Some using tip of centrifuge

For centrifuge,explanation of noun/differential is important topic of choose and using centrifuge,the separate speed and result will effected by them

Will use GN’s centrifuge as sample if need do math

Explanation of Noun

Separation Factor: Ratio between centrifugal force and gravity of the suspension liquid or emulsion in centrifugal force field, namely ratio between centrifugal acceleration and gravity acceleration.

Separation Force design formulas:

Example:When the rotation speed of GNLW363C is 3130 RPM, the separation factor is 1973. While when the rotation speed of GNLW453C is 2800 RPM, the separation speed is 1973. We can see, when same separation factor, the larger the bowl diameter, the lower the rotation speed.

Differential speed is the speed difference between centrifuge bowl and the screw conveyor.

To get best separate result,control bowl speed based on feed different material will be very important

Effect of adjustment on technical parameters

In actual work, the solid content, solid particle size, viscosity of the slurry would be changed. Operators would choose the suitable centrifuge parameters according to the request on treated liquid and solids, capacity and so on.

Control of separation factor

Generally speaking, the larger the solids particle is in liquid and the larger the density, then the lower of the separation factor. Conversely, higher separation factor is required.

Adjustment of liquid pool

When the feeding rate is fixed, the deeper the liquid pool is, the solids will stay longer in the liquid pool. Then more solids would be separated out. On the other hand, the deeper the liquid pool is, the less fine and perturbed solids would ran away with liquid.

In the other way, a deeper liquid pool will make more clean liquid. However, the deeper liquid pool will reduce the drying area of the centrifuge, thus the solids would be with more moisture. Operator should weigh the liquid cleanness and solids dryness when adjusting the depth of liquid pool. Unless the dewatered solids will be incinerated for further disposal, in normal condition, very dry solid is not necessary. While the much cleaner liquid is desired, so, operation should adjust the liquid depth as deep as possible.

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