solids control

Recently one batch of vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, solids vacuum pump and shale shaker are ready for shipment for international drilling company.

The vacuum degasser model is GNZCQ270B horizontal type vacuum degasser, which is self suction type without needing a jetting pump. It has been widely used to separate gas from gas cut mud, so that it can protect the solids control equipments used in the next step, such as centrifugal pump ( desander desilter feeding pump). The vacuum degasser will be normally installed on the mud tank which is after primary shale shaker and before desander desilter or mud cleaner.
The features of GNZCQ series vacuum degasser are as below:
(1) water ring type vacuum pump provide safe and reliable operation.
(2) Suction capability of the vacuum pump plays 2 roles, 1 is to let the mud entering in, 1 is to let the gas out of the vacuum tank, it means, the working of the vacuum degasser do not need an extra jetting pump.
(3) When there is no gas cut mud, since the suction pipe is installed inserted into the mud tank and under the liquid, it can be used as high power mixer of the drilling mud.
(4) Belt pulley instead of gearbox for easier maintenance.
(5) Proper design of gas water separator, since the gas and water will not be discharged simultaneously, the exhaust pipe will be always unconstructed, the water can be circulated as water supply to the vacuum pump for less water consumption.

The solids vacuum pump can be used as spilled mud collection on the rig floor, or transfer pump of the drilling fluids, drilling cuttings and other high solids content materials from one place to another place. The rig air supply can be used as the vacuum pump air supply, it is a 100% air operated transfer pump without electricity.

As everyone known, a good solids control system can benefit a lot in different aspects, such as increase the drilling rate, make the drill bit longer working life, lower drilling mud cost and disposal cost for barite, chemicals, water, cuttings; reduce horsepower losses to gel and viscosity; reduce the possibility of lost circulation and blowouts; less drag pulling pipe; reduce surge and swab pressures; less differential pressure sticking; better cleaning work, etc.

A complete solids control system consists of primary shale shake, desander, desilter ( or mud cleaner), degasser, decanter centrifuge, etc.
Shale shaker is the first phase solids removal. To use a proper mesh shaker screens to reach your required result according to the cut points. The high performance shale shaker has reduced the solids from the drilling fluids, the fluids drop into the sand trap, and pumped by centrifugal pump and feed to desander cone, desilter cone. If the shale shaker separation performance is not good, the desander cone and desilter cone will be damaged very fast.

Hydrocyclones- desander & desilter & mud cleaner, are the second phase cleaning and third phase cleaning equipments. 10” cone and 12” cone is normal used as desander hydrocyclones; 4” cone is normally used as desilter hydrocyclones. A 500gpm desander use 1ea 10” cone, 1000gpm desander use 2ea 10” cone, 1500gpm desander use 3ea 10” cone. A 500gpm desilter use 8ea 4” cone, 1000gpm desilter use 12ea 4” cone, 1500gpm desilter use 16ea 4” cone. We will choose different numbers of hydrocyclones for your different treating capacity requirement.
As one of the experienced solids control equipments manufacturer in China, GN solids control produce complete line solids control equipments and mud system, we also provide design and first time commissioning service to our clients. Pls contact with GN solids control for more information.

3 packages of drilling rig solids control equipments are ready for delivery to South America customer. The equipments list including:

1) GNZS594J-SHBJ linear motion shale shaker, 12 units, each rig 4 sets of shale shaker, 3 units as main use shale shaker, 1 unit as back up shale shaker. The shaker screens installed on the shale shaker and mud cleaner are with same dimension 585x1165mm, which is produced comply with API RP13C standard, 3 layers wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, high quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140℃.

2) GNZJ594J-3S16N linear motion mud cleaner, 3 units, with 3 ea of 10 inch desander cone and 16 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, treating capacity is up to 1500gpm. All of the hydrocyclones are made of 100% polyurethane material for better abrasion resistance.
3) GNSB8X6-13J centrifugal pump as feeding pump of desander cone and desilter cone, 6 units
4) 3 units of middle speed decanter centrifuge with its feeding pump GNG30-075C, for barite recovery
5) 3 units of high speed decanter centrifuge with its feeding pump GNG30-075C, for low gravity solids separation

6) Explosion proof control panel of centrifugal pump 55KW
The equipments are with customized painting color and client’s LOGO. All of the equipments can be installed on the client’s mud tank and connected by bolts easily. If required, we can also design customized drilling rig solids control system for client’s different requirement.
Except for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, GN solids control also produce vacuum degasser, mud agitator, mud gun, mixing hopper, submersible slurry pump, mud tank, mud gas separator, etc. solids control equipments, we can also produce dewatering centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, sludge vacuum pump, etc. drilling waste treatment equipments.

GN solids control will ship 1800pcs shaker screens to our client in Asia after Chinese New Year holiday. All the screens are composite material frame shaker screens, the dimension is 635x1253mm. The screens can be loaded into 2 containers. Our factory will be closed for Chinese New Year holiday from January 29th to February 13th. Pls contact with GN solids control by email freely.

Shaker screens are one of our major products among our products lines. As the professional manufacturer of solids control equipments and drilling waste management, our products line including linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, centrifugal degasser, mud gun, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, sludge vacuum pump, mud gas separator, mixing hopper and jet mud mixer, flare ignitor, screw pump, screw conveyor, high G drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, mud tank, complete solids control system and drilling cuttings treatment system. Also we can produce cuttings solidification unit, Thermal Desorption Unit, Oil sludge separation unit, chemical dosing unit, and HDD & CBM mud recycling system, TBM desander unit, Solids removal unit, Dredging slurry separation unit.

GN shaker screens are produced in our second factory workshop, every month we shipped thousands of shaker screens to USA, Russia, etc. over 70 countries in the world, most of them is from repeat order for good quality and competitive price. Features of GN composite material shaker screens:
1) All the screens over 60 mesh use 3 layers wire mesh for longer working life.
2) Four sides pre-tensioned shaker screens for reliable working performance.

10 units of shale shakers are shipped to India drilling company this week, they also produced one set of solids control shale shaker tank ready for shipment, including 3 units of same model shale shaker, 1 unit of mud cleaner, 1 unit of vacuum degasser, 1 unit of mud gas separator, 2 units of centrifugal pumps, and necessary mud agitators, mud gun, and 1 unit of mud tank.

GNZS703F-HB shale shaker is one of the best sold model shale shaker, with 3 panel composite material frame shaker screens, we produce OEM shaker screens in GN own shaker screens workshop. Except for the OEM shaker screens, we also produce durable composite material shaker screens for world famous brand shale shaker, like Derrick FLC 500 series, FLC 2000 series, hyperpool, D600, etc, Brandt King Cobra / Venom, VSM300, MI-SWACO Mongoose PT,MD 2/3, FSI, etc. Compared with the steel frame shaker screens, GN made composite material shaker screens with 20% larger effective screen area, the working life is much longer, the storage period is up to 5 years.

The mud cleaner is the combination of desander cone, desilter cone, underflow shale shaker, the treating capacity is different by using different quantity desander cone and desilter cone. GNZJ703F-1S8N with 500gpm capacity with 1ea desander cone and 8ea desilter cone. GNZJ703F-2S12N with 1000gpm treating capacity with 2ea desander cone and 12ea desilter cone. GNZJ703F-3S16N with 1500 gpm treating capacity. The feeding pump for mud cleaner is GN made centrifugal pump , the parts and installation dimension is 100% interchangeable with world famous brand pump.