GN’s solid control system for CBM application

CBM ( Coal Bed Methane) is very useful resource for people’s daily life. In order to get it out from the underground, it will also need the drilling process. During drilling, it will also need the solid control and mud recycling. GN now can provide the full mud recycling system for the CBM application for the customers in the coal rich area, such as the Shanxi province in China, or the Michigan or Ohio in the US. The scale and size will not be as big as the one used in the oil and gas drilling, but the function and equipment used on the system are similar.

The mud recycling system is mainly composed of the following equipment: 1, shale shaker which is 3 panel, linear motion for the coarse liquid and solid separation. The G force could reach up to 7.5 G at the flow rate of 500GPM. And now GN adopts the latest composite frame screens which will be more endurable, lighter and have more non-blank area. It’s more and more popular with the customers and the price stays almost the same as the old steel framed screens. 2, mud cleaner which is usually equipment with 1 desander, 8 desilter and a lower deck shaker. The mud will be separated further in the hydrocyclones and dries in the lower deck shaker screens. 3, 18 inch 452GNLW decanter centrifuge which could be configured both as the fixed speed or VFD variable speed. The surface of the screw and discharge port are protected by tough tungsten carbide tiles, and the bearings are made by world famous SKF. This product has been purchased by many big companies, such as BAKER HUGHES. 4, There mud tanks which will be used for mud mixing, recycling and intermediate transmission. All the system is equipped with necessary centrifugal pump and mixing hoppers.

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The global biggest festival for family reunion-Chinese New Year

Not a long time after Western world’s holiday season, here comes another big event in the oriental world, the Chinese New Year. So far the Chinese New Year could be the biggest festival for family reunion. GN Solids Control, as an international but also a traditional Chinese company, would like to greet the best wishes to all of the customers and their families for a Happy Chinese Year.
First we would like to briefly introduce some fun things to do in Chinese New Year. The happies people should the kids, cause they will get new clothes from senior relatives, set off the fireworks, and can get a lot of lucky money from parents or grandparents or relatives. People can go out for temple fair, in which you can find many delicious snacks, great street shows and can send your best wishes to all of your families.

During the past 2016, it was tough and uneasy for everyone. The roller coaster style oil price dropped to 20s dollar in the beginning of the year, and till the end of 2016, it’s still wandering at 50s dollar. Even under such harsh environment, GN still makes its best effort to create value for its customers and help them save money and survive the difficult times. GN never stopped its steps for improving and innovation. It successfully released its new composite frame screens, which will be more reliable and durable and will be more popular with customers. GN also upgraded its core products, such as the decanter centrifuge, shale shakers and so on. All the equipment will work now more efficiently and smart.
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GN’s solid control equipment was chosen by Russian customer and will be serving 10 drilling rigs there

GN was rewarded a new big order from a Russian customer which includes the solid control equipment of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and vacuum degasser. The solid control equipment will be serving 10 drilling rigs in the local Russian oilfield.
The Russian came to China to personally investigate and research the local equipment quality and facility situation. After visiting all the potential vendors’ capability, listening to all the local Chinese customer’s feedback, the Russian customer finally chosen GN as its supplier for all the solid control equipment. During the process, GN demonstrated its strong manufacturing capability, great inventory and reliability, and earned the customer’s trust and the order.

17.01.09 Shale Shaker
Now let’s take a brief look at the equipment the customer chosen. The shale shaker’s G force could be up to 8G and its vibration mode is linear. Its deck angle could be adjusted during working. It’s equipment with 3 screens, which is made of composite frame. The composite frame screen has more advantages over the traditional steel frame screens in terms of durability, toughness, and storage. It has more non-blank area and can work more effectively and efficiently. Now in GN’s Houston warehouse there are about 2000 composite screen in stock, welcome to inquire about the product. The GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge is a star product, it’s one of the most reliable and mature product during all the product line. Its bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting. The screw conveyor surface and the discharge port surface are protected by tungsten carbide tiles, or some special ceramic inserts. The bearing is provided by the world-famous brand SKF. This product is very reliable and is very popular with customers.

17.01.09 Solids Control Centrifuge
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A 40 feet container of shaker screens was sent from China to US warehouse recently

Recently a full 40 feet container of shaker screens was finished production and shipped from China headquarter to US warehouse. This means GN will continue to set the shaker screen as one of its strategic products during the industry’s downturn.

The full container of shaker screens are all composite frames. Theses screens are all manufactured from GN’s new facility, also called the No. 2 facility. This facility just opened this summer and mainly focused on manufacturing the composite frame screens. Now the manufacturing capability will be like 5000 pieces per month which can meet the customer’s requirement for quick delivery but lower prices. Now the production of the shaker screens in China has realized the large scale, which means the quality, productivity and efficiency have all been improved dramatically. All the screens will be packed in a paper carton, then they will be placed into crates which are easily moved by forklift.
Now GN’s shaker screens cover from its own OEM screen, the replacement screens for DERRICK 500 series, 2000 series, Dual pool, Hyper pool, Mongoose/Meercat, King Cobra/ Venom, Fluid Systems, Elgin and so on. If a customer need something that is not on GN’s regular screen list, GN can also customize the screens for the customer, just tell GN the dimension and better take a picture, GN will customize the screen for the customer with 100 percent satisfaction. And GN’s new composite screens have some new great features, the screen will be much lighter than the old metal frame, there will be more non-blank area, it will be more endurable, there are 3 layers of mesh. They are all four side tensioned and all the layers of mesh will be combined together very well without having too much gap between each layer.

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