460V/60HZ Decanter Centrifuge Used for 380V/50HZ?

Recently, several GN old customers asked GN for help, cause they wanted to use their GN decanter centrifuges designed for 460V/380HZ in condition of 380V/50HZ power source condition. Some of them purchased VFD control panel decanter centrifuges, some purchased fixed speeded centrifuges.

In order to meet their requests, GN electric engineer summarized below notes for instruction. Take GNLW363BG series centrifuges as cited example, cause this model is the most popular centrifuge of GN.

In case of fixed speed control panel centrifuge GNLW363BG:

For a fixed speeded GNLW363BG for 460V/60HZ, the standard speed is 3200RPM at 60HZ frequency. We can make it suitable for 380V/50HZ by adopting a transformer for the motors to be well functional, but the rotating speed will be less than the rated 3200RPM when the electric frequency is 50HZ, it would be around 2670RPM. In order to keep the ideal rotating speed, the end user need to add a set of pulley and belt for 3200RPM at 50HZ.

In case of VFD control panel GNLW363BG-VFD:

If the centrifuge is designed for 460V/60HZ with VFD control panel, in order to use it in 380V/50HZ, firstly, we need to add a transformer. But the transformer only enables the motor to be function well with new power source. But unlike the fixed speed, there is no need to adopt another set of pulley and belt. Only thing need to be change is some parameters in the control panel per GN engineer’s detailed instruction.

Besides this 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW363, GN Solids Control also has other centrifuges, nearly covering all necessary applications in field of solids control and waste management in drilling process. Like middle speed big bowl centrifuge GNLW452 for barite recovery, big bowl centrifuge GNLW453BG-VFD and GNLW553-VFD and baby centrifuge GNLW223 mainly for diamond drilling, and etc.

Welcome to visit our website or email to us for more information, and we can discuss what more customized requirements we could meet for you.

Centrifuge Feeding Pumps from GN

As the only China manufacturer who can produce both vertical cutting dryer and big bowl centrifuges, GN Solids Control has a wide range of centrifuge options. And, of course, the feeding pump is important, too. Besides main equipments for drilling solids control and waste management systems, GN also produce and provide feeding pumps for main equipments.

 Normally, for centrifuge feeding pumps, there are 2 options, which are submersible slurry pump and positive displacement pump.

  1. GN submersible slurry pump. In fact, submersible slurry pump is a vertical centrifugal pump, similar function and working principal as normal centrifugal pumps with a single suction system. GN series submersible slurry pumps are made of anti-abrasion alloy and capable of conveying high concentration particles. Because there is no bearing or seal between the impeller and pump body, there is no need to maintenance. And it can resist a comparably high temperature. It is not only ideal option as a centrifuge feeding pump, but also, it is always used as feeding pump for shale shakers of HDD or TBM mud cleaning systems for transferring mud from mud pit.
  2. GNG series Positive Displacement Pump, also called screw pumps. It is a standard option for centrifuge feeding purpose, cause it could stably feeding the centrifuge without stirring up the drilling mud. The most important parts of screw pump is rotor and stator, by their specially designed shapes of those parts, feeding capacity and pressure are steady. GNG screw pumps can be driven by variable speed motor and speed could be adjusted accordingly.

Besides above mentioned centrifuge feeding pumps, GN also produce highly cost-effective centrifugal pumps GNSB series and GNJQB series shear pumps. The centrifugal pumps are widely used for feeding desander and desilter in a solids control system and used as mixing pumps also.

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Thanks, My Valuable Clients

Last week, GN engineer came back from a jobsite at Middle East, he brought back not only valuable feedback from the end-user and important data for jobsite commissioning, but also, more important for us, the customer’s trust for GN and their future cooperation plan with GN.

As sales of GN Solids Control, my colleague and myself, are very happy to received a huge bag of gifts from my customer. To us, they are not only gifts, but also, the sign for their satisfaction of GN high quality products and GN reliable technical support. They are indeed the approval of our work.

This customer is a powerful drilling waste management service provider in Middle East, they have projects all over middle east, and they have their own producing ability for all parts used in their package, except for high speed decanter centrifuge. This time, they purchased 2 sets of GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuges from GN, as their boss said when signing contract with GN” we only focus on Top Quality products”.

Detailed Data of GNLW363BG-VFD:

  1. Most popular VFD control panel, positive pressurized control panel for 3 VFDs for centrifuge main motor, back motor and centrifuge feeding pump.
  2. Adjustable speed from 0 to 3200RPM, suitable for many applications. Nearly all applications during solids control and waste management.
  3. Genuine SKF bearings to ensure a longer service life and special method during transportation for protecting the bearing.
  4. Easily adjustable liquid discharge ports for changing the drying degree of separation.
  5. Impeller and solids discharge ports protected by tungsten carbide tiles, for anti-wearing.
  6. SS2205 Duplex Stainless Steel for main body of rotation bowl.
  7. ABB, Schneider and Siemens brands electric parts.

In a word, GNLW363BG-VFD is an ideal choice for their jobsite.

And this time, GN sent chef electric engineer to their jobsite for first time commissioning. They commend GN’s engineer as” a professional engineer and an esteemed person”. They spent a good time during the successful commissioning.

GN Solids Control deserves the trust of valuable customers.

GN New Generation Horizontal Style Mud Agitator

Mud agitator, as an auxiliary equipments in solids control system and main equipment for mud plant, plays an important role in drilling mud tanks. It helps the drilling mud in tank to be evenly mixed and avoid from sedimentation.

Normally, there are two types of mud agitators:

  1. Vertical type mud agitator:
  2. Horizontal type mud agitator:


Advantage and disadvantage of Vertical Type Mud Agitator:

In structure of vertical type mud agitator, the gear box and motor are vertically connected with each other, motor is located on top of gear box. When it is installed on tank, it occupies less space than the horizontal type mud agitators. But comparing with horizontal type mud agitator, it is a bit complicated for maintenance and repair.

Advantage and disadvantage of Horizontal Type Mud Agitator:

Comparing with vertical type mud agitator, this horizontal mud agitator need more space on tank top. But also because of the horizontal location of motor and gear box, both of which are installed in same level of surface, it is easier to maintenance and repair.

Recently, the horizontal solution is more popular in usage.

GN Solids control, as the 1st API/ISO/CE/HSE Certified solids control company in China, focuses not only on main equipments like centrifuges, shale shakers, vertical cutting dryers and etc, but also for auxiliary equipments like mud agitators. This year, GN has designed and put into production the new generation of mud agitators, the 3rd generation horizontal mud agitator, which sure will proved more efficient.

Fixed Speeded Decanter Centrifuge also Has Its Benefit

Comparing with fixed speeded Decanter centrifuge, clearly VFD controlled decanter centrifuge have its own advantages like easily changeable rotating speeds per site condition and mud condition. But also, in a comparably stable condition jobsite, when a certain speed is decided, a fixed speeded GNLW363BG Decanter Centrifuge also has its own benefits。


Common advantages for GNLW363BG (Fixed Speed) and GNLW363BG-VFD Centrifuges:

  1. High speed centrifuges, GNLW363BG-VFD has a speed range from 0 to 3200 RPM, while for fixed speeded GNLW363BG Centrifuge, determined speed is 3200RPM.
  2. Best materials like SS2205 for rotation bowl and tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection, also tungsten carbide solids discharge ports for both GNLW363BG Fixed speed and VFD.
  3. Top quality bearings, SKF bearing original from Germany.

Briefly speaking, for centrifuge itself, GNLW363BG and GNLW363BG-VFD are totally the same, only differences are of electric control panels. For VFD control panel, GN Solids Control adopts positive pressurized VFD control panel, which is world widely popular.


  1. Easy to operate, because speed already decided per jobsite condition, no need for the operator to learn how to adjust the rotation speed.
  2. Small space required by fixed speed control panel. The fixed speed control panel can be installed on centrifuge base frame, which occupies less space.
  3. Fixed speed model saves more money than VFD model.

Fixed speed means only 1 speed for option?

Of course not. For fixed speed GNLW363BG, GN can provide customer extra pulley and belt sets for reaching other requested speeds, like the designed speed is 3200RPM, and extra speed 2500RPM and 1800RPM available.

High Fixed Speed May Cause Damage to Machine?

Of course not. In somebody’s eyes, a sudden high speed will do damage to machine or motor. But GN engineers have already taken this into consideration. They use hydraulic coupling for fixed speed centrifuges to solve this problem.

May you need centrifuges for high speed or middle speed, fixed speed or VFD, 14 inch bowl or big bowl, you can consult to us, we have several options for you.