Find A Way Out in the Bad Situation

News came
yesterday, the crude oil price dropped again yesterday, and economic observers
have shut up their mouths for expecting the bottom price of crude oil. Some
people even say it is not the very bottom low price yet. Some professionals
expect the price to be around 20 dollars and some negative views show that
their idea is around 10 dollars.

All the oil related
companies are struggling a way out for the bad situation. On Tuesday, BP
announced that it will cut its global positions by 5% in this situation,
Petrobras in Brazil reduced their investment plan for the third time in the
past 6 months. The valuation for Shell and Exxon Mobil dropped respectively 11%
and 4%. During the past 18 months of the continuous going down of oil price, hundreds
of staff in the oil relating industries lost their jobs. Now the media are
calling this an Oil Crash.

How to survive this
oil crash now is a question to everyone in this business. Although fronting the
bad situation, GN Solids Control has done a good work in the past year.

1. stable pace for
the traditional solids control.
GN Solids Control has been the leading solids
control equipment and systems for years because of the good quality and
performance of GN products, and Solids Control now still occupies a certain
share of GN’s products.

2. improve the
existing equipments’ designs and performances
, update the material to provide a
longer service life. In the past year, GN Solids Control has updated GNCD930C
vertical cuttings dryer’s design and also greatly changed its GNLW363 series
decanter centrifuges. And also the shaker screens producing technology is

3. exploring the
new equipment or systems to fully meet clients’ requests
. In year 2015, GN
Solids Control produced more GNDU2000 dewatering units together with dewatering
centrifuges, and GN developed and put into market GNGH series solidification

In a word, tough
times never last, but tough companies do.

GN 200gpm mud system operation manual

200gpm mud system is small and
compact mud system which is usually used for small water well drilling rig or
small HDD rigs. The mud system can recycle, clean the mud from mud pit and
return it back to drilling rig for reuse, via mud pump. GN 200gpm mud system
have been exported to Australia, Asia countries, Niger, Kuwait etc.  Correct way to use 200gpm mud system is very
important part of the contract.

1) General
introduction of GN 200gpm mud system

200GPM Mud System is a customized mud
recycling system
and clarification system for drilling rigs designed by GN
as per client’s requirements. This system has a working capacity of 45 m3/h.
This system is designed to include 2 levels of solids control and clarification
procedure. In order

to have a compact structure, this
system adopts the structure as integrating together a shale shaker and a desilter, which is a
Desilter Mud Cleaner with
Model GNZY753E-4N. First level separation is by a GNZS752E Linear Motion Shale
Shaker, and second level is combined of a

4N Desilter and a GNSB4×3A-11J
Centrifugal Pump. Centrifugal pump provides enough power for Desilter and
drilling mud was treated via centrifugal separation by Desilter, such is main
principle of the second level. Meanwhile, a GNSLM25 Jet Hopper was equipped on
tank to be

used for adding and deposition
drilling mud, thereby provide the rig with suitable mud for drilling technology

2) Installation
of GN 200gpm mud system

Make sure the operation field is
even and clean, and make the foundation. Install and fix GNZY753E-4N desilter
mud cleaner and GNSLM25 jet hopper ( other equipments are installed before

Connect all pipelines, walkways,
guardrails and stairs. Make sure all flexible parts can easily to swirl safely
and flexibly after installation. Locate the mud tank as per
drilling site and connect all connector clips for solids control equipment
control line.

The operation steps is also very
important, it have to be taught by professional engineers from the
manufacturer, GN Solids Control.  

Chemicals and Equipment Used for Dewatering System

Dewatering system is used in a
complete zero discharge waste management system for an oil and gas drilling
rig. It is used to further treat the drilling mud after a certain operating
time of the mud system. There are more and more fine and extra fine solids
particles in the drilling fluids have to be separated out in order to make the
drilling fluid suitable for reuse.

But the extra fine particles are to
small even for the high speed centrifuges, that’s why, only physical separation
is not enough. We have to add some chemicals into the fluids and flocculate the
small particles into larger ones for the centrifuge.

What is the procedure?

There is a dewatering unit used for
this function. In the dewatering system, there are some dosing devices, one or
more chemicals are used for the system. Dosing device add the chemicals, and
some valves are used for measuring and feeding the water. It need some certain
time for the chemicals to be well mixed and ready for use. And there is a joint
of pipelines before the dewatering centrifuge, where the ready for use
chemicals enters the centrifuge together with the drilling mud to be treated.

What chemicals to use in the
dewatering unit?

Normally poly aluminum chloride
(also called P.A.C) and poly acrylamid (P.A.M) are used in dewatering system as
cheicals. the amount of usage is depend on solid concentration in the liquid
waste, and the mud condition and the depth of drilling are factors also.

GN other Waste management equipment/ systems.

If you need more information about
dewatering system or other solids control and waste management systems, welcome
to contact GN for more information. GN could provide complete dewatering system
including the dewatering unit, dewatering centrifuge and also centrifuge
feeding pump. GN dewatering unit is automatic one, with measuring pumps for accurate
feeding. It is a compact design which could be packaged in a 20ft container.

GN Drilling Waste Management Equipment for3 Rigs Running in Nigeria

Few days before, GN’s waste materials management
equipment for three or more rigs passed the ordering and started running in
Nigeria. Total 33 units tools were involved including the squander cuttings
drying equipment, extra fine solids separation products and transferring
equipment. The photos was taken by the commissioning engineer when completing
the installation and having.
The client is one of the big drilling contractors in Nigeria, this is certainly
already the 3rd order out of this clients. Before this venture, the client
order 10 products waste decanter centrifuge in addition to 1 complete mud
flower system from
GN Solids Control
. Below links to another 2 projects for guide:
1 . Liquid Mud Flower System for Africa Drilling
2 . Ten sets GN Decanter Centrifuge for South africa Drilling Company
These thirty three units equipment are detailed as below:
3 arranged vertical cuttings dryer that is main drying equipment to get waste
cuttings, with the maximum. speed up to 1200 RPM, the G force can be up to 750.

6 value packs
high speed VFD decanter centrifuges
would meet the client’s distinct
requests on operation rate and waste conditions.
Entire 9 unit screw pushes, with 6 of them to get feeding the effluence cleared
out from the vertical cuttings dryer to decanter centrifuges, even though the
other 3 unit intended for flushing to clean the cuttings dryer.
15 set mess conveyors are located on web-site accordingly for transferring the
actual drilling waste to the dryer unit and collecting the actual solids
discharged from the dryer and centrifuge.

As per the opinions from the client, after a number of orders of GN’s devices,
they are very confident with typically the performance. This time, they
substituted all the equipment coming from a US brand that costing just a little
high by using GN’s devices with good comments to both the the cost and
GN these days has developed a series of equipment specifically
drilling waste management
additionally including the dewatering unit along
with solidification unit. If virtually any request aroused, just you can
contact with us.

Customized mud tank system for oil drilling rig

GN solids control has
designed and produced hundreds of  mud
tank system for oil drilling rigs since 2008. We were also invited by some
tenders of ONGC, Oil India etc. oil company for their mud tank system. If you
have requirement for solids control equipments and mud tanks system, pls
contact with GN solids control sales.

Specifications of painting/ coating:

Internal tank with 2 layers of anticorrosive coatings, tank
outside with 3 layers of coatings, sandblast before painting. Two pack Epoxy zinc,
thickness 75 μ  for inside tank,                                                                                  
     Two Pack( first layer and
middle layer) Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice,  thickness 250 μ   , Surface pigmented( top coating) with high
quality light fast PU pigments, thickness 70 μ for outside tank.

Mud tank materials:

Normally we make rectangular
tank for mud tank system,
sometimes we also make cylindrical tanks when rectangular tank is not suited
for the project, for example, limit of space, large volume, cheaper cost. For
rectangular tanks, we can make it open tank top or closed tank top or with
gratings cover. The mud tank dimension is calculated by the required storage
volume, we can make standard 40ft container size tank and customized size
tanks. The body(shell) of the tank is made of 6mm thickness corrugated steel plates, sometimes 8mm as required. The bottom plate is normally
8mm, sometimes 10mm as required. 3 runner oilfield tank skid with 250mm porch
on both sides.

However the above mentioned specs could be varies for different tenders.

The mud tank system also equipped with shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser,
decanter centrifuge, cavity pump, mud hopper, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud
gun, slurry pump, and also with necessary mud tank accessories, including clean
gate, man hole, guard rails, stairs, walkway, pipelines, valves, flexible hose,
hammer union, mud overflow line, lightings, etc,