How to Choose Dimension for Mud Tanks

Mud tanks, bigger or smaller, are regarded as the base of a drilling system, no matter for oil and gas drilling mud solids control systems, or for HDD or CBM or TBM, or whatever.  When there is drilling and there mud is used, it is necessary to have mud tanks.

It is not a tough task for an engineer to design a mud tank by using the modern soft-wares like AutoCAD or 3D drawing tools, but how to help the customer to get an ideal tank at first time? Is the requested storage capacity of tank enough for design? GN Solids Control  here shares some tips.

  1. When one is asking for a solids control system for oil and gas drilling, it means the drilling mud is from the well hole directly. In this case, we must take into consideration the weir height of shale shaker when choosing the height of mud tanks. Because if the total height of shaker weir and tank height is too large, it is possible that the mud can not fall from the pipelines from well mouth. This tip is especially for workover rigs. For meeting customers’ different requests, GN has designed its shale shakers to provide several optional weir types.
  2. During transportation, what equipment in this system could be disassembled, while which equipment need to be fixed on tank and transported together? In practice, mud agitators are always on tank, while shale shakers and mud cleaners are always removed temporary.
  3. Is there any legal requirement at the users’ local for the largest width or largest height? This must be took care.
  4. In case of international business, the system need to be shipped by sea. What kind of sea shipment does the end user accept? Container or bulk?

With all above items cleared, one may now better how to choose the tank for the customer. Of course, the storage capacity is the basic requirement which should be meet at first stage. GN always believe to provide the customers with best and suitable solution.

The importance of Drilling fluid and Drilling Fluids Recycle Unit

At present, there are some solids control units to process drilling fluids including : shale shakers, mud cleaners, Desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator(poor boy degasser), slurry mixers, Jet Mixing devices, electronic ignition device, mud gun, centrifugal pump(sand pump), shear pump, decanter centrifuge. While being widely used in drilling industry, slurry dewatering and no dig industry.

Drilling solids control equipment and systems will process and recovery drilling fluids which comes from down hole. Solid control system and units are mainly separate drilling cuttings, recovery barite and effective separation of the solid particles. The treated fluids can be reused in order to reducing the cost of drilling and are environmentally friendly.

Drilling Role:

(1) Clean the bottom, carrying debris and keep the bottom clean, avoid drill bit damage, reduce wear and improve efficiency.

(2) Balance down hole pressure. Prevent blowout and leaking issues. Prevent underground fluid contaminate the Drilling Waste Management.

(3) Cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string. Reduce drill temperature, reducing drill wear cost and improve the life of the drill.

(4) balance the side wall of rock pressure in the wellbore to form a cake, a closed and stable wall. Prevention of pollution and reservoir wall collapsed.

(5) Effective transfer hydraulic power. Passing the required down hole drill motor power and hydraulic power drill.

(6) Suspended cuttings and keep weight of fluid. Reduce cuttings settling velocity and avoid damaging the drilling bit

(7) Due to fluids levitation force working on the drill pipe and casing. It can reduce overload when starting up the system.

 In summary, drilling solids control equipment is process the blood of the entire system, if the solid or particles contain of drilling fluids is too high, it may cause a blowout, or sticking fluid is not conducive to drilling speed and cost. After GN Solids control system process, the drilling fluids viscosity and weight will be stable in order to fast drilling speed and reduce the cost.

This article is written by GN Solids America:

Solids Control Liquid Mud Plant (LMP)

In the Oil and Gas drilling field, for treating and dealing with drilling mud, there is not only solids control systems and waste management systems. But also, the liquid mud plants, which is also called as LMP. Besides the solids control system and waste management systems, GN Solids Control also have complete LMP or according equipments available.


What is LMP?

LMP is short for Liquid Mud Plant, which is mainly used beside a solids control system or other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. In order to avoid mud from settling, most important equipments used in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. At a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there is a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there is a mud gun. And also jet mud mixing equipments, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, used for adding and mixing the chemicals to the drilling mud and keep a desired mud proportion.

Who Use LMPs?

Anyone who use drilling mud in their projects or for their customers, may use LMPs. Those companies include but not limited to:

  1. Drilling companies those who provide their customers drilling service with their own rigs and solids control systems.
  2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who do not participate directly in drilling works, but they provide drilling mud to the users and reclaim the mud back and save it for next use.

GN Solids Control also provide LMP to its clients both domestic and abroad. And also, some LMP users purchase equipments from GN Solids Control when renewing their LMP, because comparing with tanks, the equipments is to some degree consumable. And also, lots of large tank manufacturers have established a long-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously purchasing mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

High Speed Centrifuge for Sale in Abu Dhabi

Next month, in November 2014, GN Solids Control will attend Abu Dhabi Oil Show once again, this time for ADIPEC, GN will come with GNLW363 high speed decanter centrifuge. And this centrifuge now is for sale in advance.

As is known to all, Abu Dhabi Oil Show is a feast of oil and gas industry for the whole world, it has the similar fame as OTC in USA and even more famous than CIPPE in China. All companies attend that Oil Show always bring their best seller product or newest design. This time, GN decided to bring a set of GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge, because this centrifuge is our top seller in this year. And it is welcomed by our customers.

What you get by purchasing this centrifuge?

1) High Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363, which can reach a speed up to 3200RPM.

2) Free Shipment from China, to UAE, with import duty paid and customs clearance done. YOU CAN SAVE USD2,400

3) One Year Spare Parts for Free, YOU CAN SAVE USD2,864.

4) Furthermore: 5% discount.

What’s more?

Besides the economical benefits one will get, it also saves time for the customer who purchase it. Because GN’s centrifuge is always sold well, the customers have to wait for 30 days or more to get a centrifuge ready, and need another 30 days around for shipment. We seldom have in-stock ones. And this one is at your door in Abu Dhabi.

We sincerely welcome you to visit us in ADIPEC:

Our booth number: 10320D in Hall 10

Oil Show duration: November 10th -13th

Address: at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Or you can visit our headquarter office in China, near to Beijing Airport, there we have factory and workshop for all equipments we make. Or you can visit our branch company in Houston, USA with office and workshop also.