Chinese Brand and Chinese Products Enters USA

Right now, one piece of news in the front
pages of many countries main media is about the meeting between the US
president and China president. China issued a large order to Boeing, the most
famous air plane manufacturer in USA and also in the world.

Unless last time China leader visited USA,
when he brought with him mostly the national owned giant companies from China,
this time President Xi is taking with him some private owned companies. Or,
majority of those companies are private owned.

This is also the trend of nowadays China’s
economy, the private owned companies are playing more and more important roles
than before. Even before President Xi’s visit to USA, many good and promising
Chinese private owned companies have entered to US market. As an open market,
US gives fair opportunities to Chinese companies.

GN Solids Control is one of those Chinese
companies. As a 100% private owned company, it’s not easy for GN Solids Control
to get a share of oil and gas drilling solids control and waste management
system market. But with its high quality products and reassured services, GN
has got to the second to none position of the solids control industry in China.
And also, GN Solids America, the USA branch company of GN Solids Control,
China, became the first USA based China solids control company.

Not only this, GN Solids Control is also
the first China solids control company which is certified by API, DNV CE and
Russia TC& TP certificates.
Besides those, GN also have HSE standards and
certificates, for caring about the human being’s welfare and environment.

Among all the solids control manufacturers
in China, GN is not the largest one in size, and neither the oldest one in
history. But it is now regarded as the most well known brand in China and one
of the most famous ones in the world. We have reason to believe, it would do

Jobsite Commissioning for GN Equipment and System

Right now, right
there, there are 2 engineers from GN Solids Control working on drilling jobsite
of a North Africa drilling company for first time commissioning and training
for the operators for GN mud plant and waste management systems.

This is an old
client of GN Solids Control and this client have been buying from GN for more
than 2 years. They have purchased from GN for many orders including

1. Complete
solids control systems
including shale shaker, mud cleaner, middle speed
decanter centrifuges, high speed decanter centrifuges and other auxiliary
equipments like sand pumps, submersible slurry pumps, mud agitator and mud

2. complete waste
management systems
including the decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings
dryers, high G shale shakers for drying and screw conveyors for transporting
the materials. This African company has bought from GN Solids Control more than
10 sets of decanter centrifuges including fixed speed ones and vfd controlled

3. other systems
like mud mixing plant.

For this time of
commissioning, GN engineer is servicing for 1 mud plant with 7 tanks, for each
tank there are 4 sets of mud guns and 4 sets of mud agitators. One of the tanks
is used for mixing, equipped with jet mud mixing hoppers, and a hoist for
lifting the chemicals up over the hoppers on skid of tank.

After the commissioning
of the mud plant, GN engineers would go to 3 drilling rig jobsites for starting
the vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930C respectively. GN Vertical cuttings dryers
have following features comparing with its peers from other suppliers:

1. GNCD930C
vertical cuttings dryer is suitable for both OBM and WBM. Other brands’ are mostly
for OBM only.

2. well
performance proved by many end users on jobsite.

3. both fixed
speed and vfd controlled available for options.