Keep Focusing on, and Be More Professional

The market is down, we are supplying
service with lower price, we are waiting for the contract. Another factory is
taking more days off. As the saying goes, the economic crisis is not only your
neighbour lost job, yourself is also being fired. Nowadays more and more
oilfield companies have been suffered hard days. And some may change business,
especially small companies, keep lower and lower price will never last too

GN is mainly target on overseas market,
high quality equipment and reasonable price.  GN Solids Control equipment
have taken lots of drilling site in Middle East, Africa, Russia, America,
Brazil, Australia etc.

GN Solids
Control equipment including: shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner,
desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud
gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vertical
cuttings dryer
, screw conveyor, High G drying shaker etc.

Keep focusing on solid liquid separation
equipment, making better solids control equipment, drilling
waste management equipment
for oil drilling projects. For HDD,
environmental industry and so on. And this will be where we can make some differences,
from each and every details. So in the new year, we will still keep focusing on
the main equipment, and change the world.

Keep tune on GN Solids Control, in 2016,
we will have big improvement on shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, and cuttings
dryer. Also we will have our TDU thermal
desperation unit ready, well tested, and probably some early bird client will
use it on field. Looking forward a new challenging year.

More and more strict environmental
protection laws will require more TDU equipment, and GN TDU will be very
flexible, comparing a hug site. As in future, we can expect all waste
management work will be done on site. Not a long trip to a mud pit, and
transferred to a lot of equipment, and pumped from this to there. Find you most
convenient way to meet or discuss with GN Solids Control.

GNGH Solidification Unit Used for Africa

As the first API Certified solids control
manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has been growing rapidly and the
product range is always changing with time. GN’s products mainly focus on
following fields:

1.Drilling mud solids control systems/

2. Drilling waste management systems/
equipments, including the drilling liquid and drilling cuttings further and
final treatment

3. Mud recycling systems for HDD projects,
water well drilling projects, and slurry plant/desander plant for TBM and etc

Since the technology and configuration of
equipments are mostly stable for solids control and mud recycling systems.
while the with an eye on the environment protection issues, the waste
management solutions are more and more important for the oil and gas drilling
industry, GN also designed more products for the waste management industry. 

GNGH series Solidification unit is one of the new products GN has designed in
the past year.

GNGN Solidification Unit GN firstly
designed was for another international company, who has business and projects
in all over the world. In order to solve a separation problem happened during
their work, they came to GN and jointly designed this solidification unit. The
first set of solidification unit was soon put into use to the jobsite and
feedbacks are conveyed to the designers.

After that, GN re-designed the
solidification unit, enlarged the treating capacity and simplified the electric
control panel in order to make it more suitable for the drilling cuttings
conditions. Soon the other set of such unit was put into use at another jobsite
and orders repeatedly come.

The original application designed for this
solidification unit was to final treat the drilling cuttings from the high G
drying shaker and the decanter centrifuge, but some clients are using it to
treat the depositing solids particles on tank bottoms, the treating result was
not as idea in this case but acceptable, and the client is arranging for the
second order.

High Quality Shaker Screen for Sale at Good Price

Comparing with the
drilling rig in a drilling rig system, the solids control system is regarded as
a spare parts, because of the consumption and service time of the solids
control system is shorter than the drilling rig’s other seven systems. And in
the solids control system, as the shale shaker is the most important equipment
in this system and the shale shaker screens are the most consumable spare parts
in the solids control system.

There are not so
many shale shaker makers, and the shaker screens produced by the shale shaker
manufacturers are not enough for the market and also because of the high price
of the original shale shaker screens,, many end users are searching for
replacement screens from other suppliers. Some suppliers are also solids
control manufacturers while some are only screen suppliers.

GN Solids Control
as the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China is professional
in screens:

1. as the leading
solids control manufacturer, GN designs and make its own brand shale shakers,
so GN knows the screens better, and knows how to make the best screens.

2. shale shaker is
one of GN’s main products, in order to better control the screens quality and
to improve the screen quality, GN established a separate screen factory.

3. many worldly
famous drilling companies who use Derrick, Swaco or NOV shale shakers, are
using GN’s replacement screens because of the cost effective.

In this situation
in oil and gas drilling industry, every company and end user should take care
of the cost as the most important thing. And in order to better control the
quality and cost, GN improved the screen producing technology and now GN Solids
Control is promoting the shaker screens at a very competitive price. May you
have interest, welcome to email to
for more information.

Besides shaker
screens, GN Solids Control is more professional in:

1. solids control
system and equipment for drilling.

2. drilling waste
management systems, zero discharge systems.

3. mud recycling
systems for HDD, TBM, piling and water well drilling.

Reasonable Disposal of Drilling Waste- GNGH Solidification Unit

Solidification Unit is actually a new contribution GN Solids Control brought to
the drilling
waste management
industry with year 2015. It is realistic and final
treatment for any drilling cuttings discharged in the drilling waste management
gear like GNCD930C vertical
cuttings dryer
and the drilling spend decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD.

The significant process of drilling cuttings renforcement unit is to add a
acceptable ratio of hardening real estate agents to the drilling cuttings as a
way to prevent them from just one into the soil. The hardening agents should be
well combined with the drilling cuttings for any certain time, then by using
physical and chemical change, the harmful and poisonous components are
transformed, enclosed and fixed into safe elements and become some other solids
with out pollution and to be used seeing that construction materials.
GNGN Renforcement Unit is the final remedy for the drilling cuttings. Around
the globe, people and government are definitely more and more aware of the
necessary involving limiting the pollution via oil and gas drilling. No land
would like to sacrifice the environment for any temporary economic benefit,
along with the traditional solids
and also the waste management remedies are not enough for these
requests. The equipment manufacturers, drilling companies and oil services
companies are looking for solutions just for this trend, and among all, GNGH is
an more efficient solution as well as already tested on construction site.

1 . new design with an adult technology. It is a new design and style, but the
components and tools used are from fully developed technology.
2 . lower cost intended for useful application. The cost of GNGH solidification
unit is not substantial, but the usefulness and program are really clear.
3. individual oriented, not only about the simple operating but also for the
wellbeing for the environment.
For more information, please email to Renee@gnsolidcontrol. com.

See GN Equipment in Tehran

Last week the China
president Mr Xi Jin ping visited Tehran, Iran, on his trip for 3 Middle East
countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. Since the sanction caused by
the nuclear problem was finally lifted, Iran is back to world economy and will
soon become active. On President Xi’s trip, the leaders from both countries
discussed about future relationship and cooperation.

Although the world
crude oil price is still at a low point and affects a lot on Iran economy, the future
of Iran economic is still trend to boom. Iran Oil Show is scheduled on May 5th
to 8th, 2016, in Tehran. It would be the 2nd time GN
Solids Control attends Iran Oil Show. Last year, GN brought to Iran a high
speed decanter centrifuge and it was purchased by a local oil service company. It
attracted lots of visitors.

This year also, GN
Solids Control booked a booth in the international Hall, Hall 38, with 33 sqm
booth. In this oil show, GN plans to bring a decanter centrifuge also, with the
model GNLW363CG,
fixed speed centrifuge with speed up to 3900RPM. This
centrifuge is designed and made per international highest standard. Bowl main
material is made of SS2205 by centrifugal casting. Centrifuge impeller is
protected by tungsten carbide tiles, each tile is of 4mm thick and when worn,
it is easy to change 2 tiles, one here and one on opposite position, no need to
adjust the dynamic balancing. The bearings are genuine SKF bearings, for better
performance and longer service life. This centrifuge is equipped with fixed
speed control panel, besides this ,GN also have GNLW363CG-VFD with VFD control
panel with positive pressurized control panel with smart PLC touching screen.

May you need more
information, welcome to visit GN booth in HALL 38 during Iran Oil Show, or pay
a visit directly to our headquarter near to Beijing, Capital of China.