Drill Solids Control Equipments

The drill solids are the main contaminant of drilling fluids, solids control equipments are the most important to reduce drilling fluids cost, reduce water consumption, extend pumps working life, reduce drilling waste for environmental protection, reduce disposal cost, etc. A poor solids control system will increase the drilling cuttings volume, increase the waste disposal cost, reduce drilling efficiency, reduce centrifugal pump working life.

The drill solids found in the drilling fluids range in size from 1 to 1000 microns, solids size diameter 73~2000 microns can be separated by shale shaker by using different mesh shaker screens, solids size diameter 45 ~75 microns, screen mesh required to remove is 325mesh, we can use 10 inch or 12 inch desander cone to separate the fine sand. The solids size diameter 6~44 microns, screen mesh required to remove is 400 mesh, we can use 4 inch desilter cone to separate the 6 ~44 microns solids, the mud cleaner with desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shaker is installed after shale shaker. The solids control equipments separation is mechanical removal, the first phase separation is shale shaker, the second phase separation is desander cone , the third phase separation is desilter cone, the fourth phase separation is decanter centrifuge, separation cut point is 2~5 microns.

The shaker screens produced by GN solids control is pre-tensioned screen with composite material frame for longer working life. GN solids control can produce shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, mud gas separator, mud tank, etc. solids control equipments, we can also design and produce customized solids control system as per client’s requirement. Also we can produce vertical cuttings dryer, waste centrifuge, high G drying shaker, screw conveyor, etc. drilling waste management system. Pls contact with GN for more information.

GNMS-1500D Pipe Jacking Slurry Separation Desander Plant for Asia Client

GN solids control produced slurry separation desander plant can be used for pipe jacking, TBM, bored piling, HDD and other slurry separation project. We have standard model desander unit GNMS-200D with 200gpm treating capacity, GNMS-500D with 500gpm treating capacity , GNMS-1000D with 1000gpm treating capacity. We can also produce customized capacity desander plant for our client, recently one unit of GNMS-1500D desander plant are ready for shipment to Asia client, the technical configuration is as below:

Double deck shale shaker equipped 2 ea of 14 inch desander cone, which is inside polyurethane material covered steel outside, the polyurethane material is wear resistant material, the outside steel cover is to prevent the desander cone from deformed. The total treating capacity is 1500gpm. The bottom screen is to separate the coarse solids from slurry, the treated mud dropped into the catching tank, the 75KW centrifugal pump transfer the mud to 14 inch desander cone, the fluids flow out through the outlet pipeline to storage tank, the solids discharged from desander cone nozzle and dropped on the top layer screen to recycle more useful fluids. The whole system is designed as compact unit for convenient operation and transportation. The separation cut point is 45 microns. If user need to separate fine solids, the client can use a separate desilter or mud cleaner to separate solids size 15~45 microns, if the fluids discharged from desilter need to be treated, dewatering centrifuge should be applied further. The dewatering centrifuge with chemical dosing unit can treat the particle size 1~ 5 microns to get clean water for disposal.

If you need large treating capacity TBM slurry separation plant, we have standard model s for option, GNTBM-240 with 240m3/h treating capacity, GNTBM-360 with 360m3/h treating capacity, GNTBM-500 with 500m3/h treating capacity. For more information, pls contact with GN solids sales.

GN Solids and Liquid Separation Equipment for Canada Dredging Slurry Dewatering

One set of solids and liquid separation equipments are ready for shipment for Canada dredging slurry dewatering system, the equipments list is as below:

  1. 2 units of GNZS706F-SHBF double deck shale shaker, the top layer screen area is 2.03m2, bottom layer screen area is 2.63m2, total 6pcs screens, top layer 3pcs, bottom layer 3 pcs screens, all of the 6pcs screens are composite material frame shaker screen.2ea of 1.94KW vibration motor drived 7.3G ( adjustable) , deck angle adjustment is -1°~+5°.the top screens are to separate coarse solids from the slurry, the bottom screens are to separate fine solids by using different mesh size shaker screens.
  2. 1 unit of GNZJ703F-2SF desander mud cleaner
  3. 1 unit of GNZJ703F-12NF desilter mud cleaner
  4. 2 units of big bowl slurry dewatering centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD, the bowl diameter is 760mm, the bowl length is 3328mm, the designed treating capacity is 528gpm when solids content in mud is within 20%. The max bowl speed is 2650rpm, typical bowl speed is 0~2200rpm, max G force is 3000G, typical G force is 0~2060G, cut point is 2~5 microns, gearbox ratio is 38:1, the gearbox torch is 25000 N.M, differential speed is 5~28rpm, main motor is 160KW, back drive motor is 90KW, the bowl material is duplex stainless steel 2304 from centrifugal casting, the screw material is SS304, the screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles, the solids discharge port is protected by tungsten carbide inserts. The bearing brand is SKF for reliable operation. The bearing lubrication system is automatic oil lubrication system, the electric control system is positive pressurized VFD control panel with PLC smart control and HMI interface.
  5. mud tank for solids liquid separation , 3 units, V bottom with screw conveyor to transfer the solids to solids discharge port continuously,
  6. 8 units of screw conveyor
  7. 4 units of centrifugal pumps

2 Sets of 1000GPM Solids Control System to Shanghai

Recently 2 sets of 1000gpm drilling mud solids control system are ready to shipment to Shanghai. The technical configuration of each set mud system is as below:

1.) Treatment tank, dimension 12000x2400x2500mm, with 2 units of GNZS703F-SHBF shale shaker, 1 unit of GNZJ703F-S2S12NF mud cleaner ( desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker 3 in 1, the bottom shale shaker model is same with primary shale shaker model), 2 units of GNSB8×6C-13J centrifugal pump as feeding pump of desander and desiler, mud agitator 11kw 2ea, mud gun GNNJQ80-3X 2ea, lightings, electric control system. The 2 shale shakers with a possum belly to distribute the mud evenly to the 2 shale shaker. All of the shale shaker and mud cleaner are equipped with anti-splash system, and installed GN OEM composite material frame shaker screens for reliable operation.

2.) Mixing tank, dimension 12000x2400x2500mm, with 3 units of GNJBQ110GD mud agitator ( which with helical bevel type heavy duty gearbox, direct connection of gearbox and motor, 2 ea of 850mm impeller, with shaft, stabilizer), 3 units of GNNJQ80-3X mud gun( rotation degree 360º, 3ea nozzle, with butterfly valve),venturi type mixing hopper 1 ea with mixing pump GNSB8×6C-13J ( 55KW).
3.) Suction tank, dimension 12000x2400x2500mm, with 3 units of GNJBQ110GD mud agitator, 3 units of GNNJQ80-3X mud gun, tank accessories, electric control system and lighting system. Tank top with galvanized steel grating for easy watching the mud level, with walkway, guardrails, stairs, pipelines, the clean gate with long rod which is controlled by valves.

4.) Others, submersible slurry pump with separate control panel, for picking up the slurry from mud pit to drilling mud solids control system. Centrifugal pump 2 units with its control panel on one skid as charging pump or transfer pump, the inlet and outlet pipe with filter for safe operation.