GN Vacuum Degasser and Pumps for International Drilling Company

Recently one batch of GN solids control equipments are ready for shipment for international drilling company, including jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, vacuum pump, decanter centrifuge.

Jet mud mixer is a jet shearing unit combined with mixing hopper, mixing pump, pipeline and accessories, skid on one skid, it can be used to mix drilling fluids for solids control system, liquid mud plant and mud recycling system. We can also provide customized mud mixing unit based on the materials to be mixed.

The sludge vacuum pump is a pneumatic pump which suck the material by 100% air operation without electricity power, then converts to positive pressure for discharging. This pump can be used to transfer material with high gravity and high density, solids content is up to 80%, the transfer solids size maximum 50mm or 75mm, The pump structure is simple and compact, the transfer distance is up to 500 ~1000m. We have 3 models with different flow rate, 2 models are movable, the other one is fixed with skid.

Vacuum degasser is used after primary shale shaker, which can effectively remove the gas from as cut mud, to ensure the proper mud weight. GN vacuum degasser is self contained type vacuum degasser, no need extra jetting pump, also it works as a big agitator to agitating the drilling mud. We have 2 models vacuum degasser for option, one is 270m3/h, the other one is 360m3/h.

Decanter centrifuge, GN solids control can produce 2 phase decanter centrifuge and 3 phase decanter centrifuge, for 2 phase separation decanter centrifuge, we can produce different bowl diameter with different treating capacity, including 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch, 30 inch. The most popular model decanter centrifuge is GNLW363D ,GNLW363D-VFD.
For more information about solids control equipments, pls contact with GN solids control.

Vacuum Degasser and Mud Agitator for China Oilfield Service Company

Several sets of vacuum degasser and mud agitators are ready for delivery to China oil oilfield service company.

GN solids control can provide different types mud agitator for different application, including coupler connection mud agitator, direct connection mud agitator, vertical mud agitator, etc. The gearbox to be used with mud agitator is heavy duty helical bevel type gearbox for reliable operation, especially suitable for heavy mud. We will install different explosion proof standard motor for different project’s requirement, control panel can be optional as client’s requirement, such as IEC EX, ATEX, CNEX, etc. The impeller size and shaft length can be customized as your mud tank dimension.
When the agitator impeller come into contact with the drilling fluids, it forces it to generate vortex motion, thereby preventing the sedimentation of solid particles in the drilling mud, achieving the effect of uniform mixing of solid and liquid phases and consistent density. The connecting plate sandwiched in the middle of the impeller can prevent the solid particles of mud from depositing in the lower part of the impeller after shutdown, thereby reducing the resistance of solid materials to the impeller when starting again, and avoiding the accident of burning the motor due to starting overload. When motor is running, it drives the input shaft of the gearbox to rotate through the rotation of the motor. The output shaft of the gearbox drives the mixing shaft to rotate through a rigid coupling, and the mixing shaft is connected to the impeller through bolts for transmission.
To select proper quantity and model mud agitator for the solids control system mud tank, we will clear the drilling fluids density, mud tank dimension, equipments list, etc. information, then we will select proper model for our client.

For more information of GN vacuum degasser and mud agitator, pls contact with GN solids control.