Dewatering Centrifuge for Southeast Asia Municipal Sewage Treatment Company

Recently GN solids control shipped one unit of dewatering centrifuge for Municipal Sewage Treatment Company in Southeast Asia. Decanter centrifuge is one of our core equipment,the other core equipments including shale shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, shaker screen, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, mud gas separator, mud tank system, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, mud agitator, screw conveyor, etc.

The dewatering centrifuge used for Municipal Sewage Treatment is different with the one used for oil & gas drilling application drilling fluids decanter centrifuge and drilling waste decanter centrifuge, we have sent the professional question list to our customer, once get their answer, we will design a customized solution dewatering centrifuge solution for his project. According to the material solids size, distribution, PH value, composition, and other parameters, we will design with proper angle, screw protection method, screw and bowl material, etc.

For the decanter centrifuge used for oil and gas drilling industry, we have different size decanter centrifuge for option. For drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, normally L/D ratio is 3, for example, GNLW363 series, GNLW453 series, GNLW553 series, according to different explosion proof standard, we will provide different VFD control panel to meet their applications. For drilling waste decanter centrifuge, GNLW363C-VFD is the most popular model decanter centrifuge, we have standard drilling waste management system for oil based mud and water based mud, also we can design drilling cuttings treatment system for both of OBM & WBM.

Dewatering centrifuge worked with chemical dosing unit, we can make customized chemical dosing unit inside 20ft container for convenient operation, also it can be installed on the skid of the dewatering tank. Before using GN centrifuge, we can make lab test with proper chemicals for the customer, the customer can buy it only when the test result is good. For more information of dewatering centrifuge, pls contact with GN solids.

Mud Cleaner and decanter centrifuge to international drilling company

One unit of mud cleaner unit and one unit of decanter centrifuge are shipped to international drilling company. The order including one set of mud cleaner installed on the mud tank with 2 centrifugal pump as feeding pump of desander cone and desilter cone, and one unit of mixing hopper, one unit of mixing pump, and one unit of decanter centrifuge.
The decanter centrifuge features including:

  1. Bowl assy are made of duplex stainless steel 2205 or 2304, the other components of bowl are made of stainless steel 316L, the bowl collection vessel are made of SS304
  2. The bearing are SKF brand
  3. The fluids distribution port and solids discharged port are all protectedby tungsten carbide alloy, when it is damaged, it is interchangeable.
  4. The screw is made of SS304 material by heating treatment to 1000℃, the impeller are protected by tungsten carbide tiles, which is repairable
  5. We can make different size decanter centrifuge with different bowl size, including 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch, 30 inch.
    The mud cleaner is a 3 in 1 equipment including desander cone, desilter cone, bottom shaker, the treating capacity is 500gpm, the desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns, the composite material frame shaker screen are installed on the shale shaker with longer working life. The desander feeding pump feed the slurry to desander cone, the clean fluids drop into desander compartment, the desilter feeding pump feed the fluids to desilter cone, the clean fluids drop into the mud tank desilter compartment, the chemicals are adding by the mixing hopper, the mixing pump mix the clean fluids with powders to prepare for new drilling fluids, which can be reused for drilling. If required, the decanter centrifuge can separate fine solids size 2 ~ 5 microns.

Mud Treatment Decanter Centrifuge and Desander unit to Trenchless Drilling Company

Recently one unit of decanter centrifuge and desander unit are shipped to trenchless engineering company.
The mud decanter centrifuge model is GNLW452D, it is the popular model among GN decanter centrifuge for trenchless drilling mud treatment. The middle speed decanter centrifuge separation cut point is 5 ~7 microns, after long time operation, the ultra fine solids which can not be separated out by hydrocyclones will accumulate in the mud tank, which can not be reused directly, the customer need the decanter centrifuge to separate the solids up to 5 microns, the dewatering unit can be applied if required, then the clean fluids can be reused to prepare for new drilling fluids.

The mud cleaning desander unit is GNMS-1000D, with treating capacity 1000gpm, the separation cut point is 45 microns, the working process is as below: the submersible slurry pump feed the mud to desander unit bottom layer screen for coarse solids separation, the fluids drop into the catching tank under the double deck shale shaker, the centrifugal pump feed the slurry to desander unit for fine solids separation, the solids discharged are drying by top layer shaker screen to collect more useful fluids, the desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns. The clean mud flow to the storage tank directly, If the customer need mud mixing to prepare for new fluids, they can connect the jet mud mixer with the storage tank by flexible hose, the mixing hopper, mixing pump and pipelines, control panel are all installed on one skid .

Except for GNMS-1000D desander unit, we also have GNMS-500D, GNMS-200D mud cleaning unit with 500gpm and 200gpm treating capacity, based on client’s requirement, we can design customized mud cleaning system with mud mixing, storage, cleaning process with different capacity, we have economic configuration and high configuration mud cleaning system for option.

Shale shaker for liquid solids separation to Environmental Solution Company

Recently one set of vibration shaker for liquid solids separation are shipped to environmental service company.

It is consist of 2 mud tanks, each tank with 1 unit of vibration shaker, 1 unit of centrifugal pump, 1 unit of mud agitator, 1 ea lighting, walkway, stairs, guard rails, valves, and pipelines, etc. accessories. The vibration shaker with water spray system to prevent solids blocking of the screen. For different applications, the shaker feeding system have different options as weir feeder, top box feeder, hopper feeder. In this system the shale shaker feeding way is top box feeder through pipelines on the top. The centrifugal pump’s impeller and pump casing are made of hard ductile iron alloy for better abrasion resistance, to protect the centrifugal pump impeller and pump casing, the shale shaker should separate most of the coarse solids from the liquid and the discharged solids should be as dry as possible. The shaker screen installed on the shale shaker is composite material frame shaker screen for longer working life, especially for the slurry with high solids content. The shaker screens are produced by GN solids control and comply with API RP 13C standard, the wire mesh is made of stainless steel 316L, the frame are made of composite material for longer storage life and durable working life.

For oil &gas drilling application, there are 2 vibration modes for option, linear motion and progressive elliptical motion to meet different requirement for their drilling fluid.
For solids liquid separation application, normally we only need linear motion with high G force up to 8.0 G for better drying performance.
The further treatment equipment after shaker is decanter centrifuge with dewatering unit, to separate more fine solids from the fluids and get pure water, most of the fine solids can be separated out up to 1 micron.