conveyor to solidification unit, by adding lime and absorber and mixed in the high shear vessel. The mixed solids can be final disposal without damage to the environment.

With chemical dosing unit, the dewatering centrifuge can separate the ultra fine solids up to 1 microns, the clean water can be sent to waste water treatment facility for disposal or recovery to solids control system for drilling rig reuse.

As a drilling waste treatment equipments manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control produce drilling waste treatment equipments for both OBM, SOBM and WBM, including vertical cuttings dryer, waste decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor, high G drying shaker, waste vacuum pump, cuttings transfer pump, centrifuge feeding pump, fluids catching tank, etc.

Vertical cuttings dryer is the ideal equipment to recover base fluids from oil based drilling waste, reduce the amount of OBM or SOBM on cuttings and reduce the waste volume to meet environmental objectives. Reduce fluid content prior to further treatment, thereby increasing process capacity.
The working process of vertical cuttings dryer system is as below:

The screw conveyor collect the OBM drilling cuttings from primary shale shaker, and transfer the drilling cuttings and discharged out from screw conveyor outlet port to vertical cuttings dryer feeding port, the vertical cuttings dryer will take away the oil and water from the cuttings which will be discharged from VCD discharge port, the fluids will flow into the intermediate tank , and the centrifuge feeding pump will feed the fluids to waste decanter centrifuge for further treatment, the separation cut point is 2 ~ 5microns, most of the fine solids bigger than 5 microns will be separated out, and the treated fluids can be recovery by adding chemical additives, or the fluids flow to a fluids catching tank with dewatering centrifuge and chemical dosing unit for further treatment, the purpose is for final disposal of the fluids.
A zero discharge drilling cuttings treatment system including solids control system and drilling waste management system, which is working in closed loop to prevent the drilling waste splash in the ground and no need to dig a waste pit in the earth. The solids control system including primary shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, the drilling waste treatment system including screw conveyor, vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge , fluids catching tank and skid.

GN Separation Equipment Co., Ltd(GN Separation)is wholly-owned subsidiaries company of Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. The Mining Business Department of GN separation focus on for the development and producing of mining vibrating screening equipment. Except for stack vibrating screen-fine sizer, medium mining vibrating screen, GN separation also develop large double deck mining vibrating screening equipments, including the series as below:

1. Large double deck Linear vibrating screen, we have single deck large linear vibrating screen and double deck large linear vibrating screen, the handling capacity of materials with the same size and different working conditions varies greatly.

2. Large double deck Banana vibrating screen, it is mainly used in dry and wet classification, desliming, demineralization and others. The inclination angle of the screen surface at the feeding end is big, which lead the materials to be treated move faster. When the user decrease the inclination of the screen surface, the flow rate will be reduced, which improve the screening probability and improve the screening efficiency.
3. Large double deck Flip Flow vibrating screen

The above mining vibrating screen adopted polyurethane screen panel with coarse screening and fine screening.
GN polyurethane screen panel – coarse screening with screen panel opening 0.2 ~ 30mm, it is made of polyurethane wrapped metal skeleton, with features of good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, but lack of high temperature resistance and good conductance.
The fine mesh polyurethane screen with screen panel opening is 0.045mm ~ 2mm, with high strength, high elasticity, high wear resistance, but conductance is not so good.
Another type mining screen is metal gap screen panel – coarse screen (opening 0.2 ~ 30mm) and stainless steel wire mesh screen – fine screen ( opening 0.038 ~ 2mm).
For more information about GN large mining vibrating screen, pls contact with GN Separation.