Solids Control Equipment shipped to India

Recently one batch of solids control equipments are ready for shipment to India drilling company, including mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, except for the traditional solid scontrol equipments, GN solids control also produce drilling waste management equipments, oil sludge treatment equipments, construction slurry separation equipments, waste water treatment equipments, etc, pls contact with GN solids sales engineer to get a customized solution.

The mud cleaner is used after primary shale shaker and vacuum degasser, GN produce different treating capacity for different requirement, including 2 panel shaker, 3 panel shaker, 4 panel, 5 panel shaker and 6 panel shale shakers, all equipped with GN own brand composite material frame shale shakers, the screen fixing method is by wedge. According to user’s requirement, we can make it tandem shale shaker and triple shale shaker for convenient movement and operation.
The mud cleaner with treating capacity 500gpm, 1000gpm, 1500gpm for option, we will use different quantity desander cone and desilter cone according to your requirement, the desander cone and desilter cone are made of 100% polyurethane material for better wear resistance. The bottom shale shaker is normally same with primary shale shaker with same dimension shaker screen. We can provide CNEX, ATEX, IEC EX explosion proof standard for your option.

The desander unit and desilter unit including 2 types, one is without underflow shaker, the other one is with bottom shaker, both of them can be used separately.

Vacuum degasser produced by GN is a self-contained horizontal type vacuum degasser, it do not need an extra jetting pump, it can be used to separate the gas from the gas cut drilling mud, to prevent the further equipment be damaged by the hazardous gas. Through the suction of the vacuum pump and the separation of the gas-water separator, gas is discharged to a safe area through the exhaust pipe, and mud is discharged from the mud outlet.

Centrifugal force to achieve its remarkable results

The Application of GN decanter centrifuge:A Marvel of Mechanical Principles and Market ValueIn the world of industrial machinery, the GN decanter centrifuge stands out as a shining example of ingenuity and efficiency. This mechanical marvel utilizes a simple yet powerful principle to separate solids from liquids, making it an essential tool in various industries.

At its core, the GN decanter centrifuge relies on centrifugal force to achieve its remarkable results. By rotating at high speeds, it creates a powerful gravitational force that separates different components based on their density. This ingenious mechanism allows for the efficient removal of solids from liquids, resulting in cleaner and more refined products.

The applications of GN decanter centrifuge are vast and varied. In the oil and gas industry, it plays a crucial role in the separation of drilling mud, enabling the recycling and reuse of valuable resources. In wastewater treatment plants, it aids in the removal of sludge, ensuring cleaner water for communities. Additionally, it finds utility in the food processing industry, where it separates liquids and solids to enhance the quality and purity of products.

Beyond its mechanical principles, the GN decanter centrifuge boasts impressive market value. Its high performance and reliability make it a sought-after solution for industries worldwide. Its ability to increase operational efficiency, reduce waste, and improve product quality has made it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to stay competitive in today’s market.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of the GN decanter centrifuge cannot be overstated. Its efficient design and low maintenance requirements result in significant savings for companies. Additionally, its versatility allows forth customization to suit specific industry needs, further enhancing its value proposition.

In conclusion, the GN decanter centrifuge is a testament to the power of mechanical principles and the ingenuity of human engineering. Its ability to separate solids from liquids with precision and efficiency has revolutionized various industries. With its market value and cost-effectiveness, it continues to be a driving force in enhancing productivity and sustainability.

An Overview of Solid Vacuum Pumps, Vibrating Screens, Sand Pumps, and Agitator

In the drilling industry, efficient and reliable equipment is essential for the smooth operation of drilling projects. Among the critical components of a drilling system are solid control equipment, which includes solid vacuum pumps, vibrating screens, sand pumps, and agitators. This article aims to provide an overview of the principles behind these devices and their applications in the context of an Asian drilling company.
1.Solid vacuum pumps, also known as vacuum degassers, play a crucial role in the removal of unwanted gas, such as hydrogen sulfide and methane, from drilling fluids. These pumps utilize a vacuum chamber and a rotating impeller to create a low-pressure environment, allowing gas bubbles to escape from the drilling fluid. The degassed fluid is then returned to the active mud system, enhancing its performance and reducing the risk of gas-related hazards.
2.Vibrating screens, commonly referred to as shale shakers, are utilized to separate solid particles from drilling fluids. These screens consist of multiple layers of mesh screens that vibrate in a controlled manner. As drilling fluids pass through the screens, solid particles larger than the mesh openings are retained, while the fluid and smaller particles pass through. This process effectively removes undesirable solids, preventing equipment damage and improving drilling efficiency.
3.Sand pumps are essential components of the solid control system, responsible for transferring drilling fluids with high concentrations of sand and other solids. These pumps are designed to handle abrasive materials and maintain a consistent flow rate. By efficiently transporting the fluid, sand pumps prevent blockages in the drilling system and ensure the continuous circulation of drilling fluids.
4.Agitators, or mud agitators, are used to maintain the homogeneity of drilling fluids by preventing the settling of solids. These devices consist of a motor-driven impeller that rotates within the mud tank, creating a gentle turbulence. By keeping the solids in suspension, agitators prevent the formation of a stagnant layer at the bottom of the tank, ensuring consistent fluid properties throughout the drilling process.
In the drilling industry, the effective management of solids in drilling fluids is crucial for the success of drilling operations. Solid control equipment, including solid vacuum pumps, vibrating screens, sand pumps, and agitators, play a vital role in maintaining the quality and performance of drilling fluids. By removing unwanted gas, separating solids, and maintaining fluid homogeneity, these devices enhance drilling efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce the risk of equipment damage. For the Asian drilling company, investing in reliable and advanced solid control equipment is essential to ensure the smooth and safe operation of their drilling projects.

Solids Control Equipment and pumps for Asia Drilling Company

One batch of solids control equipments and pumps are ready for delivery to Asia Drilling company, including solids vacuum pump, shale shaker, centrifugal pump, mud agitator.

The mud agitator is consist of explosion proof motor and heavy duty helical bevel gearbox, skid, agitator shaft, impeller ( double layer or single layer, different size impeller), stabilizer, etc. We can provide 4HP, 7.5HP, 10HP,15 HP, 20HP, 25HP, 30HP mud agitator for your selection.

Centrifugal pump can be used as transfer pump, mixing pump, charging pump, trip pump, feeding pump of desander, desilter, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge, and also jetting pump of vacuum pump. We can provide different size centrifugal pump for your different applications.
Features of GN centrifugal pump:
Pump impeller made from hard ductile iron alloy, Pump casing made from hard ductile iron alloy, which will increase abrasion resistance capability. The spare parts are interchangeable with popular model centrifugal pump in the world. High quality no-adjustment mechanical seal to avoid leakage. Skid is made from casting instead of welding to provide reliable operation and lead to less vibration.

The solids vacuum pump is a mobile type 100% air operation transfer pump, no need electricity power, suitable for hazardous area application. Continuously working 7/24 automatically is available for easy operation and maintenance. It can be used to transfer the slurry with solids content up to 80%, the maximum solids size is up to 50mm or 75mm. The horizontal discharge distance is up to 500~1000m.It can be used to transfer drilling fluids, drilling waste, hazardous waste, oil sludge, tank bottom residual, animal waste, sand, fine solids, soil, etc.

Shale shaker is one of GN major solids control equipments and best seller equipment, we can provide 2 panel shale shaker, 4 panel shale shaker, 5 panel shale shaker and 6 panel shale shaker (double deck shale shaker).

GN Slurry Dewatering System for Construction Industry to New Zealand

One set of GN Slurry Dewatering System for Construction Industry are ready for delivery to New Zealand. Features of GN slurry dewatering system including:
1) Complete package design to provide Turnkey solutions
2) We have rich field proven experience
3) 5 phase separation system to reach better treatment result
4) Modularized system for fast installation and flexible movement
Why we use GN slurry dewatering system?

We provide customized design, customized painting color, after-sales service and training of the client’s engineer. The solution is to use liquid and solids separation equipment to treat slurry from Hydrovac or HDD project, to collect reuseable material for construction and discharge the treated clean water. Normally the slurry should be contaminant free which is from horizontal directional drilling for replacement of underground pipes or other private construction.
The system is consist of several modular as below:

  1. GNLMP1536 Mining vibrating screen modular, a mining vibrating screen installed on top of a mud tank, the coarse solids, rubbish, stones, branch, etc. big materials are separated out, and the slurry drop into the mud tank.
  2. GNZJ706 Double deck shale shaker fine mesh modular, the double deck shale shaker is installed on top of a mud tank, a submersible slurry pump pick up the slurry discharged from mining vibrating screen and feed to the double deck shale shaker, the fine solids from the slurry are separated out by the top layer shaker screen and bottom layer shaker screen, totally there are 6pcs composite material frame shaker screens are utilized, total screen area is up to 4.63m2.
  3. GNZJ594J-12N Desilter modular, the separation cut point is 20 microns.
  4. GNLW553D Big bowl dewatering centrifuge modular, the mechanical separation cut point is 5 microns. With chemical dosing unit, the ultra fine solids can be separated out and get dry solids and clear water.
  5. Chemical dosing unit modular