GN Sludge Vacuum Pump for drilling tank cleaning and oil spill recovery

Recently one batch of vacuum pump is ready for picking up by our clients, which will be used for drilling tank cleaning and oil spill recovery.

The main structure of the vacuum pump including vacuum pump tank and base assembly, lifting frame, air inlet pipe, air discharge pipe, fluids inlet pipe, fluids discharge pipe, Pneumatic double acting high performance knife gate valve, filter element , etc. The user need to prepare air hose, fluids suction hose, slurry discharge hose, which is according to the suction distance and discharge distance. We can provide marine wear resistant portable rubber hose, PVC wear resistant portable rubber hose, ordinary wear resistant steel wire rubber hose, stainless steel woven net PTFE lining with joint to our client, and select proper type rubber hose as per the material. The vacuum pump can be used to transfer sand, stones and cinders, iron powder and other particles or powders, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to positive and negative pressure. GNSP-40B vacuum pump provide 2 options for selection, automatic operation and manual operation. The user can select proper method according to the material and working conditions. Before using automatic operation, the client need to adjust the suction timer and discharge timer to proper time which can run the vacuum pump with high efficiency.

Except for vacuum pump body, GN also provide different accessories to support vacuum pump working. Such as easy to move inlet with wheels, plastic vacuum cleaner inlet ( when it is used for oil spill recovery) , stainless steel feed pipe connected to the feed hose with filter, it will be used when there are coarse solids in the slurry. GN can also design rotating unloading rack, discharged distribution collection box, buffer discharged box, single screw bidirectional feed inlet.
For more information of vacuum pump, pls contact with GN solids control.

GN Separation will attend the IE expo China environmental show

GN separation will attend the IE expo China environmental show in Shanghai next week. If you will visit this exhibition, pls visit GN stand and check our lastest technology equipments.

IE expo China is Asia’s leading environmental expo which offers an effective business and networking platform for environmental sector and is accompanied by first-class technical-scientific conference program. For more information of the exhibition, pls refer to
The exhibition information is as below:
Event Name: IE expo China 2023
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Expo Date:April 19~21, 2023
GN Booth: N4-H46 (Hall 4)
What equipments and technology we will show at IE expo China environmental show?
The subject of our show is related to oil sludge treatment equipments and solids liquid separation equipments.

Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge
GN T series decanter centrifuge is mainly used for dewatering and thickening purpose. It has been widely used for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Normally it needs to work with flocculants to gather the fine solids condensed into large solids in the waster water or sludge, then dewatered with GN T series decanter centrifuge.

Solids vacuum pump, GN solids vacuum pump is a 100% air operated pump to transfer drilling mud, hazardous waste, barge holdings and vessel bottom cleaning, sand, animal waste, bulk tank and silo transfer, oil sludge, tank bottom residual removal, waste pit cleaning, drilling waste, diatomaceous earth, etc. Especially when the transfer distance is up to 1000m, and the solids content, high viscosity, and max solids size is up to 75mm, or when electricity power supply is not available, vacuum pump will be an ideal solution.

Vibrating screen, it is used to remove the coarse solids from the sludge before feeding to other solids liquid separation equipments.

Waste Treatment Decanter Centrifuge, it is used for oil water solids separation in oil sludge treatment system.

Kuwait Safety Standard Screw Conveyors for drilling company

Recently one batch of Kuwait safety standard screw conveyors are ready for shipment to Kuwait drilling company. The unique features of the screw conveyor are as below:

  1. Required steel grating cover plate for safety.
  2. Required HSE safety signs.
  3. Required full length Safety Grab Wires along the auger for emergency stop;
  4. Required water spray system to prevent the screw conveyor from blocking.
  5. Required design for preventing collapse on the steel grating cover plate

  6. The screw conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment to transfer drilling fluids and drilling cuttings, it can be installed horizontally and inclined, to collect drilling cuttings from primary shale shaker and transfer to high G drying shaker or vertical cuttings dryer, it will also transfer the discharged solids from decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.
    The screw conveyor can be made into different length, each section with standard 12ft length, total length as 2 sections 24 ft, 3 sections 36ft, 4 sections 48ft. the rotating screw diameter with 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch. The sections are connected by hanging bearing and shaft assembly.
    The screw flights are spray with wear resistant coating to prolong its service life. The reinforced frame outside the screw conveyor provides high strength to the complete conveyor, and the bearing is world famous brand NSK or FAG for longer working life. The shell cover plate is installed with rubber sealing gasket, which can prevent dust leakage during operation.
    We can provide fixed speed screw conveyor or variable speed screw conveyor, we can also provide CNEX, ATEX or IEC EX explosion proof standard.
    Except for screw conveyor, GN also provide sludge vacuum pump for drilling waste and other slurry transfer, if you need a drilling cuttings transfer system solution, pls contact with GN solids control.

GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Middle East Company

Recently one set of GNOST-15B oil sludge treatment equipments are ready for shipment for Middle East company, it consists of modules as below:
1. Transfer module: it suck the oil sludge and transfer to primary coarse shaker separation module to separate big solids.
2. Coarse shaker separation module: Classification Vibrating Screen GNLMP1236
3. Crusher module: to break the big solids into smaller piece, for easier separation of solids and transfer to pre-mixing tank.

4. Pre-mixing tank module: 2 units, the dimension is equivalent with 20ft container, the pre-mixing tank equipped with heating lines, mud agitator, submersible slurry pump, the user can use demulsifier or oil sludge surfactant according to the oil sludge conditions.
5. Fine solids screening module: oil sludge separation shale shaker GNZS706, which is a double deck shale shaker, the top layer screen is to separate the bigger solids, and the bottom layer screen is to separate the fine solids.

6. Solids liquid separation module: GNLW553D-VFD decanter centrifuge, adding with flocculants, the treating capacity of oil sludge is up to 20m3/h, to separate fine solids from the oil water mixture. The bowl diameter is 22 inch, the bowl length is 71 inch, the max speed is 3000rpm and max G force is 2719G. When use it to treat drilling fluids, max treating capacity is up to 500gpm.

7. Oil water separation module: GNSD-125 3 phase disc separator, to separate the oil, water and few solids, if necessary, proper demulsifier can be added for easy separation of oil and water, the oil can be recovery and water can be sent to waste water treatment facility or reused in the circulation system.
8. Chemical dosing unit: to prepare for oil sludge demulsifier, Oil sludge surfactant, flocculants.
It is customized oil sludge treatment system according to client’s requirement, if you need a oil sludge treatment solution, pls contact with GN solids.