GN has re-designed the GNCD930 Vertical cuttings Dryer

Given that GN Solids Control first of all
designed the first generation GNCD 930 Vertical Cuttings Electric dryers, this
model has been created to the 4th generation, every generation has clear
strengths comparing with its ancestors. GN engineers added new purposes and
made improvements to them. Right now GN has updated this to GNCD930D/D-VFD
vertical cuttings dryers.
1st generation GNCD930 Vertical cuttings
, it offers the basic functions as every single vertical cuttings
dryer, similar to a washing machine’s drying perform, by rotating at a top
speed, the liquids and hues are separated from the other person and the solids
particles are generally dried to fall down and also discharged, the liquid is
definitely transported to next step.
next generation GNCD930 Vertical clippings dryer, GN changed the actual some
parts to have higher efficiency like the solids blocking wedding ring and some
scrapers to speed the discharge of material and as well better the performance.
Almost all of the ideas came from the construction site feedbacks from GN
useful clients.

3rd generation GNCD930C Vertical cuttings dryer, GN has great improvements. For
your main equipment, GN superior the material of screen holder and its
structure, and added in air knife to help keeping away from block. For control
individual panels, the clients could opt for the fixed speed one or good
pressurized VFD
control panel
having PLC smart screen. Intended for rotating speed, GN
possesses 900RPM and 1200RPM offered.
Such useful applications manufactured GNCD930C Vertical cuttings clothes dryer
more efficient and favorable.

Today, not long ago, GN has re-designed the GNCD930 Vertical Waste Dryer, we
can say that, it’s the 4th generation vertical waste dryer. For each model, you
will find 2 optional electric command panels as fixed velocity and VFD
controlled to decide from, And also, you can choose ideal speed per your work
site need, as 900 RPM or 1200 RPM. Contrasting with the 3rd generation, the
particular structure is more compact.
In case you have more interest or wish to see GNCD930 Vertical clippings dryer,
welcome to come to GN factory or contact GN sales at
renee@gnsolidcontrol. com.

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GN mud system working for drilling company

GN Solids Control is professional supplier
solids control equipment
& mud system. Started from 2007, GN Solids
Control has been in this field over 8 years. And we have clients from all over
the world, annual sales amount reach 20million dollars. GN Solids Control target
on high end market user, only choose top quality brand production material for
manufacture. And We offer high quality solids control equipment with reasonable

GN Solids Control mud system is working for
many drilling companies and the performance is very good. Domestic market, our drilling
mud system
is working for Greatwall drilling Fluids Company, son of CNPC.
Our mud system is also working for SINOPEC, and other
private drilling companies. For overseas market, client tend to buy solids
control equipment, rather than complete mud system because of high cubic mud
tanks which require high freight cost. We may offer mud system solution; offer
solids control equipment & production drawing. The end user can produce mud
tank locally and mount our equipment on the tank to get a very good price.

Except for mud system for oil drilling
companies, we can also offer compact mud system for HDD rigs, Geothermal
drilling rigs, water well drilling rigs. These kinds of rigs need compact mud
system with one tank system or two tank systems, much smaller than Oil drilling
rig mud system. Most of client will buy complete mud system from us. The most
active area for HDD is
Australia; they bought over 10 sets mud system from us in year of 2012. We have
sole agent T/T Asia, one HDD rig supplier working in Australia and match the
rig with our compact mud system. In domestic market, CPP is the largest buyer
for compact mud system for HDD project; they are China Petroleum Pipeline beau,
with lots of domestic project & overseas projects.

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Solids Control System for Southeast Asia Customer with VFD Decanter Centrifuge

The particular solids control system might
remove the large solid contaminants in the drilling mud to minimize the solids
content to ensure that to protect the transferring send that used to transfer
the particular mud back the machine for reusing. GN just simply finished one
set mud solids control system along with VFD
decanter centrifuge
intended for mining project in Southeast Asia.

This system is a two stages separation design product; the equipment
configuration is as beneath:
1 . Shale
unit GNZS594E-HB used for coarse strong particle separation. This
shale shaker unit could also be utilized as a high G pressure drying shaker
with variable G force up to eight. 4-panel screen makes a more substantial area
for drying often the drilling mud.
2 . VFD design decanter centrifuge system used for fine solids separating. The
first one unit centrifuge operates at a middle speed to eliminate most of the
solids to reduce often the gravity. The following second device VFD control
centrifuge might run at a high speed to get rid of the ultra fine solid waste
to make the drilling mud clean.
3. Screw pump prepared to transfer the dirt to the centrifuge. Horizontally set
up at the flank of the reservoir, it helps to tank leading more space for
operation mobility.
4. Mud cleaner reservoir used as sand pitfall and active mud hard drive.
This system is to remove the sound particles in the drilling soil to make the
drilling fluids using again. After the solids being taken off, the fluids could
be piped back for reuse as well as the pump would be also guarded as there are
less solids dust.
Mud solids control strategy is
very common product and alternative that GN provides. For this reason, GN could
provide parting system used for oil going, no dig drilling task and some other
industrial sturdy and liquid phase separating. For more information, welcome
send you email or call devoid of any hesitate.

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Most Efficient Equipment Used for Solids Control & Waste Management

As first API certified solids control
manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has provided to more than 60 countries
and regions with its cost effective products, covering all related main
equipment of solids control and waste
line for oil and gas drilling

The main principle of the
solids control systems
is physical separation, using the physical
characters of different media, the solids control equipment separate as much
solids from the liquid. Right now, in other industries besides the oil and gas
drilling, such functional equipments are also chosen by the end users, to make
their work more efficient and easier

Physical Functions of solids control

Since the most important solids control
equipments are respectively shale
and decanter centrifuge, we talk about only these 2. Now in many oil
and gas drilling jobsite, the end users choose to use more shakers and
centrifuges instead of former hydrocyclones.

1. shale shaker. Shale shaker is the most
efficient equipment in solids control process, because it uses less energy
while separates the most solids out of the liquid by using the different size
of the solids and by means of different size mesh on the shaker and a couple of
vibration motors. The disadvantage is that the shaker could not separate very
fine particles, and its separation work is a bit draft. GN has 3 nos screen
shale shaker and 4 nos screen shale shaker for option with model GNZS703E and

2. decanter
is a high speed rotation machine, mostly horizontal. It has a
high speed rotating bowl and inside bowl there is an impeller. During the
rotating, the centrifugal forces on different material are not same, that
causes the liquid phase continuously flows out of the bowl while the solids
particles are slashed on the bowl inside wall and pushed out of the centrifuge solids
discharge ports. The decanter centrifuge a gentle and precise, more costly than
shale shaker, not only the cost of itself, but also the consumption of electric
power. But it is ideal solution for separating out the fine and extra fine
particles. GN centrifuge family covers all common sizes of decanter centrifuges
from 9 inch bowl diameter to 22 inch bowl diameter, among those centrifuges,
GNLW363 with 14 inch bowl is the most popular model

For more information, welcome to contact us
freely or visit our website.

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Wide Range Applications of GNLW Series Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges have been working as
very essential equipment for separation ever since it came out years ago, it is
widely used in many industries, including the food industry, chemical industry,
pharmacy industry and oil and gas industries.

Divided by the types, the decanter
centrifuges could be defined as horizontal decanter centrifuge and vertical
decanter centrifuges. The working principles are same that by using the different
centrifugal forces laid on the different size materials, a certain sized
particles are separated out. In oil and gas industry, horizontal decanter
centrifuges are commonly used while they use Vertical Cuttings Dryers in front
of the horizontal decanter centrifuges. GNLW series decanter centrifuges covers
all necessary sizes and applications used for oil and gas drilling, such
applications including following

GN Decanter Centrifuge Familiy: 

1. GNLW452, 18 inch diameter of bowl, big
bowl centrifuge, middle speed. suitable for solids control application in oil
and gas drilling, especially for barite recovery. Barite is heavy and expensive
drilling material in the drilling liquid and could be suitable for re-use if it
is well recovered. This model of GNLW Centrifuge is normally fixed speed as
standard configuration, but it still has 3 optional speeds by changing the
pulleys and belts

2. GNLW363, 14 inch diameter of bowl, most
popular size in oil and gas drilling, high speed up to 3900RPM, it provides the
most applications among all GNLW centrifuge models, in case of fixed speed
GNLW363, GN designed 3 optional speeds based on the experiences in previous
projects, and end user could choose via using different pulley and belts. In case
of VFD controlled, GN also have 2 optional VFD control panel for option, the
speed could be set from 0 rpm to 3200 rpm.

3. GNLW453-VFD decanter centrifuge, 18 inch
bowl diameter big bowl centrifuge, with larger length diameter ratio as above
mentioned GNLW452, higher speed and for extra fine particles comparing with
GNLW452, but with larger treating capacity than GNLW363.

4. Big big bowl centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD
with 22 inch bowl diameter, which is no doubt a big guy in centrifuge family,
and GNLW223 decanter centrifuge with only 9 inch bowl and a very high speed,
which is a baby member in GNLW centrifuge family.