Vertical cuttings dryer, VFD decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump to Africa drilling company

1 set of vertical cuttings dryer, 2 sets of fixed speed decanter centrifuge, 2 sets of VFD decanter centrifuge, 10 sets of screw pump as feeding pump and flushing pump, 4 sets of screw conveyor with some spare parts are shipped to our Africa drilling company client. This is repeat order from our clients who ever cooperated with GN solids control for many years, and he is satisfied with the quality and service.

The vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, screw conveyor is the most popular solids control equipments sold to Africa market, as a solution of drilling waste treatment for our clients. We had updated our equipments and system design according to client’s feedback during the past years. The decanter centrifuge lastest version is “D” version, the vertical cuttings dryer lastest version is “G” version, compared with the original “A” version design, the updated model with less problem, more efficiency, lower maintenance cost, easy operation and reliable working.
The vertical cuttings dryer model is GNCD930G, with customized control panel which is installed besides the VCD with connection cables, The verti-G dryer is with fixed speed 900rpm and generates up to 420G , we have 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5mm screen basket for option based on different material. Sometimes the drilling waste is collected from primary shale shaker, sometimes it also comes from desander cone and desilter cone separation, so we need to select the proper screen size accordingly.

The VFD decanter centrifuge and fixed high speed decanter centrifuge is applied as client’s requirement, the VFD decanter centrifuge can be utilized for more applications, but the price is higher and the operation is more complicated. The fixed speed centrifuge with different size pulley belt set for replacement, with easier operation and lower purchasing cost.
If you need decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer, pls contact with GN solids control.

ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker for China Drilling Company

Recently one set of GNZS595J triple shale shaker equipped with ViST electric vacuum unit are ready for shipment to China drilling company. Each single shaker installed 5pcs of 585x1165mm composite material frame shaker screen which is compliant with API RP13C standard.

The GNZS595J-SHBJ linear motion shale shaker with drilling fluids flow rate approx. 140m3/h ( 616gpm), the flow rate is for reference only, it will be different based on different API No. of shaker screens. it is drived by 2ea of 1.72KW vibration motor, the max vibration G force is up to 7.5G, the shaker screen is 5pcs of 585x1165mm, total screen area is 3.4m2, the deck angle adjustable range is -1° ~ +5°, the feeding method is back feeding box by receiving drilling fluids from drilling rig to its possum belly then flow to shaker buffer box. We have CNEX, IEC EX, ATEX for option based on client’s requirement.

The ViST vacuum screen technology is utilized to work with shale shaker to reduce drilling waste and recycle more useful drilling fluids, it can be widely used for OBM, SOBM, WBM and for both onshore and offshore applications. A good ViST vacuum screen can reduce waste by 30~50% effectively, for less cost of drilling waste transportation, storage and waste treatment.
The catch pan is installed under the last screen panel by connecting with the vacuum unit, it could be 100% air operated or electric for your option. One ViST vacuum unit can be connected to 2~3 shakers with only one air supply to the ViST vacuum unit. Each electric vacuum unit is for one unit shaker only.
The 3 units of single shale shaker are installed on one triple shaker skid for convenient movement and installation, one set of possum belly is designed for these three units of shale shaker.

Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit to South Africa

One unit of Diamond core drilling solids removal unit are ready to delivery to South Africa. This is our standard GNSR-130L solids removal unit with customized design for client’s special requirement. The system capacity is 130L/min, the separation cut point is 2~5 microns.

The technical configuration is as below:
1) One unit of GNZS752 two panel shale shaker to separate coarse solids and reduce solids content
2) One unit of GNLW224F-VFD decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids from the water
3) One unit of mixing hopper with mixing pump to prepare for new drilling fluids
4) The centrifugal pump can be also used as centrifuge feeding pump by switch the button of the control panel
5) 2 unit of mud gun as mud mixing to avoid the solids sediment
6) The tank volume is up to 6m3
7) Compact design to be installed on top of the trailer for convenient operation and movement
8) It can be lifted freely by lifting pad when used in the mountain

According to the client’s requirement, we may remove shale shaker when solids content is very low and no coarse solids in the mud, only use a decanter centrifuge to clean the waste water, which can be reused for drilling , reduce water consumption and reduce drilling cost, and protect the drilling machine to expend its working life.
The decanter centrifuge bowl and screw is made of duplex stainless steel 2304, the other components is made of stainless steel 316L, the screw blade is protected by tungsten carbide tiles which is replaceable once repaired. The bearing is SKF brand for reliable operation, max speed is up to 5000rpm, and typical speed is 0~4500rpm, the max capacity is 130L/min. The centrifuge bowl and screw is drived by main motor 11KW and back drive motor 5.5KW.

Solids Vacuum Pump and Mud Cleaner for Middle East Oilfield Service Company

Recently one batch of solids vacuum pump, mud cleaner and mud cleaner are ready for shipment to Middle East Oilfield Service Company.
The 3 units of solids vacuum pump is used to clean up the drilling waste at the drilling site and for tank cleaning.

1 unit of 1000gpm mud cleaner GNZS594J-2S12N, with 2 ea of 10 inch desander cone and 12ea of 4 inch desilter cone, the hydrocyclone frame installed on top of the bottom shaker, with 4 panel of shaker screens 585x1165mm, the treating capacity for drilling fluids is 1000gpm, the shaker screen is composite material frame for longer working life.

1 unit of GNLW363D decanter centrifuge,the working principal of the decanter centrifuge is as below:

The centrifuge bowl and screw rotates in same direction with a set differential speed, the feeding material is transferred by the centrifuge feeding pump continuously into the screw shaft, then flies to the bowl along with high speed increase. Under the working of centrifugal force, the heavy phase solids deposite on the bowl wall to form sediment layer, the solids is pushed the bowl cone section and discharged from the solids outlet. The light liquid phase forms a liquid ring, which is continuously overflow out of the bowl from the liquid outlets at the big end of the bowl. The straight section of the bowl is the clarification area, and the cone section is extrusion drying area. The decanter centrifuge separation cut point is 2~5 microns, with proper chemicals additives, the separation cut point is up to 2 microns. The centrifuge bowl diameter is 360mm, the bowl length is 1271mm, the max speed is up to 3900rpm, and max G force is 3063G, the designed capacity for water is 200gpm, and typical capacity is 132gpm, the main motor is 50HP, back drive motor power is 15HP.