Three sets of mud recycling system for bored piling are ready for Southeast Asia Customer

Recently in GN’s headquarter in China, there sets of brand new mud recycling system for bored piling were just finished and ready for shipping to customers in Southeast Asia market. The mud recycling system could be composed of different solid control equipment and configuration according to customer’s different requirement and needs. For example, the mud recycling system could be composed of shale shaker, mud gas separator, desaner, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, screw pump and various kinds of tanks. The mud recycling system could also be used for different applications, such as the oil and gas drilling, bored piling, trenchless, diamond drilling and so on.

The mud recycling system for the bored piling is composed of the mud cleaner with double deck shaker screens and hydrocyclones, the centrifugal pump, agitator and tank. It works like this, when the mud comes into the system, the mud will first goes to the lower deck of the shaker screen for coarse separation. The screens used on this deck will be usually as API 40, 60 or 80. Then the mud will be dropped to one compartment of the tank and the large solids will be discharged out of the system. Then the mud will be sucked by the centrifugal pump to the hydrocyclones for further separation. The separation size of the solids could be up to 40 micro meters. Then the finer mud will be dropped to the tank and the coarse mud will be discharged by the hydrocyclones to the upper deck for further separation. Then the mud will be recycled and recovered into the system again for reuse. This is a very efficient and cost effective system and is popular with many customers.
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GN wishes all the customers and their families Merry Christmas

2016 is a tough year for everyone in the oil and gas industry. But GN Solids Control is still making process and earned more and more business. Now it’s coming to year end, we will make a summary and thanks for all of the customer’s great support and recognition. Without you GN can’t achieve the success like today’s. Wish all of you and your family members Merry Christmas.

GN Solids Control was first established in 2007 and after 10 year’s development, it has grown from a local Chinese company to a great international company. This year, GN opened its second manufacturing facility which will specialize in manufacturing the shale shaker screens. But the screens that the new facility will make is different from the previous metal frame screens, the new ones are composite frame screens which have better features, such as lighter, more endurable and cost effective. And now the manufacturing capability for the shaker screens are 5000 pieces per month. In 2017, the brand new composite frame screen will be one of GN’s strategic product in North American market. GN believe with the good quality and competitive price, the shaker screens will achieve great sales performance.

GN Shale America
Except for the shaker screens, GN also believes the traditional solid control equipment will be great in some new business areas, such as the diamond drilling, trenchless, piling, and so on. These equipment includes shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, agitator, and various kinds of tanks. All these equipment can be combined and configured according to customer’s requirement to become various kinds of mud recycling systems.

Though the crude oil price is still at the downturn at the moment, we believe the brand new future and opportunities will come soon. And GN will always be there to support your business to be successful. Welcome to visit our website and get more information, please send your inquiries to .

GN’s decanter centrifuge will be delivered for Latin American Customer

Recently in GN’s headquarter, several units of decanter centrifuge were just finished and will be ready for shipment to Latin America for an oilfield service company there. The configuration of the decanter centrifuge is GNLW363CG premium with the bowl size of 14 inch.

GNLW363CG is one of the most popular products among GN’s product line, it was purchased and used by many domestic and international customers. Now GN can manufacture about 100 units of 363 decanter centrifuge per year. The reason why the 363 decanter centrifuge is so popular is because it has many advanced features and built with tough material. The bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting. The screw conveyor surface is protected by tough tungsten carbide which can make the decanter centrifuge run for a long time and easy for replacement. The solid discharge port is protected by special ceramic insert. The bearing is made by world famous SKF which represents longer life and more reliable during operation. The maximum bowl speed could reach 3900 RPM, and the regular bowl speed is 3200 RPM. The maximum G force could reach 3063. The 363 is high speed and good balancing during production. GN is one of the companies using three stage balancing technology which includes the middle speed dynamic balancing at the speed of 1800 RPM, high speed dynamic balancing and the same speed as the decanter centrifuge in operation. Usually when the decanter centrifuge is fully assembled, the balancing work will be done in GN’s facility.

The decanter centrifuge can separate the solid size up to 5 microns, if operating with chemical dosing system, it can almost separate the solids size up to zero. The decanter can be applied in many areas, such as oil and gas drilling, diamond drilling, HDD, piling, and so on.
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Two sets of oil sludge treatment system are ready for Middle East Customer

It takes two months for GN’s engineer and workers to finish the manufacturing for the new order of two sets of oil sludge treatment system. Now the two sets of oil sludge treatment systems are stalled in GN’s facility in China and are ready for shipping to Middle East.

The oil sludge treatment system mainly consists of the following equipment: The shale shaker which is specially designed for oil sludge treatment for the coarse solid separation; two sets of 22 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD for fine solids removal from oil sludge; two sets of sludge washing tank which are with the heating and mixing system; two sets of 3 phase separation system which can separate the oil, water and solids from each other; two dosing systems in 40 feet container; vacuum feed pump and augers which will be used for feeding the slurry into the oil sludge treatment system.
The oil sludge treatment system has the following feature and advantage: Adopting the chemical and heating technology to improve the mechanical separation; the system can be mainly applied to there types of oil sludge: the sludge from oil refinery plant, the sludge from the crude oil tank and the sludge from the drilling waste. 4 stages of separation can get the customer cleaner recovered oil and reduce the oil on the sludge. The treatment system could be customized for different processing capacity and different mixing content of oil, water and sludge. The skid mounted module design will reduce the footprint and easy for installation and transportation. For service companies, this system means safer, more reliable and more cost effective.

As a leading solid control equipment and waste management company, the oil sludge treatment system is one of the main business in GN’s full product line. GN will strive to make more reliable, safer and more cost effective equipment to help the service company getting more and saving more money, and achieve great success. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to .

GN successfully demonstrated its mud recycling system at BAUMA show 2016

GN Solids Control is the world famous solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, As the leading manufacturer for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, etc, GN’s brand and products are recognized by more and more international customers. And recently the BAUMA 2016 just closed in Shanghai, China. Even though the industry is at its downturn, the show still attracted exhibitors and visitors from more than 147 countries, the total attendants are more than 170,000. The construction industry and civil works are very important market for GN, in this area, there are many customers using GN’s solid control equipment and mud recycling system. So GN also aggressively attended the show and demonstrated its latest products.

The products GN demonstrated at the show is a set of mud recycling system, which is mainly composed of a desander, shale shaker, mud tank and centrifugal pump. This product can be used in HDD, piling, microtunneling, dredging, civil works and so on. The desander can separate the solid size up to forty microns. First the feed pump will supply the slurry into the shale shaker for coarse separation, the solids will discharged from the system and the find liquid will be dropped into the mud tank, then the mud will be pumped into the desander for further separation, and the finer liquid will be returned into the mud system and the solid will be separated out of the system. This is just one type of mud system, GN can make different configurations of mud system for different customers, for example, the shale shaker can be changed to double layer, the desander can be changed to desilter for even finer separation. GN can make any configuration according to customer’s requirement. Welcome to send your inquiries to GN

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