Decanter Centrifuge for Middle East Client

GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for solids control and drilling waste management equipment
supplier. The key equipment of centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer is
widely used in Middle East. The high quality equipment win the trust from
Middle East local contractors and national oil companies, like ADNOC, NIOC,
NIDC etc.

Recently, we have lots of client from UAE
and Iran who have urgent needs for centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer,
even in the oil price down period. Some client need stock centrifuges and screw
pumps for feeding centrifuges, and they even need air freight to support the
arising market.

GN Solids Control have forecast the market
and prepare for the market improve in last year. For now, we have large
quantity of decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers in stock to serve
the market in good position.

1) Decanter centrifuges in stock

We have 14 inch decanter centrifuge in
stock to give fast response to client. GNLW363CG or GNLW363CG-VFD is much
popular for solids control or drilling waste management. GNLW363CG centrifuge
is GN fixed speed centrifuge which can be replaced speed by belt pulley, the
available speed including 2200rpm/2500rpm/3200rpm. GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuge is
GN variable speed centrifuge, price is higher than GNLW363CG. With PLC control
panel box, the variable speed centrifuge can be changed speed steplessly in a
fast way.

2) Screw pumps in stock

Screw pumps is used to feed centrifuge,
sucking from the mud tank compartment after mud cleaner. This screw pump can
also be used to transfer heavy mud in drilling waste management. We match
Germany brand Netzsch brand pump, NEMO pump, quality is much higher and price
is reasonable.

3) Vertical cuttings dryer in stock

As environmental protection is much tight
in many countries, pitless drilling is more and more popular. Many client
accept the health drilling process and go for vertical cuttings dryer to
process the drilling waste discharged from shakers. GN vertical cuttings dryer
is working for Baker Hughes, Shell many years, and we have trust to serve every
client better in future.

GN Solids Control upgrade the new web site

GN Solids control company LLC is actually China leading manufacturer with
regard to drilling mud solids control equipment and
drilling waste management
equipment. Its brand is GN Solids Control.
GN Solids control provides one stop solution with regard to drilling rig
fluids, through mud solids control till the drilling waste management therapy
As the first API certified solids control producer from China, GN Solids
Control aims on China best market and the international marketplace. 70% of GN
Solids Sales is from worldwide market. GN Solids Control keep improving to look
after the higher and higher demand of the international market customers. With
its fast development, GN Solids Control is among the top solids control
mafanucturers through all over the world and establish a well-known: GN Solids Control.
To be able to offer a more efficiency solutions to clients, GN Solids Control
upgraded its organization website, to offer a better views website. It can suit
for your mobile reading equipment.
The brand new website of GN Solids Control is much more readable. And also the
new menus can expectations the visitors to find the appropriate equipment and
information more quick.
Further more, GN Solids Control upgrade its company logo. Almost all equipment
documents and brand new equipment will start to use the brand new logos from
now on.

Below is actually some of the advantages of GN Solids Control
1) GN may be the First API certified solids control equipment manufacturer
originating from China.
2) GN Solids America LLC is the first USA dependent solids control company
supply by china manufacturer.
3) No . 1 within China for direct transferring of mud solids control and
drilling waste management equipment. GN Products have been released to over 60
countries as well as regions, with partners as well as branches in USA, Sydney,
Latin America, Middle Eastern, Africa etc .
4) GN Owns over 10 patents for solids control as well as drilling waste
management gear.
GN offers one-stop as well as turn-key
for solids control and drilling waste materials management.

GN Solids Control Screw pump for offshore drilling platform

Screw pump, is mostly used for feeding
decanter centrifuge. We match Netzsch brand screw pump for GN centrifuges, and
export over 250sets screw pump each year. Recently, we have one client from
Middle East who need two sets screw pump for feeding the centrifuge and will
use them at offshore drilling platform. After we provide the quotation with
technical specifications and commercial price, the client is very happy and
issue Purchase ORDER TO us within one week. The payment came last week, and we
will dispatch the screw pump in next two weeks very soon.

Except for screw pump, GN Solids Control
also export large quantity of centrifugal pumps, shear pumps, submersible
slurry pumps, and pump electrical control panels to overseas and domestic
clients. GN Solids Control can manufacturer the pumps and lower down the production
cost and offer best price and high quality to the clients.

In year of 2015, we export 30 sets
centrifugal pump with electrical control starter to Africa market. The client
is very happy with the working performance and signs the long term supply and
purchaser contract with GN Solids Control. Except for the various pumps, GN
Solids Control main target is on the sale amount on decanter centrifuge,
vertical cuttings dryer, and mud mixing

Decanter centrifuge have a good market in
the past five years. Many drilling company, mud service company, oil Service
Company become to accept and try China brand centrifuges. After they try GN
centrifuge at jobsite, they love the centrifuge and buy more. GN centrifuge can
work similar as US brand centrifuges, but the price is almost half of US brand centrifuge,
or even less. That is the main reason we can get more centrifuge orders from
big clients.

Vertical cuttings dryer is not that popular
as centrifuge, because this may necessary or may not necessary for various
countries. Some countries have strict environmental protection laws for oil
industry and the drilling contractor may need vertical cuttings dryer to treat
the drilling
waste management
. Some countries may not.

If you need some solids control equipment
shale shakers
mud agitator, shear pump, decanter
centrifuge , Mud
Gas Separator
 ,Vacuum Degasser, pls contact us freely.