Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management System for China Company

One set of solids control system and one set of drilling waste management system are ready for delivery to our client. The technical specification is as below:
1) Solids Control system, including one unit of GNZS703F-SHBF shale shaker, one unit of GNZJ703F-12NF desilter, one unit of 100YZ160-38A submersible slurry pump, one unit of GN50YZ40-10B submersible slurry pump as decanter centrifuge feeding pump, one unit of GNLW452D-GP decanter centrifuge, 2 units of mud tanks with mud agitator, mixing hopper, mixing pump and tank accessories, one set of 36ft screw conveyor GNSC12B-36 to collect drilling waste discharged from shale shaker , desilter, decanter centrifuge.

2) Drilling waste management system, including GNCD930E-GP vertical cuttings dryer, GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge, GN50YZ40-10A submersible slurry pump, mud agitator and mud tank with electric control system.
The solids control system and drilling waste management system work together as a closed loop zero discharge system, the user do not need to make extra waste pit to stock the drilling waste, according to environmental protection laws, it is forbidden to dig waste pit at drilling site.

The working principal is as below:
The drilling mud flow to shale shaker for primary solids separation, the treated mud dropped into the shaker tank first compartment, the desilter feeding pump (submersible slurry pump) transfer the mud to desilter cone for fine solids separation and flow to desilter compartment, the decanter centrifuge feeding pump ( submersible slurry pump) feed to decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids separation and the clean fluids drop into the centrifuge tank 1st compartment, the clean fluids can be recycled directly or adding chemicals to prepare for new drilling fluids with mixing hopper and mixing pump. The drilling cuttings are collected by screw conveyor and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer system.
For more information of solids control system and drilling waste management system, pls contact GN solids control.

NEMO pump maintenance and operation

NEMO pump is normally used as decanter centrifuge feeding pump.
How to operate GN NEMO pump?

In actual operation, the decanter centrifuge back drive motor should be started firstly, wait 5 second till it reach normal speed, start the main drive motor and wait to normal operation, finally start the feed pump motor. When shut down, firstly stop the feeding pump motor, close the main pipe valve and open flushing pipe valve to flush the centrifuge. When flushing is finished, stop the main motor , then stop the back drive motor, finally switch off the main power supply.
When operate the NEMO pump, always remember that never run the NEMO pump dry, rotations in dry condition will damage the stator. The Netzsch screw pump is a progressing cavity pump which produce pressure that may cause the bursting of vessels or pipes, and open valves and vents before starting the pump, and check the rotation direction.
How to maintenance the Nemo pump?

  1. Clean the Nemo pump if need, the pump should be cleaned regularly if the feeding materials deposit. You can clean the pump through the cleaning ports, or manually by dismantling the pump.
  2. Lubrication of the Nemo pump every 5000 operating hours or 2 years whichever comes first.
  3. Shaft sealing through single mechanical seal
  4. When the stator is stock for a long period, it is suggested to remove it and stored in a cool dry place in air tight package to give protection against light and air. Otherwise the stator will increase the break away torque.
  5. When a stand by nemo pump is re-started, it might be seized due to compression, it should be running time to time.
    If you have problem to operate decanter centrifuge feeding pump, pls contact with GN solids control engineer.

18 inch drilling mud decanter centrifuge for offshore drilling platform

Recently one batch of 18 inch drilling mud decanter centrifuges are shipped to offshore drilling platform. The decanter centrifuge is customized designed for offshore drilling company, the features are as below:
1) With offshore standard design lifting frame for offshore platform lifting, the third party lifting certificate is for option

2) The control panel is with stainless steel cover cabinet for anti corrosion
3) The control panel is for easy operation and maintenance compared with positive pressurized VFD control panel without needing air supply from rig
4) The centrifuge collection box is stainless steel material and the screw propeller is made of SS316L, The centrifuge bowl and the screw core is made of duplex stainless steel SS2205 or SS2304 by centrifugal casting, which is superior to the performance of SS304 and SS316L.
5) The solids outlet and fluids outlet is protected by tungsten carbide alloy which is replaceable hard alloy sleeve.
6) The screw is protected by repairable tungsten carbide tiles, which is with longer working life of hard facing wear resistant coating
7) SKF brand bearing for reliable operation and longer working life
8) Planetary gear box with large transmission torque, small size, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

9) The painting and coating is from PPG/ Japan Kansai Heavy Duty Marine Painting, corrosion resistant life time is up to 10 years.
Except for 18 inch bowl drilling mud decanter centrifuge, GN also produce 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuge with different treating capacity, the explosion proof standard CNEX, ATEX, IECEX of motor and control panel is for option.
We use manual speed adjustable screw pump as decanter centrifuge feeding pump to be installed on the centrifuge telescopic skid. If you need offshore drilling mud decanter centrifuge, pls contact with GN solids control.

Mud tank System for oil drilling to India Company

This week one complete set of mud tank system are ready for delivery to India oil drilling company. This is a customized mud tank system and a repeat order from the drilling company. The detailed technical configuration is as below:

1) Total active tank volume 80m3, water tank volume 40m3, trip tank volume 8m3, pill tank volume 8m3

2) The solids control equipments installed on the mud tank system including 1 unit of mud gas separator, 2 units of double deck shale shaker ( the treating capacity is up to 600gpm), 1 unit of desander, 1 unit of mud cleaner, 1 unit of vacuum degasser, 1 unit of high speed decanter centrifuge, 2 units of desander desilter feeding pump, 1 unit of mixing pump with mixing hopper, 1 unit of trip pump for trip tank, 1 unit of water pump, 1 unit of pill tank transfer pump, 1 unit of decanter centrifuge feeding pump, 4 units of mud agitator, 8 units of mud gun and other mud tank accessories, such as radar liquid level meter, audible visual alarm, IEC explosion proof control system, walkway, guardrail, stairs, pipelines, etc.

3) Shaker screen and complete set of spare parts, the shaker screen used for shale shaker and mud cleaner is OEM produced by GN solids control comply with API RP13C standard, the composite material shaker screen frame with 3 layers of stainless steel wire mesh and 4 sides pre-tensioned to ensure longer working life of the screens, and save time for screen replacement.

The mud tank system is designed as per client’s requirement and their rig site layout, it will be packed as sea worthy package to be shipped by containers or bulk cargo. If you need a customized solids control system for oil drilling rig, pls contact with GN solids sales.

Vacuum Degasser and Solids Vacuum Pump for international drilling company

Recently one batch of vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, solids vacuum pump and shale shaker are ready for shipment for international drilling company.

The vacuum degasser model is GNZCQ270B horizontal type vacuum degasser, which is self suction type without needing a jetting pump. It has been widely used to separate gas from gas cut mud, so that it can protect the solids control equipments used in the next step, such as centrifugal pump ( desander desilter feeding pump). The vacuum degasser will be normally installed on the mud tank which is after primary shale shaker and before desander desilter or mud cleaner.
The features of GNZCQ series vacuum degasser are as below:
(1) water ring type vacuum pump provide safe and reliable operation.
(2) Suction capability of the vacuum pump plays 2 roles, 1 is to let the mud entering in, 1 is to let the gas out of the vacuum tank, it means, the working of the vacuum degasser do not need an extra jetting pump.
(3) When there is no gas cut mud, since the suction pipe is installed inserted into the mud tank and under the liquid, it can be used as high power mixer of the drilling mud.
(4) Belt pulley instead of gearbox for easier maintenance.
(5) Proper design of gas water separator, since the gas and water will not be discharged simultaneously, the exhaust pipe will be always unconstructed, the water can be circulated as water supply to the vacuum pump for less water consumption.

The solids vacuum pump can be used as spilled mud collection on the rig floor, or transfer pump of the drilling fluids, drilling cuttings and other high solids content materials from one place to another place. The rig air supply can be used as the vacuum pump air supply, it is a 100% air operated transfer pump without electricity.