Centrifugal Mud Pump and oilfield Centrifuge for international drilling company

Recently one batch of centrifugal mud pump and oilfield centrifuge are ready for shipment to international drilling company. The equipments list are as below:

2 units of GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, from now on we will update the decanter centrifuge version to D for the future orders, which have been improved in design according to user’s feedback. It is with 14 inch bowl diameter and 50 inch bowl length, the max water capacity is 200gpm, the max speed is 3900rpm, normal working speed is 3200rpm, we can provide different speed pulleys for clients’ replacement to meet their different requirement. The decanter centrifuge can be used as solids control centrifuge, oil sludge separation centrifuge, drilling waste treatment centrifuge, waste water dewatering centrifuge, the separation cut point is 2~5 microns.

Centrifugal mud pump , 16 units, including
GNSB4x3C-11J centrifugal pump, 4 units
GNSB6x5C-13J centrifugal pump, 6 units
GNSB8x6C-14J centrifugal pump, 6 units
A complete centrifugal pump consist of pump head, electric motor, coupler of pump head, coupler of motor, pump skid. It can be applied for desander, desilter feeding pump, mud mixing pump, mud transfer pump, mud pump charging pump, trip tank trip pump, and other materials transfer. It can be installed separately on the ground or installed on the tank skid. GN centrifugal pump features are as below:
1) By using different motor with different inlet/outlet size, the flow rate and lift head will be varies as per client’s requirement.
2) Pump casing and impeller are most wearable parts, they are made of hard ductile iron alloy, which will increase abrasion resistant capability.
3) Wide open vane impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life.
4) We use SKF/FAG brand bearings for reliable operation.
5) Pump skid is made by casting instead of welding, this is proved for reliable operation and less vibration.

VFD decanter centrifuge and Full Hydraulic Drive decanter centrifuge

As a manufacturer of decanter centrifuge in China, GN solids control can produce different types decanter centrifuge for many different applications, including oil and gas industry used VFD decanter centrifuge and full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, rated speed decanter centrifuge, which can be used for drilling fluids solids control centrifuge, drilling waste treatment centrifuge, oil sludge treatment centrifuge, mud dewatering centrifuge; and industrial waste water treatment decanter centrifuge. Especially for VFD decanter centrifuge and full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, they are the most popular decanter centrifuges.

The centrifuge bowl assy is same for the VFD decanter centrifuge and full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, the difference between them are motor power and drive system.
Simply speaking, VFD decanter centrifuge is drived by VFD control panel, mostly the VFD control panel is positive pressurized, we can provide CNEX, ATEX, IEC EX based on different client’s requirement, and the suitable ambient temperature from -20℃ to + 40℃ or +55 ℃. Take GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge as example, the main motor power is 50HP, the back drive motor power is 15HP, the feeding pump motor is normally 10HP, sometimes use submersible slurry pump, it is 7.5HP. The VFD decanter centrifuge will be lay on the telescopic skid directly or on top of mud tank with support leg.

Full Hydraulic Drive decanter centrifuge is drived by VISCOTHERM Full hydraulic drive system, The advantage of the FHD centrifuge is for use in high temperature ambient for heavy mud with flexible bowl
and differential speed. The compact one skid design makes it easier for rig up. Take GNLW363-FHD decanter centrifuge for example, the main motor power is 45KW, the electric control with PLC smart control, The torque gearbox is up to 4163 N.M (3260 ft.lbs)for heavy mud separation.
If you need VFD or Full Hydraulic Drive decanter centrifuge, pls contact with GN solids control.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer and Solids Control Centrifuge for Overseas client

Recently one batch of vertical cuttings dryer and solids control centrifuge are ready for shipment to oversea client, the equipments list including:

  1. GNLW363CG solids control centrifuge, 4 units
  2. Vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930G, 1 unit
  3. Screw conveyor , 6 units, 2 units can be used to collect the drilling waste from primary shale shaker, 1 unit screw conveyor can be used to collect the discharged solids from vertical cuttings dryer and transfer to the skips.
  4. Decanter centrifuge feeding pump, 4 units, which are single screw pump, brand Netzsch, the client can outsource the wear parts locally if urgently required. The pump flow rate can be easily adjusted by the touch screen on the VFD control panel of the decanter centrifuge.
    The client will make the telescopic skid or tank skid locally according to their rig schedule. It is recommend to treat the fresh oil based drilling waste from primary shale shaker( in the solids control system) by the vertical cuttings dryer system, the ideal result is to reduce the oil content on the cuttings below 5%, sometimes it is even reduced to 3.7% in some rigs. But when the drilling waste have been storage for a long time or it has been transported by trucks from rig site to waste treatment facility and storage in an open air area, it has contacted with water in the air or rainy water and the water content is higher than before, the waste shape has changed to very sticky material and it is hard to separate than before, then the treatment result by the vertical cuttings dryer will become worse, so we suggest to our users not to storage the waste for too long, the earlier to treat it, the better result to reach.
    If you need a drilling waste management equipments, pls contact with GN solids control.

Three sets of Oil Rig Drilling Waste Management Equipment for Nigeria Drilling Company

Recently three sets of oil rig drilling waste management equipments are ready for inspection for Nigeria Drilling Company, the equipments list are as below:

  1. Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD, 6 sets
  2. Vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930F-VFD, 3 sets
  3. GNLW363C-ZJ telescopic skid, 6 sets
  4. GNCD930F-ZJ telescopic skid, 3 sets
  5. screw conveyor to transfer the drilling waste and discharged solids
  6. screw pump, 9 units This is the repeat order from this client, they already purchased many sets of drilling waste management equipments in the past years, including decanter centrifuge with its telescopic skid, vertical cuttings dryer with its telescopic skid, screw conveyor with control panel, screw pump ( as decanter centrifuge feeding pump and vertical cuttings dryer flushing pump). The equipments will be inspected strictly and shipped to Nigeria. The models are remained the same during the past years, the client always use the same model for convenient operation, maintenance and stock spare parts. We keep improving our decanter centrifuge and
    Vertical cuttings dryer design according to client’s feedback, to make it more user friendly and better performance. We can make all the equipments in one skid for compact design and convenient transportation, also we can make the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer in separate telescopic skid for flexible installation, the client can use them for different project according to their drilling plan.
    The screw conveyor made by GN solids control is U type continuous conveying equipment without flexible traction. The standard length for each section is 12ft, we have option for 1 section 12ft, 2 section 24ft, 3 sections 36 ft, 4 sections 48 ft. the screw diameter with option of 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch. The screw speed is 50~60 rpm.
    If you need customized drilling waste management system, pls contact with GN solids control.

35000bbl Liquid Mud Plant for international drilling fluids service company

Recently one set of 35000bbl liquid mud plant are shipped to international drilling fluids service company, this liquid mud plant including the modular as below:

  1. Solids control system modular: including 1 set of drilling fluids processing tank, with 1 unit shale shaker GNZS594F, 1 unit middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452D for barite recovery, 1 unit of GNLW363C high speed decanter centrifuge to separate low gravity solids, mud agitator, mud gun, with electric control system, tank handrails, walkway and stairs, also with a 110HP charging pump with soft starter.
  2. Mixing tank modular, including 2 units of mud mixing tank, with 4 units of 100HP mixing pump with 4ea customized dust free hopper, mud agitator, 8 units of mud gun, also with electric control system, tank handrails, walkway and stairs, and two units of 110HP charging pump with soft starter.
  3. Storage tank modular: 500bbl (80m3) vertical storage tank 70 units, total capacity 35000bbl. It can be used to storage water based drilling mud, oil based drilling mud, Synthetic Oil Based Mud, crude oil, brine water, etc. Each storage tank with its own handrails, there is walkway between 2 tanks, each line with long walkway, each tank at corners with its stairs, and each line of storage tank with its charging pump for suction and discharge, each line with its pipelines.
    If required by the user, we can also provide drilling waste management system which can be connected with the mud processing tank, to collect the oil based drilling cuttings from shale shaker and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer, to separate the solids from drilling fluids, the discharged solids result can reach oil content in the cuttings around 5%. The drilling fluids can back to mud processing tank and treated by decanter centrifuge again, as a closed loop circulation system.