GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Package Equipment for Beijing Client

Recently one unit of GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Package Equipment are ready for shipment to Beijing client. The package including:

1 unit of oil sludge separation shale shaker GNZS594F, with spray system and sealing cover. The function is to separate the coarse solids and reduce solids content from oil sludge, by mixing with proper chemicals, the oil will be easily removed from solids.

1 unit of big bowl big volume 2 phase decanter centrifuge GNLW554ET-VFD, to separate fine solids from oil sludge, by mixing with proper chemicals, the ultra fine solids can be easily separated, the mixture liquid with oil and water will be collected in a tank for further treatment.
1 unit of big bowl 3 phase decanter centrifuge GNSX554ET-VFD to separate oil, water and solids
The whole oil sludge treatment package including pre-mixing modular, coarse solids separation modular, solids liquid 2 phase separation modular, solids oil water 3 phase separation modular.

The 3 phase decanter centrifuge working principle is sedimentation, the solid with specific weight precipitate.When the material enters the high speed rotating bowl, the oil sludge rotates synchronously with the bowl. Based on the different specific gravity and centrifugal force, the solid with the bigger gravity with biggest centrifugal force, the heavy phase liquid (water) and the light phase liquid (oil). The centrifugal force is becoming less from outside to inside, one concentric solid layer and two liquid layers are formed. Solids are pushed out and liquids are removed from their respective nozzles.
When the client’s required result of recovered oil, water and discharged solids is not very high, 3 phase decanter centrifuge can be used to replace the package of 2 phase decanter centrifuge plus 3 phase disc centrifuge. If they want the better treatment result, 3 phase disc centrifuge should be applied to separate oil and water.

Solids Removal Unit for Diamond Drilling to South America

Recently one unit of solids removal unit are ready for shipment for diamond core drilling to South America. The technical specification is as below:

  1. Mud tank, 1 unit, which is customized design as per client’s requirement, considering road transportation, easy movement
  2. 1 unit of generator installed on the tank skid
  3. 1 unit of mini decanter centrifuge GNLW223D for fine solids removal , the bowl diameter is 9 inch, the bowl length is 26.4 inch, the max bowl speed is 4500rpm, the typical bowl speed is 3800rpm, the max G force is 2492G, the typical G force is 1777G, the main motor power is 11KW, the gearbox ratio is 35:1, the gearbox torque is 500N.M., the separation cut point is 2 microns, the solids size smaller than 2 microns remained in the water, the water can be reused for drilling.
  4. 1 unit of GNZS752 mini shale shaker for coarse solids removal, the composite material frame shaker screen installed on the shale shaker with different API No.
  5. 1 unit of mixing hopper to mix the chemicals with the treated water from decanter centrifuge
  6. 1 unit of GNSB3X2 centrifugal pump as centrifuge feeding pump and mixing pump
  7. 1 set of electric control system with necessary cables, fittings, control panel
  8. 1 unit of submersible slurry pump as feeding pump of shale shaker
    The complete set solids removal unit will be put on top of trailer for easy transportation and operation. The Based on client’s requirement, we can design compact system by changing equipments installation, the generator can be also put on the trailer. The purpose to recover more useful water, reduce the water consumption of diamond core drilling, reduce the produced solids waste and reduce the waste disposal cost.
    If you need solids removal unit for diamond core drilling, pls contact with GN.

Mini Sludge Vacuum Pump for Oil Spill Recovery

GN produced mini sludge vacuum pump is used for oil spill recovery. The spilled oil mixed with earth, solids will be collected by mini sludge vacuum pump and transfer to oil sludge treatment unit for oil recovery and solids safely discharge. To get the oil recovery, firstly we need to dilute the waste sludge ,mixed with chemicals and well agitated, then the oil sludge will be treated by 3 phase decanter centrifuge to separate oil, water and solids; if the client need better quality recovered oil, we can use 2 phase decanter centrifuge to separate solids and liquid, then use 3 phase disc centrifuge to separate oil, water and solids.

Depends on transfer capacity, we have GNSP-40B, GNSP-20B, GNSP-10B,GNSP-05B with 40m3/h,20m3/h, 10m3/h,5m3/h for option. The GNSP-05B sludge vacuum pump can be used as an ideal solution for the cleaning of residual waste inside the cabin and the transportation of loose materials. The mini sludge vacuum pump can be used to transport and remove liquids with high solids content, oil sludge with high viscosity and clean bulk solid materials. And the pump is 100% air operated, without needing electric power supply.
Features of GN sludge vacuum pump:

  1. Suitable for hazardous area application, no need electric power, need air supply.
  2. Suction distance( horizontal) up to 50m, discharge distance (horizontal) up to 500 ~ 1000m
  3. Allowed solids size maximum is up to 50mm to 75mm, the sludge solids content up to 80%
  4. Automatically and continuously working is for option to save labor cost.
  5. Compact design, easy to move and can be used if space is limited
  6. Without rotating parts, with less wear parts for longer working life and less maintenance cost
    If you need mini sludge vacuum pump for oil spill recovery, pls contact with GN solids control.

High Speed Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Mud Low Gravity Solids

Recently one unit of high speed decanter centrifuge are shipping to drilling company for drilling mud low gravity solids separation. Normally there are 3 applications of drilling mud decanter centrifuge, the middle speed decanter centrifuge is used to treat HGS ( high gravity solids) , the high speed decanter centrifuge is used to treat LGS ( low gravity solids). The VFD decanter centrifuge can be used for both LGS and HGS, it can be also used for drilling waste management system with vertical cuttings dryer. The positive pressurized VFD control panel with PLC smart control and HMI touch screen, 3 motor VFD control, the flow rate can be adjusted by pump motor variable frequency.

GNLW363CG is one of the most popular model high speed decanter centrifuge for drilling mud treatment. The bowl diameter is 14 inch, the bowl length is 50 inch, the max bowl speed is 3900rpm, the typical bowl speed is 3200rpm, the max G force is 3062G, the typical G force is 2062G, the cut point is 2~5 microns, the gearbox torch is 3500 N.M., gearbox ratio is 57:1, the differential speed is 38RPM, if for VFD decanter centrifuge the adjustable differential speed is 0~45rpm,the main motor is 37KW, the back drive motor is 11KW, recommend feeding pump is 7.5KW progressive cavity pump. If need higher treating capacity, GNLW364 series can be applied with bowl length 59.5 inch. The decanter centrifuge is installed after mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, on top of mud tank, with 4 installation legs, solids discharge trough, fluids flow pipe, the feeding pump can be screw pump or submersible slurry pump for option.

If you need high speed decanter centrifuge, middle speed decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge for drilling mud low gravity solids and chemical dosing system, pls contact with GN solids control.