Two Sets Drilling Waste Management Equipment Package for Africa Client

Recently 2 sets of drilling waste management equipments are shipped to Africa, including 2 units of vertical cuttings dryer, 2 sets of waste treatment decanter centrifuge, 2 units of screw pump, 6 units of screw conveyor,
The standard drilling waste management system configuration is as below:

1 ea vertical cuttings dryer
1 ea VFD decanter centrifuge
1 ea screw pump as centrifuge feeding pump
1 ea vertical cuttings dryer flushing pump
1 set of cuttings dryer skid and 1 set of decanter centrifuge telescopic skid
1 set of intermediate tank to collect discharged fluids from vertical cuttings dryer

Several units of screw conveyor to transfer the drilling waste to vertical cutting dryer top open feeder port. One unit is horizontally installed to collect drilling waste, one unit is slantly installed to collect drilling waste from the first unit screw conveyor discharge port. The complete package of drilling waste management system is designed as standard container loading size and for convenient transportation.
The vertical cuttings dryer is ideal equipment to treat the oil based drilling waste, the discharged solids with oil content on the cuttings is below 5%, if the discharged solids with higher moisture, the user should check the screen basket status through watching port, if the accumulated solids is already blocking the screen opening, it should be flushed by the high pressure air knife regularly, otherwise the treated solids will be with high moisture, the main motor will be continuously stopped because of over currency.

The VFD decanter centrifuge can separate the fine solids from the vertical cuttings dryer discharged fluids, the cut point is 2 ~5 microns, by adjusting the pump frequency, the user can adjust the feeding rate conveniently. The positive pressured VFD control panel with stainless steel cover, PLC smart control, HMI interface, world famous brand universal VFD inverter.

Wastewater Decanter and Dosing Unit for Middle East Client

One set of waste water decanter centrifuge with chemical dosing unit to Middle East for waste water treatment project. The technical configuration is as below:

1 set of GNLW454-VFD decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge bowl diameter is 450mm, centrifuge bowl length is 1890mm, designed capacity is 400gpm, max bowl speed is 3500rpm, normal working speed is 0 ~3200rpm, max G force is 3084G, the mechanical separation cut point is 2 ~5 microns, the differential speed is 0 ~ 45 rpm, gearbox torque is 7500N.M., with gearbox ratio is 57:1, the main motor power is 55KW, back drive motor is 22KW, pump motor is 15KW. The bowl material is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 or 2304, the other bowl is made of stainless steel 316L.the bearing is SKF brand, the screw propeller is protected by tungsten carbide tiles. The solids discharge port and fluids distribution port is protected by tungsten carbide alloy.

The VFD control panel drive the decanter centrifuge main motor, back drive motor and pump motor. The pump flow rate can be controlled by adjust pump motor frequency. Except for GNLW454-VFD decanter centrifuge, we also produce 18 inch bowl decanter centrifuge with shorter length as GNLW453-VFD, which can be used for drilling fluids treatment, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment and other kind of slurry separation. The other decanter centrifuge models including 9 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW223D, GNLW224-VFD; 14 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW363-VFD, GNLW364-VFD; 22 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW553-VFD, GNLW554-VFD; 30 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW764-VFD, etc. We can also provide customized dewatering centrifuge solution for their special requirement.

1 set of chemical dosing unit, including 3 compartment tank , hopper, agitator, level meter, auger conveyor, piping system, PLC smart control, 2 units of chemical dosing pump, pressure gauge, valves, skid, etc.
1 set of screw pump as centrifuge feeding pump

Hydrovac Slurry Treating System Successfully Using in North America

We have over 11 units of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System working in North America, especially in USA.
The purpose to use GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System is to get solids and recover water, the water can reused to flush the hydrovac trucks and send to third party waste water treatment facility for further treatment, and reuse for other applications. After the first unit of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System successfully working in USA, we have got similar inquries from our customers in the same industry, we will provide customized design system for their different requirement.

What is hydrovac excavation?
Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Large volume water is required for Hydro Excavation, water recovery can save cost for the user of Hydro Excavation.
By using GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System, the user can recovery most of fluids from discharged solids, which is environment friendly and reduce solids disposal cost.
The technical configuration is as below:
1) Slurry collection hopper modular to receive slurry from the Hydrovac truck conveniently
2) Coarse solids separation shaker modular to separate big solids from the slurry, the shaker screen is special for durable life during working.
3) Fine solids separation shaker and desilter, the 4 inch desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns

4) Decanter centrifuge modular with chemical dosing unit
A big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge should be applied when chemical is adding into the fluids, the function is to accumulated ultra fine solids to bigger size solids, so that it will be easily separated out by centrifugal force, the max G force of GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is 2719G, max speed is 3000rpm. The separation cut point is 2~ 5 microns.
5) Mud tank to install all of the equipments on it in modular for convenient transportation.

TBM slurry dewatering centrifuge to Singapore

TBM project require to use high volume water for cooling the machine during boring, it costs very high for the water consumption, and in many countries the discharged slurry should be treated well by environmental protection laws, it is also costly to send the slurry to third party waste treatment facility. The operator need a full package dewatering system which can treat the slurry, the recovery water can be used for drilling, the discharged solids can be collected by waste bag or waste collection box and transport to other place for brick making or landfill. The discharged solids should be with less moisture as possible, the recovery water should be clean enough and suitable to reuse it. Recently GN solids control shipped another set of TBM slurry dewatering centrifuge system to our clients in Singapore, this is repeat order for TBM project.

The big bowl decanter centrifuge is major equipment for the dewatering centrifuge package, working with chemical dosing unit, the big bowl decanter centrifuge treating capacity will be less than designed treating capacity, the actual treating capacity will depend on the raw material solids content, solids size distribution , chemical adding type and quantity, and other aspects. Normally positive displacement pump will be used to feed to the decanter centrifuge, one unit of 3 compartment powder adding system with proper agitator, control panel, chemical dosing pump, supporting pipelines, valves, liquid level meter, hopper. All of the above equipments are installed in the same skid for convenient transportation, and installed inside standard contained which with windows, doors, air conditioner, lightings for convenient operation.

The VFD control panel is non explosion proof with PLC smart control and HMI surface, the 55KW main motor speed, 37KW back drive motor speed, 22KW pump speed can be controlled by VFD control panel. For more information, pls contact with sales engineer.

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge sold for Oil Sludge Treatment Client

Recently GN Solids Control shipped one unit of GNLW554ET-VFD big bowl decanter centrifuge for oil sludge treatment project in China. For 22 inch bowl 2 phase separation horizontal decanter centrifuge, we have 3 models for option based on different applications.
GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge, bowl diameter 22 inch, bowl length 71 inch
GNLW554EP-VFD decanter centrifuge, bowl diameter 22 inch, bowl length 91 inch

GNLW554ET-VFD decanter centrifuge, bowl diameter 22 inch, bowl length 91 inch, max speed is 3150rpm, max G force is 3051G, bowl L/R ratio is 4.2, the main motor power is 90KW, the back drive motor is 45KW,as the dewatering/ thickening decanter centrifuge, The T series decanter centrifuge beach angle is 8.5 degree, the main purpose is to keep the decanter centrifuge cone section as longer as possible, so that the drying and dewatering area of the decanter centrifuge is longer, the dewatering performance will be better, and the discharged solids cake is much drier. And also the 8.5 degree lead the discharge more smooth and increase the discharge efficiency.

The same features of all the three models decanter centrifuge:
1) The screw propeller is protected by tungsten carbide tiles which is more wear resistance
2) The screw is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting, the open impeller design increase the separation efficiency and improve the performance.
3) Liquid separation port and solids discharge port are both protected by tungsten alloy and it is interchangeable.
4) The bowl material is duplex stainless steel 2205 or 2304, the other components are made of SS316L.
5) The bearings are from famous brand SKF
The unique features of T series decanter centrifuge:

6) The lubricating system of oil circulating oil station is used for heavy load and high speed operation.
We will select proper model decanter centrifuge to meet different client’s requirement.