1000HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System for Middle East

Recently one set of 1000HP drilling rig solids control system is ready for shipment to Middle East. The solids control system consists of components as below:

  1. Shaker tank : 2 set of GNZS594F-SHBF shale shaker with mud distribution box and solids discharge trough, 1 set of GNZJ594F-S3S16NF mud cleaner with desander cone and desilter cone feeding pump, 2 sets of mud agitator with helical bevel type gearbox, 4 sets of mud gun, lighting, the mud cleaner can be used as back up shale shaker. The shaker tank dimension is equivalent with 40ft container with liquid level meter, the walkway, guardrails can be foldable during transportation. The shaker screen size is 585x1165mm with composite material frame, stainless steel material wire mesh, and the shaker screen for shale shaker and mud cleaner is same.
  2. Reserve tank 1: The storage tank dimension is same with 40ft container with liquid level meter, the painting color is customized as per client’s requirement. 3 sets of mud agitator, 3 sets of mud gun, lightings and guard room are installed on the tank
  3. Reserve tank 2: the dimension is same with reserve tank 1, also with mud agitator, mud gun on the tank.
  4. Pump skid: 2 sets of 75KW centrifugal pump as desander and desilter feeding pump, 2 sets of 75KW mixing pump, 2 sets of mixing hopper, powder collection hopper are all installed on the same skid and pipelines connected with solids control system.
  5. Water tank with water transfer pump and lightings
  6. Electric control system: including cables, control panel, distribution box for all the tanks control system. The whole system comply with ATEX explosion proof standard which can be used for offshore drilling rig.
    If you need a customized drilling rig solids control system, pls contact with GN solids sales.

Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

Recently one set of Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System are ready for shipment to Uzbekistan. The system including modular as below:

Suction modular, including vacuum pump, air compressor and air tank to provide air supply and pressure to sludge vacuum pump

Pre-mixing and heating washing modular, including pre-mixing tank, mud agitator, submersible slurry pump( for feeding to shale shaker), liquid level meter and other accessories.

Coarse solids screening modular, coarse solids separation shale shaker with sealing cover and spray system, pre-mixing tank with heating lines, pipelines, handrail, walkway, liquid level meter, lightings, electric control system, mud agitator

Solids liquid separation modular, including decanter centrifuge and screw pump with static mixer

Solids, oil, water three phase separation modular, including 3 phase disc separator to separate oil, water, solids, oil buffer tank, water buffer tank, disc centrifuge feeding pump, flushing unit, protection unit, solids collection unit, mud agitator, liquid level meter, electric control system, lightings, pipelines, handrails, walkway, decanter centrifuge liquid collection tank and skid. The 3 phase disc separator is a centrifuge to separate light liquid, heavy liquid and solids separation. The feed material should with solids content less than 3%, and max allowed solids should be smaller than 1 micron. That is the purpose to use decanter centrifuge which will separate the fine solids and reduce the solids content effectively.

Chemical dosing modular, which including three tank automatic powder chemical mixing system, and 2 ea 1000L chemical mixing tank with agitator and chemical dosing pump.

All the modular will be installed inside standard container with windows and doors for convenient maintenance, the insulation layer can keep the equipments working in warm temperature, especially for Winter Operation. If you need a customized solution of Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System, pls contact with GN solids sales.

5 Package Drilling Waste Treatment Equipment for 2000HP drilling rig to Nigeria

Recently 5 packages of drilling waste treatment equipments for 2000HP drilling rig are ready for shipment to Nigeria. The Third Party Inspection company DNV is arranging testing before delivery in our factory, and it is already pass the TPI assigned by the client, the 5 packages of drilling waste treatment equipments are qualified and ready for delivery to Nigeria.
The 5 packages of drilling waste treatment equipments including:

Vertical cuttings dryer and telescopic skid, 5 sets
The model number is GNCD930G vertical cuttings dryer, which is the ideal equipment for oil based drilling cuttings treatment, including 5 sets of flushing pump

Decanter centrifuge and telescopic skid, 10 sets
5 sets of decanter centrifuge GNLW363D are used for drilling rig solids control system, 5 sets of GNLW363D-VFD decanter centrifuges are used for oil based drilling cuttings treatment, to treat the fluids treated by vertical cuttings dryer. All of the decanter centrifuges are installed on top of telescopic skid, 10 sets of centrifuge feeding pump is installed on the skid.

5 sets of accessories equipments of drilling cuttings treatment.
Including 40 sets of GNSC series screw conveyor, some of them are used for collection of drilling waste from solids control shale shakers and feeding to vertical cuttings dryer feeding port, some of them are used for transferring the discharged solids from vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge to waste collection box, all of the screw conveyors are with manual speed adjustment and control panel, and the screw conveyor installation dimension is customized according to client’s requirement.
Except for the 5 sets of drilling waste management equipments, the client already purchased many sets of same model decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer packages for their rig. If you need customized drilling waste management solution, pls contact with GN solids control.

Drilling Mud Desander and Desilter Assembly for offshore drilling company

Recently 3 sets of drilling mud desander and desilter assembly are ready for Offshore drilling company. The mud cleaner is a desander, desilter, bottom shale shaker 3 in 1 equipment, model number is GNZJ594F-3S16N , it is customized designed for Offshore drilling company, the lifting frame is designed to meet CCS lifting certificate, it can meet the lifting requirement of offshore drilling platform.

GNZJ594F-3S16N mud cleaner is consist of 3ea of 10 inch desander cone, 16ea of 4 inch desilter cone, 4 panel screen shale shaker, the treating capacity is 1500gpm. The GNZS594J shale shaker installed 4pcs of shaker screen 585x1165mm, which is composite material frame shaker screen, and drived by 2ea of 1.72KW vibration motor which comply with ATEX explosion proof standard for offshore drilling. The electric control panel with stainless steel cabinet and comply with ATEX standard. The desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns. The bottom shaker screen area is 2.73m2, which will recycle more useful drilling fluids. The painting color is customized and the painting process is used after sand blasting thorough, the high pressure airless coating and the PPG brand marine used painting is utilized for better anti-corrosion performance.

The desander and desilter assembly mud cleaner is used after shale shaker, shale shaker is the first phase cleaning of drilling mud, desander cone is the second phase cleaning of drilling mud, desilter cone is the third phase cleaning of drilling mud, decanter centrifuge is the fourth phase cleaning of drilling mud, the good performance solids control equipments can reduce the drilling waste significantly, so that the drilling waste storage, treatment, delivery and disposal cost will be reduced accordingly, and also the recovered drilling mud can be reused to prepare for new drilling fluids which is environmental friendly.

1500HP Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment for Africa Client

Recently one set of 1500HP drilling rig solids control equipments are ready for shipment for Africa client, including 3 units of drilling fluids shale shaker GNZS594F-SHBF, 1 unit of drilling fluids mud cleaner GNZJ594F-3S16N, 2 uints of solids control decanter centrifuge GNLW363D, mixing hopper, etc.

GNZS594F-SHBF drilling fluids shale shaker with 4 panel shaker screen is the ideal model shale shaker for drilling fluids treatment. The shaker screen is durable composite material frame shaker screen, the shaker screen dimension is 585x1165mm, total screen area is 2.73m2, the vibration G force is up to 7.5G, the feeding method is back feeding box, the deck angle can be adjusted from -1° to +5°. The vibration motor and starter explosion proof standard can be CNEX, ATEX, IEC EX for option. The updated version shale shaker model is GNZS594J-SHBJ, which utilized updated version sealing rubber and damper spring, and shaker deck bottom use more strong square pipe for longer working life.
The mud cleaner GNZJ594F-3S16N with bottom shale shaker same with GNZS594F-SHBF shale shaker, with 3 ea of 10 inch desander cone and 16 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, the designed treating capacity is 1500gpm.
Solids Control Decanter centrifuge GNLW363D is the equipments to separate fine solids from drilling fluids. The desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone separation cut point is 25 microns, the decanter centrifuge mechanical separation cut point is 2~5 microns as the 4th phase separation. It can be installed on top of mud tank with supporting leg and solids discharge trough.

The drilling fluids treated by decanter centrifuge dropped into the mud tank, which can be used to prepare for new drilling fluids with mixing hopper and mixing pump.
If you need solids control equipments and mud tank system, pls contact with GN solids control.