Differences between HDD Mud Systems and Piling Mud Systems

Besides oil and gas drilling, there are other drilling works very commonly using mud recycling unit or systems, like HDD drilling, CBM drilling, Piling, TBM, water well drilling and etc. All their aims by using the mud recycling systems are to re-clarify the drilling mud by separation out the cuttings and to ensure the drilling mud after treating to be re-used into future projects.

Cause the depth and earth condition are not same, or the drilling volume differs, the standard for the drilling mud is not same. That’s why, the adopted mud systems are combined with different equipments. Now we cited with HDD mud recycling systems and Piling mud systems to show some of them.

1.HDD means horizontal direction drilling, usually, it means to drill a pipeline from across the river or road, without disturbing the surface. Comparing with Piling, it has a higher standard of mud. In HDD mud systems, there are always 2 steps of separation, like Shale Shaker, and Desilter cones and an feeding pump for desilters. Then, after separation, end user need to add some additional material into the drilling mud to ensure its former character, so there must be a jet mud mixer with another centrifugal pump for feeding.

Depending on the different treating capacity requirement, the tanks below the systems are different. On larger systems the 2 steps separation can employ a shale shaker and a desilter with underflow shaker, on smaller systems, GN design the 2 separations into one equipment, GNZJ705-Y4S, a combination of shale shaker and desilter cones with underflow shaker to make the unit more compact.

2.Piling is always for construction projets when making the basement. The requirement is less demanding comparing with HDD ones. There are 2 steps of separation equipments, same as HDD systems, but in piling mud recycling works, there is no need for jet mud mixer unit. So such systems are always smaller and more compact.

No matter it is mud recycling systems for HDD or for Piling, GN’s products has such features:

1. Polyurethane material for cyclones, for more anti-wearing and longer service life.

2. Vibration motor brand: Italy Oli.

3. Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel and heat treatment for complete shaker deck for High G force operation.

4. Explosion-proof electric control system, also rain-proof and dust-proof. In outdoor jobsite, service life is 2-3 times longer than Non-Ex-proof electric control system.

GN Team Back from ADIPEC 2014 Successfully

Last weekend, the world famous yearly event ADIPEC was closed with big success in Abu Dhabi. GN Solids Control attended this event and showed its Decanter Centrifuge  in the show, lots of old customers have visited GN booth and GN got to known by new friends there.

Abu Dhabi is no doubt the oil city well known world widely, which is the capital of UAE. Among the 7 cities which combine the UAE, Abu Dhabi has the largest Oil Reservation, like 96% of the whole. That’s why the ADIPEC is held there. Suppliers and visitors from all over the world gathered there to get the newest information and equipments there.

In the show, there are Oil & Gas giants, oil field service suppliers and equipment/ material  manufacturers. GN Solids Control is one of the TOP solids control & waste management system producers.

This time, GN has brought a decanter centrifuge to the show, model GNLW363-BG. Below are some features of this model decanter centrifuge:

  1. This is a 14 inch dia bowl decanter centrifuge, normal capacity 30 cubic meter per hour, which is the most popular size for solids control and waste management.
  2. This is a high speeded decanter centrifuge, with fixed speed at 3200RPM, idea speed for waste management. In fact, just when the equipment arrived Abu Dhabi, even before the exhibition started, the centrifuge was purchased by a waste management company.
  3. If the end user need more applications to be achieved, he could order extra pulley and belt, 2500RPM and 1800 RPM are common solutions.
  4. International standard material for any detail, like SKF bearings, tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protections, tungsten carbide material for solids discharge ports for a longer service life.
  5. Considerate designs like bowl protecting band during transportation, easily adjustable liquid level port, and position of motors leaving enough space for operator.
  6. Positive pressurized VFD control panel available for this model, easier to change the speed by a PLC smart panel.

In the show, although it is a fixed speeded decanter standing on a corner, it attracted enough eyeballs. Hope ADIPEC could be better and better in future, and GN has a brighter future too.

Compact Design for 350 HDD Mud Recycling Systems

A complete HDD mud system is consist of several essential components, including following:

  1. Shale shaker for the 1st step separation.
  2. Desilter cones as 2nd step separation.
  3. Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desilter cones and mixing hopper.
  4. Mud gun and mud agitator.
  5. Mud tank and corresponding a

    ttachments like lighting system and rails&ladders.

  6. Electric control system.

In a standard design of 350GPM HDD mud recycling system, all above mentioned parts should be installed. And if such system is to be shipped to oversea customers, the cost and shipping time should be taken into consideration too. After discussion with an engineer from customer’s company, GN comes into a solution to make such system to be shipped in a container, in order to save time and money for end user.

  1. To use a double deck shaker with desilter cones. In this case, the drilling mud to be treated firstly enters into lower deck screen for being treated by shale shaker, this screen mesh is not so fine as the upper layer. Then the liquid phase falls into tank below the shaker and pumped to desilter cones for further treatment. The upper layer screen is regarded as drying shaker for desilter cones.  In this way, two steps of separation are combined in one equipment, and a better separation result is achieved.
  2. A smaller tank just 10mm smaller than the standard container size in width, and height lower than container inside height, so that the tank after dissembled the equipments, could be shipped by container. Vessels for containers are weekly scheduled while for bulk, it is monthly.
  3. Storage capacity. You may ask how to ensure the storage capacity. Answer is if the tank is designed to enter a 40ft container while equipments shipped in an extra 20ft container, and the ideal storage capacity could be reached. End user’s engineer has his own solution which is to use an extra buffer tank for storage. And such buffer tank is easily to source locally. He could use GN’s agitators and mud guns for buffer tank.

In fact, at the very beginning, GN started business with HDD mud recycling systems. Like CPP, the largest petroleum pipeline contractor in China, only sources from GN Solids Control. GN earns a good fame by providing with TOP HDD contractors with TOP quality products.

Different Equipment used in OBM and WBM Drilling Waste Management Systems

For both OBM and WBM in drilling rig systems, the solids control systems are totally same, like shale shakers, desanders, desilters and solids control centrifuges. Sometimes there are degassers in front of shale shakers. But normally, the further treatments regarded as waste management systems are not exactly same, especially in standard drilling waste management.

Standard OBM Drilling Waste Management System:

  1. Screw conveyor for collecting and transferring drilling cuttings discharged by solids control system. And another slope screw conveyor used to convey the drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer.
  2. Vertical cuttings dryer, use a centrifugal force to dry the cuttings, which shares same principle like a washing machine. GN Solids control is 1st China Company who made the vertical cuttings dryers, and now it’s the 3rd generation vertical cuttings dryer. This is well tested in jobsite.
  3. Decanter centrifuge, the liquid phase of drilling mud treated after vertical cuttings dryer will be further treated by a high speed decanter centrifuge, like GNLW363BG/BG-VFD, which  is ideal solution for this application.

Standard WBM Drilling Waste Management System:

  1. Same as OBM systems, the first adopted equipment is screw conveyor for collecting the drilling cuttings.
  2. The second equipment in OBM and WBM system are quite different. In most WBM waste management systems, they use high-G shale shaker for drying the solids, like GNZS594HGE-LD.
  3. Also decanter centrifuge with a high speed, same as OBM waste management systems.

In some cases, the operator uses vertical cuttings dryer in both OBM and WBM, like GNCD930 is suitable for both conditions.

May you have such kind of request, pls contact me at renee@gnsolidcontrol.com.