6 Centrifuges and 40 Mud Agitators for South America

Since last year, the world petrol and gas
market has been down for a long while, at first, it was caused by the going
down of the crude oil price, and after more than 6 months, although the price
of crude oil was raised a bit, the expectation is still not so satisfactory to
encourage the drilling companies to come back to market.

Although under such economic background, GN
Solids Control has got orders from both domestic market and oversea market. Like
this order, it is about 6 sets centrifuges and 40 sets mud agitators, for a
drilling mud service company in South America.

Before, the oil relating industry was
always regarded as rich industry who always focusing on the most expensive
solutions. But since the down of crude oil price, the oil companies’ budget is
tight, and was radiated to service companies, forcing those companies to have
to look for most cost effective solutions. They still need highest quality
products, but with reasonable price. GN Solids Control, therefore, become their
best choice.

The end user is planning to use 6 mud
agitators to match one decanter centrifuge, and extra 4 sets of agitators as
back up. They are GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges, with VFD control panel
with PLC smart screens, with positive pressurized VFD control panel, the
international highest standard, and with the most popular bowl diameter size 14

Mud Agitator GNJBQ150DD, 15kw mud
agitators, with double layer impellers, GN mud agitator is compact designed mud
agitator, direct connection, easy to install and need small footprint.

Besides centrifuges and mud agitators, GN
has the complete line of equipments for solids control and waste management
systems, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, mud gun, jet
mud mixer, and various pumps.

After the operation of those 6 sets
centrifuges, this end user is planning to add the qty to 10 sets and will try
GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer in near future.

GNMS-200G HDD Mud Unit for Australia

As is known to
all, among all of the developed countries, Australia has the highest importing
standard for equipments, like the EX standard, the quality standard, and also
the strictest laws for the environment protection. That’s why the equipment
machineries and devices exported to Australian market are mostly brands from
USA or Europe.

Especially in
oil and gas industry, which industry gains great benefit and doesn’t care much
about cost, they just need the best things. GN Solids Control, as the leading
manufacturer and first API certified solids control company in China, is also
the only solids control brand to be accepted by Australia market, products
range to Australia covers oil and gas drilling solids control, waste
management, HDD mud recycling systems and also for CBM and Piling projects.

Certificates does GN Solids Control have?

1. API certificate.
First API certified solids control manufacturer in China.

2. HSE
certificate, GN concerns about human health and safety, and also environment.

3. ISO certificate,
a high standard procedure brings hgih quality product.

certificate, a must for entering European market.

5. some
certificate for Russian Market.

GN Solids
Control also has the authority to produce EX standard electric control panels,
including the common standard EXdIIbt4 and IEC EX and also ATEX

No matter in
domestic market of China or in Australia, the most popular capacity requested
by HDD projects is 500 GPM treating capacity mud systems, each year, GN make tens
sets of complete such systems to all over the world, more than 60 countries and

And 200 GPM treating
capacity system is second popular capacity of these mud systems. This time, for
Australia market, GN sold this capacity system, a high configuration with shale
shaker, desilter cones and mixing system.

For both above
mentioned capacity solutions, GN has high configuration and standard
configuration available. They are standard and practical solutions designed on
basis of GN long term experiences. For some clients’ special request, GN also
make customized designs.

Good Bearings for High Performance Centrifuge

In all mechanical industries, for the operation of equipments especially the rotating ones, the bearings play an important role. A good and reliable bearing determines the service life of the equipment and also the performance. In order to make better and more reliable good products, and to gain the important good name of all Chinese manufacturers, GN Solids Control always uses the best material for their products and stick to the belief that QUALITY FIRST, PRICE SECOND.

Take the decanter centrifuge for instance, GN Solids Control always pay an eye to the bearings:

1, GN uses the best brand of bearings, depending on the size of bearings. Like for GNLW363CG premium configuration Decanter Centrifuge, GN chooses the genuine SKF bearings and has a long term cooperation contract with SKF authorized supplier in China in order to ensure the good quality bearings to be used in GN products. Even for the standard configuration decanter centrifuge GNLW363CD, GN also use NSK bearings, much better than many other domestic brands.

2. During production, GN staff are careful to the bearings also. The bearings are used to connect the rotating parts, therefore, the dynamic balancing of the rotating part are vital for the bearings performance and service life. In GN’s producing procedure, all rotating parts are carefully made for dynamic balancing respectively. GN has the most advanced dynamic balancing machine and balancing inspect device, any part is made and checked after being made with strict procedure.

3. Other parts, even not rotating ones are important to the bearings also, like the levelness of the frame of centrifuges, it should be made with five facet machine to ensure the perfect shape and size. It helps to provide a suitable operation circumstance for the centrifuge and it bearings.

4. During previous experiences, long distance transportation brought some damage to the bearings. In order to solve this problem, GN designed a special way to protect the bearings during transportation and to share the majority of weight of the heavy bowl.

Not only in bearing choosing and using, GN spare no efforts to make every detail to the perfect.
That’s why GN is gaining good reputation in this Oil and Gas industry.