10 Sets Fully Hydraulic Drive Centrifuge for Drilling Mud to North Africa

Recently 10 sets of fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge for drilling mud cleaning are ready for delivery to North Africa.
The technical configuration is as below:

Model : GNLW363D-FHD
Bowl diameter: 14 inch (360mm)
Bowl length: 50 inch (1271mm)
The max speed is up to 3600rpm, the max G force is up to 2610G
The drive system is fully hydraulic drive system with adjustable speed, we use the reliable brand FHD system for reliable operation.

The Fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge can be utilized for oil and gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management project, oil sludge treatment project, HDD mud recycling, , HDD tailing slurry dewatering, TBM slurry separation, construction engineering mud treatment, mining slurry separation, etc. Compared with VFD ( variable frequency drive) decanter centrifuge, the FHD centrifuge can be applied for heavy duty, simple operation, more flexible to meet the different working conditions.
Features of GN FHD decanter centrifuge:

  1. The centrifuge bowl assembly use high level stainless steel material, duplex stainless steel SS2205 or SS2304 by centrifugal casting, which is superior to the performance of SS304 and SS316.
  2. Multi speed balancing of different rotation parts to ensure the stable operation of the centrifuge under the high speed working condition.
  3. Screw blade is protected by tungsten carbide tiles, which is adjustable once damaged. Compared with hard facing wear resistant coating, it can last longer and the further maintenance cost is cheaper for the long run operation.
  4. The solids outlet and mud distribution port is protected by replaceable hard alloy sleeve.
  5. The carbide scrapers to protect the bowl and prevent it from wear. The 360 degree rectangular slag discharge port for smooth discharge and avoid blocking the bowl inside.
    For more information of the fully hydraulic centrifuge, pls contact with GN solids control.

GN Separation Moves to the New Factory, A Milestone after 15 Years

Recently GN solids control move to the new factory and the company name is GN Separation Equipment Co.,Ltd (short as GN Separation), until now, there are 2 brands- GN Solids Control and GN Separation in the company, and 2 branch company – GN Solids America and GN Austalia.

As the first API Q1 certified solids control equipments manufacturer in China , GN Solids control has experience to supply solids control equipments and separation equipments and provide customized solution for solids control system, drilling waste management system, oil sludge treatment system, industrial waste treatment system, etc. After moving to new factory, our capability of technical, production, quality control, after sales service department will be improved, By introduction of new production machines, new technology, robot welding machine, and better management system, GN focus on providing top class quality, lastest technology and best service to our clients around 70 countries in the world.
GN Major equipments including:

Solids control equipments and system: linear motion shale shaker, linear motion mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, shaker screens, desander, desilter, mixing hopper, submersible slurry pump, shear pump, etc

Drilling waste management equipments and system: vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, high G drying shaker, screw conveyor, sludge vacuum pump
Oil sludge treatment system, we will design customized oil sludge treatment system according to client’s project
HDD mud recycling system, from 200gpm treating capacity to 1500gpm treating capacity, we have standard design mud cleaning system and customized mud cleaning system
TBM & Piling desander unit

Industrial Separation equipments, as 2 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase tricanter centrifuge, 3 phase disc separator, vibrating screen, dewatering unit, solids vacuum pump, conveying equipments, etc.
Welcome to visit GN separation new factory to discuss your detailed requirement and check your equipments.

Drilling cuttings auger manufacturer

As a manufacturer of drilling cuttings auger in China, GN Solids Control produce different size screw conveyor with different length as drilling cuttings transfer equipment. GN screw conveyor is consist of drive end ( including electric motor, gearbox, coupling, frame, etc.), material discharge section ( including screw blade shaft, drive end assembly, etc.), middle section (screw blade shaft, hanging bearing, etc.), feeding section ( including screw blade shaft, feeding port, tailing end assembly) 4 part.

We have screw conveyor of 10 inch diameter, 12 inch diameter, 14 inch diameter, 16 inch diameter, 18 inch diameter, with screw length 12 ft per sections, we have 1 section 12ft, 2 sections 24 ft, 3 sections 36 ft, 4 sections 48ft for client’s different requirement. For the screw conveyor cover, we have option of steel plate cover and grating cover with highest safety standard to prevent objects for falling into the conveyor system to protect users.
Spiral conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment without flexible traction, which uses rotating screws to move the conveyed material along a fixed casing for conveying work.

The advantages of GN Screw conveyor are: simple structure and convenient maintenance; The overall dimensions of the cross-section are not big; It is possible to enter and exit materials at any position in the length direction; It is possible to achieve good sealing effect by tightly closing the cover of the casing. Therefore, screw conveyor are widely used in various industries such as food, medicine, chemical, papermaking, environmental protection, metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, power, etc., to transport various powder, granular, and small materials, such as coal ash, cement, sand, lump coal, grains, etc. There are many types of screw conveyors that can meet the conveying requirements of different working conditions and materials.
If you need a screw conveyor, pls contact with GN sales engineer to select a proper model.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner Pump for Oilfield to International Drilling Company

5 sets of mini vacuum cleaner pump are ready for shipment to international drilling company. The model is GNSP-10B, this is the most popular model mini vacuum cleaner for industrial waste and oil spills cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is 100% air operated to produce high vacuum for suction and discharge the waste sludge, the suction and discharge time can be set by the operator as per many times testing, the suction and discharge distance can be reached by using different suction and discharge hose. The user can select different type hose according to the transferred materials.

The wide range application allow the mini vacuum cleaner to be used to transfer the materials with high solids content, and used to transfer powder materials. It can be worked automatically by the operation panel and suction time & discharge time is set in advance.
For standard mini vacuum cleaner pump, 3 type suction device is included, moveable wheels design for easy movement.
Except for the mini vacuum cleaner, we also have bigger model with higher flow rate.

GNSP-20B vacuum pump is also a mobile type vacuum pump, with max capacity 20m3/h, the max suction distance is up to 500m, it can be used to transfer fluids with max 80% solids content, and max solids size up to 50mm. It can be also worked as vacuum cleaner to pick up oil spills.
GNSP-40B vacuum pump is a fixed type vacuum pump , with max capacity 40m3/h, the max suction distance is up to 1000m, it can be used to transfer fluids with max 80% solids content and max solids size up to 75mm. It can be used to transfer oil sludge, drilling cuttings, powder solids, sand, silt, industrial waste water, animal waste, dredging slurry, and other solids waste.
If you need a vacuum cleaner, pls contact with GN solids control.

Desander and Centrifuge Unit for Construction Mud Treatment to Overseas Company

Recently, One unit of desander unit and decanter centrifuge unit are ready for shipment for construction mud treatment to overseas company. The technical configuration is as below:

The desander unit model is GNMS-1000D, it includes a double deck shale shaker with desander cones, centrifugal pumps, mud tank, tank accessories. It is an ideal compact design desander unit for bored pilings, TBM, HDD trenchless engineering and other construction works, the treating capacity is 1000gpm. After treatment, the clean mud will flow back to drilling machine for reuse or it can be used to prepare for new drilling fluids with mixing hopper and mixing pump. You can use GN produced jet mud mixer unit ( mixing hopper, mixing pump, pipelines, electric control panel on one skid as a complete mixing unit to contact with client’s own storage tank.The separation cut point is 40 microns. If you need to separate fine solids, the desander unit will be re-designed with desilter hydrocyclones, with separation cut point 20 microns. After treated by desilter cone, the clean fluids can be reused for construction, the purpose is to reduce water consumption, reduce construction waste, to meet environmental protection regulation of local government. After long time operation, more and more fine solids smaller than 20 microns accumulated in the mud, which can not be reused, then we will need to use decanter centrifuge unit, which with separation cut point 5 microns. And after the project is finished, it is required to separate the water from solids for final disposal, water will be disposal to river, and the solids for landfill or other construction works.

The decanter centrifuge unit model is GNLW224FT-VFD, the max G force is up to 3077G, and max speed is up to 5000rpm. Working with chemical dosing unit, the construction water will be clean for disposal.