In recent weeks, GN Solids Control is busy assembling and completing the mud recycling system for an overseas customer for the 1500 HP drilling rig. This system is with full stages of solid control equipment and large liquid storage tanks. Since its establishment in 2007, GN has already started manufacturing the solid control equipment for the oil and gas industry. After 10 years development, GN has already accumulated much experience and can be customer’s one stop shop for solid control system. Now its product range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on.

The mud recycling system is mainly composed of the following elements: there are 14 tanks in total used for mud recycling, storage and mixing and for water and fuel storage. There are 3 units of shale shakers which will be connected to the mud distributors that will distribute the drilling mud coming through the pipeline from the wellbore. There is also a mud gas separator to eliminate the flammable gas for safety purpose. And after the shale shaker, there is one vacuum degasser which will be used to remove the cut in gas in the mud to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump. After that is one mud cleaner which is composed of desander, desilter and underlying shale shaker. One decanter centrifuge is also equipped in the system for barite recovery. This can save the operator a lot of money as barite is very useful and expensive. There are also various pumps installed in the system to perform their function, such as the centrifugal pump which is used to transfer the drilling mud in the system. And there are also about 30 units of agitators and mud guns which will be used to clean the corners of the tank and mixing the mud in the tank to keep the mud property at good level.

That’s the brief introduction about the mud recycling system. Hopefully it will be useful to you. GN has many types of configuration for different mud recycling system for different HP drilling rigs.  Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to sales@gnsolidscontrol.com

GN solid control is a world famous company in the solid control and waste management area. Since established in 2007, it has already set up a full and mature product line in the solids control area, such as the shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, screw pump, agitator and so on. GN can be your No. 1 choice and one stop shop in the solids control business.

Among all of GN’s products, one of them is the star product, that is cutting dryer. No matter in the flow line for solid control or for waste management, it has shown great performance. There are two types of cutting dryer, fixed speed and VFD. GN can manufacture them according to different customer’s requirements and save money for customers. The screen bowl’s maximum diameter is 930mm. And there are three different kind of screens for your choice, 250 micron, 350 micron and 500 micron. The handling capacity is 30 to 50 tons per hour. Tungsten carbide protect the flights on the rotor from abrasive solids and ensure longer operation life. The special design of high pressure air knife can clean the basket screen automatically and easily, and avoid the screen to be blinded by the viscosity mud and water based mud. The flushing system with specially designed nozzles around the body of cutting dryer can avoid the liquid discharge channel being blocked by sediments. The lubrication system is electrically interlocked with the main motor starter to prevent machine operation in the event of low or no oil pressure to the gearbox. The VFD control panel can facilitate soft starting, fingertip control of the VFD system can change the motor speed and thus the G force can be changed to the working conditions. The VFD system is made by ABB or SIEMENS and it is explosive proof.
The GN’s 930 cutting dryer can be used for handling water, oil or synthetic based mud. We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.comVertical-Cutting-Dryer_副本

GN Solids Control is an integrated company for manufacturing the solid control system and waste management equipment and system. Established in 2007 in China, GN now has grown from a local Chinese company to an international company with its products sold to more than 60 countries. In 2014, GN set up its overseas subsidiaries in US and Russia to get closer to the local customer and better serve the local market.decanter centrifuge
Among all the GN’s product line, there are there main ones which are more reliable, mature and popular in the market, they are shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer. As one of the key components in the solid control and waste management system, decanter centrifuge plays an important role in the solid and liquid separation process.
Among the Decanter centrifuge’s different specification and configurations, GNLW 363C is the most popular and reliable, it is the star product. There are fixed speed centrifuge and VFD controlled centrifuge. There are many highlights about the equipment: the bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel 2205 which is made by centrifugal casting, and it’s much better than stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The solid waste discharge port is protected by special ceramic inserts which is made by world famous manufacturer with longer and more endurable life. The adjustable effluent port make the pond depth adjustment easier and more convenient and fast. The pneumatic controlled spring will make the opening of the cover more easily and safely. During the transportation, the bowl lifting bracket can perform as the protection for the bearings. The bearings are made by the world famous SKF company. The two motors are placed at one side of the equipment and make it smaller footprint. The conveyor surface is made from Tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and easy for maintenance. The VFD system is provided by ABB or SIEMENS. ATEX and IEC EX for zone 1 control panel can be provide as request.US STOCK
We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com

GN Solids America facility was first established in 2014 in Houston, TX. The facility is a multi functional with office, assembly center and spare parts center. The facility takes about 30,000 square feet. This office is the first overseas subsidiary for GN Solids Control and is performing the function as sales, after market service and warehousing.
Now in GN Solids America warehouse, there is plenty of shaker screen in stock. There are many types of screen there, such as the GN own brand GNZS series, replacement screens  for MI-SWACO MONGOOSE PRO, MONGOOSE PT and MEERKAT, ALS, BEM; replacement screens for DERRICK FLC 2000, FLC 500, DP 600, and hyperpool; replacement screens for NOV Brandt Cobra, King Cobra, Mini Cobra, Venom, LCM-2D, LCM-3D, VSM 300 series( include scalping, primary and secondary) and replacement screen for some other popular brand, such as Fluid System. GN Solids control can manufacture many types of screen, such as the composite frame, metal frame, soft hook strip and hard hook strip. The screen could be flat or pyramid according to customer’s requirement. The screen could be 2 layers or 3 layers depending on the customer’s requirement for the API number. The screen surface are made of stainless steel, usually use SS304 or SS316. This material can make the screen more endurable and work for longer time. GN can manufacture the screen from API 20 to API 400. 19-1_screen
GN Solids Control’s 2nd manufacturing facility for shaker screen will soon be in production. It will be about to produce about 5000 pieces of screens annually. The screen frame will be mainly composite material. GN recommends our customer to use composite frame shaker screens because it’s lighter, has longer usage life, corrosion resistant and has larger non-blank area. Now GN screens have been sold to global market, we hope to get your inquiry soon.
Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com

GN solids America, the US subsidiary of GN Solids Control with Headquarter in China, was established in 2014 in Houston, TX. It is now performed as the manufacturing facility, warehouse and after sales service center. Now there are many kinds of products in the US warehouse for sale, such as the shale shakers, cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, and shaker screens. There are many kinds of screens that could be replaceable with many famous brands. And we also have both the steel frame screens and the composite frame screens. All the screens comply with API RP 13C. US STOCK 1
Now there are 4 main equipment in stock, shale shaker, mud cleaner, cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge.  For the shale shaker, the vibration mode is linear, the vibrator motor are made by famous Italy brand Oli which can guarantee strong power and great reliability. It can hold 4 pieces of screen. The deck angle range can be adjusted from -1 to 5 degrees(mechanical), the screen size is 585mm*1165mm.The vibration motor power is 1.94kw each. The mud cleaner is the combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker. The desander hydroclone size is 10 inch, the desitler hydroclone size is 4 inch. All the hydroclones are made of polyurethane, which is very endurable and light. This is also consumable, you may need to buy some for stock. We have plenty of hydroclones in stock now with competitive price. Welcome to inquire for that.
For the cutting dryer, the screen opening can be 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5mm. The rotation speed can be like 900 RPM or 1200 RPM, and the G force could be reached to 420G or 750G. The cutting dryer are  mostly in solids waste management, especially for oil based mud or synthetic based mud. For the decanter centrifuge, the bowl diameter is 14 inch and the length is 50 inch. The max capacity is 200 GPM and the effective capacity is 132 GPM. The max bowl speed is 3900RPM and the typical bowl speed is 3200 RPM. The bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting, which is better than stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The solids discharge port is protected special ceramic inserts which could last longer. GN solids control’s products are certified by API, ISO, CE, TP TC and are explosive proof with EX standard of IECEX and ATEX. With the reliable product, good service and competitive price, GN solid control will be your NO.1 choice in the solid control industry.US STOCK 2
Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com