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Celebrating 50 years since 1969, OTC’s flagship conference is held annually at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston. OTC has expanded technically and globally with OTC Brasil and OTC Asia.

This week GN Solids America ( Branch of GN solids control) attend 2023 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston successfully. More than 1,300 companies from 104 countries showed their technologies and equipment on the exhibition floor, spanning more than 276,000 square feet, and more than 31,000 participants visit OTC 2023.
The products we showed at OTC 2023 are as below:

  1. The 2nd generation vacuum shale shaker, the vacuum screen technology is introduced to recycle fluids and reduce waste. The catch pan is installed under the last screen panel of drilling fluids shale shaker, maximumly 1 unit of vacuum screen can be connected for 3 units of shale shaker. Extra vacuum unit with air source, a suction hose is connected to ViST vacuum unit, the compressed air or rig air supply to crease suction on the last screen top, pulling additional fluids off the drilling cuttings, it can reduce the fluids from the cuttings by 30% to 50%.
  2. Drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, GN produce both 2 phase decanter centrifuge for solids liquid separation and 3 phase decanter centrifuge for solids oil water separation. For drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, we produce 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch, 30 inch decanter centrifuge with different speed, which can be applied for drilling fluids treatment, drilling waste treatment, oil sludge treatment, industrial waste water treatment and dewatering centrifuge.
  3. Portable solids vacuum pump
  4. Drilling fluids shale shaker screen with different dimension
    You are welcomed to visit us to check the solids control equipments and shaker screens in GN Solids America (30,000SF) warehouse located at 6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040, USA.

GN separation will attend the IE expo China environmental show in Shanghai next week. If you will visit this exhibition, pls visit GN stand and check our lastest technology equipments.

IE expo China is Asia’s leading environmental expo which offers an effective business and networking platform for environmental sector and is accompanied by first-class technical-scientific conference program. For more information of the exhibition, pls refer to
The exhibition information is as below:
Event Name: IE expo China 2023
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Expo Date:April 19~21, 2023
GN Booth: N4-H46 (Hall 4)
What equipments and technology we will show at IE expo China environmental show?
The subject of our show is related to oil sludge treatment equipments and solids liquid separation equipments.

Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge
GN T series decanter centrifuge is mainly used for dewatering and thickening purpose. It has been widely used for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Normally it needs to work with flocculants to gather the fine solids condensed into large solids in the waster water or sludge, then dewatered with GN T series decanter centrifuge.

Solids vacuum pump, GN solids vacuum pump is a 100% air operated pump to transfer drilling mud, hazardous waste, barge holdings and vessel bottom cleaning, sand, animal waste, bulk tank and silo transfer, oil sludge, tank bottom residual removal, waste pit cleaning, drilling waste, diatomaceous earth, etc. Especially when the transfer distance is up to 1000m, and the solids content, high viscosity, and max solids size is up to 75mm, or when electricity power supply is not available, vacuum pump will be an ideal solution.

Vibrating screen, it is used to remove the coarse solids from the sludge before feeding to other solids liquid separation equipments.

Waste Treatment Decanter Centrifuge, it is used for oil water solids separation in oil sludge treatment system.

Recently a unit of mute solids vacuum pump are ready for shipment, it will be used for tunneling slurry transfer. The vacuum pump is used to suck the slurry used for Tunneling project and discharge to another place, the max suction distance is 50m horizontally, max discharge distance is up to 1000m horizontally. The vertical lifting depth is up to different materials. The max solids content allowed is 80%, and max solids size can be pumped is up to 75mm, it can be used to transfer tunneling slurry, especially for long distance transfer. Since the vacuum pump is 100% air operated pump, no need electricity supply, it is suitable for hazardous area application. When the vacuum pump is installed near city center, a mute tank is applied to reduce the noise.

Tunneling slurry is a mixture of topsoil, Portland cement, and water. The consistency of the slurry is different depending on its purpose in a repair project. The slurry is made thinner and more watery for filling purposes and thicker with less water for lifting purposes. In foundation repair and tunneling, slurry is used as a filling material and is of a thinner consistency.

We have 3 models of solids vacuum pump for option with different flow rate, GNSP-10B with flow rate max 10m3/h, GNSP-20B with max flow rate 20m3/h, GNSP-40B with max flow rate 40m3/h. There are automatic mode working and manual mode working for option based on different working conditions. After several times testing for suction time and discharge time, the user can adjust the timers of suction and discharge until it reach your requirement.
It can be widely used to transfer waste mud, drilling cuttings, oil sludge, tunneling slurry, animal waste, hazardous waste, sand and solids, etc. material. If you need solids vacuum pump, pls contact GN solids control.

One unit of waste pit cleaning vacuum pump and decanter centrifuge are ready for shipment to Asia client. The working process is that the solids vacuum pump suck the waste sludge from waste pit, and dilute it with water and agitating, then the slurry is feed to decanter centrifuge for dewatering process. The mechanical separation of decanter centrifuge cut point is 2~5 microns, with chemical dosing unit, the separation performance will be improved.

For the waste sludge which with high solids content and high viscosity, it can not be treated by decanter centrifuge directly due to the limit of centrifuge feeding tube. The solids content should be reduced by dilution the sludge by water in the mud mixing tank, if necessary, heating process should be applied to reduce the viscosity.
The vacuum pump main components including tank and base assembly, lifting frame, slurry pipe assembly, suction pipe assy, inlet pipe assy, intake pipe assy, control panel assy, knife gate valve, pneumatic bufferfly valve, air discharge pipe assy, etc. The user will prepare for suction hose and discharge hose according to their suction distance and discharge distance, and also need an air compressor for air supply to solids vacuum pump. For more details of air compressor, pls contact with GN solids control. The user can select automatic motion or manual motion according to the material condition. Under automatic operation mode, the timer of suction and discharge can be set as per experience, the user can adjust it according to mud density, viscosity, suction and discharge distance.

The centrifuge feeding pump is installed on the mud mixing tank and feed the mixed slurry to decanter centrifuge, the progressive cavity pump is normally used as centrifuge feeding pump, for reliable operation and easily adjustment of feed rate, which can be controlled by decanter centrifuge VFD control panel.

Mini solids vacuum pump and mini shaker are ready for shipment to South America customer. The mini solids vacuum pump is designed convenient movable for flexible operation. There are automatic mode or manual mode for user’s selection. If automatic mode is selected, running the vacuum pump for several loops then set the timer according to the experience to fit the material condition, the running time can be adjusted and controlled by 2 pneumatic timers. If manual mode is selected, the user need to discharge empty the cavity manually. Before delivery, the timers are set at 10s suction and 10s discharge. If the cavity is full very quickly, just reduce the suction time. Conversely, longer the suction time.
The working procedure when manual mode is selected.

Connect to air supply and select manual mode.

Switch the knob to discharge position to empty the cavity.

Put suction inlet pipe into the material, switch the knob to suction position.

If cavity is almost full, switch the knob to discharge position again.
The mini vacuum pump can be used to transfer material with high solids content, and it can be used to transfer powder material such as sand, dust. It also can be used to clean fluids from drill floor, decks, pipe racks, mud rooms and drains, tanks and mud spill.

The mini shale shaker model number is GNZS752-DZ, the screen panel is 2pcs , and screen size is 750x900mm, screen area is 1.35m2, which is drived by 2ea 1.0KW vibration motor. The G force is adjustable and up to 7.5G, the deck angle is +2º. Polyurethane material screen or composite material frame shaker screen can be installed on the shale shaker. The mini shaker is widely used to separate solids from liquid by using different mesh size shaker screen.