Repeated Drilling Waste Management System  shipped to Russia

It is always being good to have duplicated orders from
client, this implies a lot. Just as our own regular decisions, if we are not
pleased with some products, we will go for another one. There are too many
alternatives, this is the third drilling
cuttings dryer system
for this identical client. As we know, Russia going
operation normally under cold weather, this need the gear to specially designed
for cold weather.

The Main Equipment for this job include following:
1) 1 Containerized Vertical cuttings Dryer system with winterization
2) 3 Screw Conveyor, a couple of for feeding the cuttings dryer, one for launch
drilling cuttings from the dryer.
3) Two sets decanter
with one VFD and one fixed speed. These two decanter centrifuge
is actually on the solids control tank, but they are for handling thedrilling mud
from solids control tank as well as the drilling body fluids discharged from
the cuttings dryer.
4) 3 screw pumping systems, one for cuttings dryer flushing, the other two with
regard to feeding the centrifuges.
Therefore except lower down the price, this is the way we survive in the
unpleasant time. Can not say we now have how many fans, but GN Solids Control now already have
a lot of buyers support, with their advise, using sticking to GN brand, GN is
getting better and far better now.

Tips for Choosing a Shale Shaker

As the first and most important
solids control equipment in a complete solids
control system
, the shale shaker is used to separate out the most amount of
solids cuttings from the drilling rig. How to define a good shale shaker? We
have following suggestions:

1. A suitable and adjustable
G-force range. In most cases of solids control systems, the vibration G force
is from 5.0 to 7.1, the larger G force is, the better separation performance
does the shaker serve. But the actual G force is decided by the mud condition,
and the jobsite operator should choose and adjust the G force of the shaker. GN
Solids Control has several models of shale shakers,
including the single deck ones and double deck ones, and for single deck ones,
there are 3 screens and 4 screens available. And all GN shakers’ G force could
be adjusted by changing the positions of the two eccentric block in the 2
vibration motors, the largest G force could reach 7.5G.

2. Stable performance vibration
motors, it is true that the worldly wide international brands have the better
reputation because of the quality. GN Solids Control has a long term
relationship with the Italy Brand OLI for vibration motors. The standard Ex
Standard GN have is EXdIIbt4, while GN also has iEC EX and ATEX EX vibration
motors for option.

3. A strong shaker deck whose
angle could be adjusted. A strongly made structure of shaker deck is to insure
the shale shaker could bear the fierce vibration G force from the motors, while
the adjustable design enables the shaker could be used in different conditions
of drilling mud. When you need the drilling fluid to stay longer on the shale shaker screens, you make the screen
deck to have larger angle. GNZS series screens has deck angle ranging from
minus 1 degree to five degrees

More information pl feel free
to contract us ,GN can provide other equipment ,such us mud
,pumps,decanter centrifuge etc..

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How to Choose a Suitable Screw Conveyor

A screw conveyor is also called
as auger, because of the screw inside the long case used for transporting the
material from one place to another, it is called screw conveyor. It is common
equipment used in oil and gas drilling solids control system and waste
management systems, but among many suppliers, how to choose a suitable screw
conveyor for your project?

What factors should be
considered when choosing an Auger/ Screw Convyor?

1. HSE is always the first
factor to consider for a responsible client.
The design of the screw conveyor /auger
is human oriented or not is very important. Are all rotating parts well
covered? Do the screw conveyors /augers have the protecting cover? GN Solids
Control is a company who is HSE certified and GN’s auger is accepted by many
international famous companies who have strict HSE standards.

2. the material used for the screw
conveyors /augers,
especially the impeller. Because the drilling cuttings are
of highly hardness, and they may easily damage the impeller if the impeller is
not strong enough. GNSC series screw conveyors /augers use 16 Mn as impeller

3. the flexibility when using
the screw conveyors /augers. Because the layout of each project is not the
same, the client or end users have to re-arrange the existing equipment a bit
to the requests of each project. If the distance is not same, which is always
the cases, they need to reduce or add the screw conveyors. GNSC series screw
conveyors could meet such demand easily because GN’s screw conveyors are
designed as 12ft long for each section, and the first section is with the motor
while the last one has the gearbox, besides those 2 sections, other middle
sections could be easily interchangeable. It means, you can use more or less
sections of conveyors to achieve different requested distances.

For more information, please
visit GN website:

Mud Solids Control System to Southeast Asia Customer

solids control system could eliminate the large solid particles within the
drilling mud to reduce the particular solids content so that to guard the
transferring pump which used to transfer the mud back the rig with regard to
reusing. GN just done one set mud solids control system with VFD
decanter centrifuge
for gold mining project in Southeast Okazaki, japan.
This system is a 3 stages separation design model; the equipment configuration
is as beneath:
1 . Shale shaker unit GNZS594E-HB used for coarse strong particle separation.
This shale shaker unit could also be employed as a high G pressure drying
with variable G force up to 7. 4-panel screen makes a bigger area
for drying the actual drilling mud.
2 . VFD design decanter centrifuge device used for fine solids splitting up.
The first one unit centrifuge goes at a middle speed to eliminate most of the
solids to reduce the particular gravity. The following second system VFD
control centrifuge might run at a high speed to get rid of the ultra fine solids
to make the drilling mud

3. Screw pump set up to transfer the mud to the centrifuge. Horizontally put in
at the flank of the tank, it helps to tank leading more space for operation
4. Mud catching tank
used as sand snare and active mud safe-keeping.
This system is to get rid of the solid particles in the going mud to make the
drilling essential fluids reuse. After the solids currently being removed, the
fluids may be pumped back for recycle and the pump would be
additionally protected as there are less solids particles.
Mud solids control system is very common merchandise and solution that GN
provides. For this purpose, GN might provide separation system intended for oil
drilling, no drill down drilling project and some different industrial solid
and chemical phase separation. For more information, delightful send us email
or even call with no hesitate. 

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GNGH Solidification System for Africa

In the
past several years, each year, GN Solids Control brought to the oil and gas
industry some new and useful solutions for bettering the world. Year 2013, the
new design of decanter centrifuge, with two motors on one side and positive
pressurized control panel, year 2014, the improved vertical cuttings dryer
which could be used for both OBM and WBM, year 2015, a new solution GNGH10 and
GNGN15 was designed and put into use, it is the final treatment of the drilling

now, since the first set of GNGH10 Solidification unit was finished in GN
Solids Control’s yard and transported to the client’s place in domestic China,
GN has sold several of that. and some of GN old clients who are satisfied with
GNLW series decanter centrifuges and GN solids control systems are considering
to use the solidification unit in near future. This solidification unit is purchased
by a client from French and this is for his project in Africa. Recently, lots
of African countries came to aware of the necessary to protect the environment
from being polluted by the drilling cuttings.

What is
solidification unit?

solidification unit is used for future treating the solids discharge from the
solids control system’s desander and desilter cones and the centrifuge of the
solids control system. Also, the solids phase discharged by the shale shaker
could enter the solidification unit after being treated by the GNCM waste
management system. By using material like cement and other material, the
liquidate component in the drilling cuttings which may permeate into the soil
or underground water are forged into some hard particles and become less
liquidate. Then they could be used in some other ways like building the road or

In a
word, the solidification unit is an economic and practical solution for waste
management of drilling solids cuttings.