One container of replacement screens for MONGOOGSE shaker were sent from China to Middle East

A full container of replacement shaker screens for MONGOOSE were recently sent out from China and will be arriving in Middle East soon. This means GN will continue to set the shaker screen as one of its strategic products during the industry’s downturn.
The full container of shaker screens are all composite frames. Theses screens are all manufactured from GN’s new facility, also called the No. 2 facility. This facility was just opened this summer and mainly focused on manufacturing the composite frame screens. Now the manufacturing capability will be like 5000 pieces per month which can meet the customer’s requirement for quick delivery but lower prices. Now the production of the shaker screens in China has realized the large scale, which means the quality, productivity and efficiency have all been improved dramatically. All the screens will be packed in a paper carton, then they will be placed into crates which are easily moved by forklift.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
Now GN’s shaker screens cover from its own OEM screens, the replacement screens for DERRICK 500 series, 2000 series, Dual pool, Hyper pool, Mongoose/Meercat, King Cobra/ Venom, Fluid Systems, Elgin and so on. If a customer need something that is not on GN’s regular screen list, GN can also customize the screens for the customer, just tell GN the dimension and better take a picture, GN will customize the screen for the customer with 100 percent satisfaction. And GN’s new composite screens have some new great features, the screen will be much lighter than the old metal frame, there will be more non-blank area, it will be more endurable, there are 3 layers of mesh. They are all four side tensioned and all the layers of mesh will be combined together very well without having too much gap between each layer.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker
Above is the brief introduction about the shaker screens. If you are interested in it, welcome to visit our website and get more information, please send your inquiries to .

GN will exhibit in the largest oil and gas show-OTC Houston

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) will be held in the oil and gas headquarter-Houston- on May 1-4, 2017 in NRG Park. Founded in 1969, OTC Houston will be held annually as the flagship show and will attract the energy professionals from all over the world to come to Houston to exchange the energy perspectives and find some new opportunities for business and for technology development.

2017 GN OTC
GN Solids Control, as the leading solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, will consistently exhibit in OTC this year. This year GN Solids Control will have two booths, the info is as below:
No. 1 booth, NRG Center 1369-6
No.2 booth, NRG Arena 8834
Welcome to visit GN’s booths and get the latest product and technology info.
During OTC, GN will demonstrate its lasted products: including the latest shale shaker, hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer and many shale shaker screens. GN’s shale shaker is always popular with customers for its great G force performance, large processing capacity and it durability. We believe you will find more new features at the OTC from the latest shale shaker. The hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge will also make its debut at OTC. Except for GN’s previous VFD version, fixed speed mechanical version, this hydraulic power controlled decanter centrifuge will be a great supplement to GN’s product line and attract more customer’s attention, meet more customer’s requirement. GN will also continue to show the cutting dryer after last year’s demonstration, this product has great performance in processing the cuttings and solids waste, making them more dryer and environmental friendly, and could make the waste directly disposed.

Last but not least, GN will demonstrate its strategic product for 2017- the shale shaker screen. Now GN has greatly improved its manufacturing process and could make the composite frame screens which has more advantages and great features than the old metal framed screens. Welcome to GN’s booth and feel it personally. We believe you will be impressed by the great new shale shaker screen.
We will look forward to meeting you in Houston in May.

GN’s recently released product-centrifugal degasser

Since its establishment, GN Solids Control is always an innovative company that is always striving to research and develop new technologies and upgrade its product fleets to improve its efficiency and help customers to save money. The commitment of keeping its technology and product on the cutting edge keeps GN as a leading manufacturer in the solid control area, not only in China but also in the world range. Recently GN just got the fabrication of a new product-centrifugal type degasser done in its China HQ, and GN is planning its debut at the upcoming largest oil show in Beijing-CIPPE.

170204 Centrifugal Degasser 2
This centrifugal degasser adopts many advancing features of similar products from both China and all around the world. It could be applied in many kinds of drilling fluids recycling system to remove the cut-in gas from the drilling fluids for recovering the mud property, maintaining mud viscosity, improving drilling efficiency and reducing drilling cost.
Comparing with GN’s ZCQ series vacuum degasser, GN centrifugal degasser inherited its advantages and also got some new great features below.
1. Compact design and small footprint, with its vertical structure, the centrifugal degasser could be  installed firmly as a very compact equipment , which will leave more space on tank surface for other solid control equipment.
2. Energy saving. The centrifugal degasser is no longer needing a vacuum pump to produce vacuum for removing the cut-in gas out of the mud which will save a lot of energy. And no extra feeding pump is needed for transferring the drilling mud into the degasser unit, which is also a cost and energy saving solution.
3. The impellers could also be used as agitators for preventing the solids settling at the bottom of the tank.
The centrifugal degasser is mainly composted of transmission unit, impelling unit, gas flow manifold, pressurizing unit, coarse piece separating unit and fixing pieces. The structure is simple and it could be manufactured in a short time to guarantee the requirement of some urgent delivery.

170204 Centrifugal Degasser
This centrifugal degasser is an optimized solids control equipment from the traditional degasser. If you are interested on this unit, please feel free to contact with GN for more information. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to We will try our best to help your business achieving great success.

GN’s mud recycling system

GN Solids Control specializes in manufacturing solid control equipment and mud recycling system. Since its establishment in 2007, it always focused on the quality, consistency and cost economy, and help the customers save more and more money during the project process. And among all the solid control equipment, there are there core products that have been proved to be more rugged, durable and reliable which are: shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.

The mud drilling system is mainly composed of 223 decanter centrifuge, 752 shale shaker and some solid removal units and parts. GN’s 223 decanter centrifuge is also called the baby decanter centrifuge due to its mini size which is specially used for diamond drilling job.  There are great features about the equipment: the bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel SS304 which is manufactured by centrifugal casting. The discharge port is protected by special ceramic inserts or by tungsten carbide tiles which is made by world famous manufacturer with longer working life. The adjustable effluent port makes the pond depth adjustment easier and fast. The pneumatic controlled spring will make the opening of the cover more easily and safely. During the transportation, the bowl lifting bracket can perform as the cover of the protection for the bearings. The bearings are made by the world famous NSK/FAG. The conveyor surface is protected by Tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and easy for maintenance. The electric components are controlled by SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER. GN’s 752 shale shaker is also made for the diamond drilling industry. The vibration mode is linear motion with the processing capacity is 200GPM. The adjustable G force could be up to 7.1G. The motors of vibrators are made by OLI or MARTIN which is certified by ATEX, UL or IEC. There are 2 panels of screen installed on the shaker which is pre-tensioned with high quality. Electric components are also made from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER. And by installing the hydrocyclones on the shale shaker, it could be modified to mud cleaner which can separate even smaller solids up to 20 microns.

Here is the brief introduction of the solid control system for the oil and gas drilling. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to We will try our best to help your business achieving great success.