5m3/h oil sludge treatment system

As one of the solids control equipments and drilling waste management system manufacturer in China, GN solids control also produce oil sludge treatment system with treating capacity 1 ~2 m3/h, 5m3/h, 15m3/h for option.

GNOST-05A oil sludge treatment system with 5m3/h treating capacity, the main equipments including double deck shale shaker, VFD decanter centrifuge, 3 phase separator, vacuum pump, if the budget is limited and required treatment result is not main concern, we can use 3 phase decanter centrifuge instead of VFD decanter centrifuge and 3 phase separator. The 3 phase disc separator is suitable for three phase liquid liquid solids separation, such as oil water and solids separation, but the pre-condition to feed into the 3 phase disc separator is that solids content should be lower than 3%.

If the oil sludge with higher solids content and coarse solids size, the user should use drying shaker separation modular to separate big solids and reduce solids content, then feed to 2 phase separation decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids from liquid, so that most of the solids will be separated out, and the oil water mixture fluids can be feed to 3 phase disc separator. If the original oil sludge to be treated is with high viscosity and very low fluidity, to improve the oil separation efficiency of the solids, proper chemicals can be jetted into the oil sludge in the pre-mixing tank and mixed by mud agitator continuously, the prepared mixed oil sludge will be transferred by submersible slurry pump and feed to drying shaker to separate big size solids. The oil sludge is transferred by sludge vacuum pump from waste pit to pre-mixing tank. The containerized chemical dosing system can add proper chemicals into the fluids for easier separation of ultra fine solids by decanter centrifuge from oil sludge.

10 Sets of GNZS595 5 Panel Shale Shaker for Offshore Drilling company

Recently 10 sets of GNZS595 series 5 panel shale shaker are shipping to offshore drilling company. GNZS595 is customized designed model as per client’s requirement.

GN solids control produced GNZS595 linear motion shale shaker with 5 panel shaker screens, the shaker screen dimension is 585x1165mm, with composite material frame for longer working life, the screen area is 3.4m2, the deck angle adjustment range is -1°~+5°.The shale shaker is drived by 2ea 2.5HP vibration motor. Each shaker with an explosion proof starter , we can provide CNEX, IEC EX, ATEX starter as per client’s requirement. The shale shaker can be made as tandem shale shaker, or triple shale shaker, or single shale shaker, the drilling fluids can be distributed by flow divider.
Except for GNZS595 shale shaker, GN also produced 4 panel shale shaker and 3 panel shale shaker with the same dimension 585x1165mm shaker screen. GNZS594 series shale shaker with 4pcs shaker screen I the most popular model for drilling fluids treatment, the max G force is up to 7.5G which is adjustable. If you need high G force drying shaker up to 8.0G, GNZS594F-SGZF high G drying shaker can be applied for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment.

The working principal of linear motion shale shaker is as below:
The main components including shaker deck, skid, shaker screen, vibration motor, buffer box, wedge, deck adjustment device, damper spring, deck fixing device.
The drilling fluids flow from wellhead mud return line to shale shaker buffer box, then overflow to shaker deck and shaker screen from feeding end to discharge end. While moving, the drilling fluids will go through the screen opening hole and fall into the mud tank. The drilling cuttings are discharged from discharge end, to get drier drilling cuttings, the client can use ViST vacuum screen to make the drilling fluids remain longer time on the shaker screens. https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/high-g-drying-shaker

5 Sets GNZCQ360B Vacuum Degasser for China Drilling Company

Recently 5 sets of GNZCQ360B vacuum degasser are ready for shipment to China drilling company. GN produced horizontal type vacuum degasser use the suction vacuum pump to create negative pressure in the vacuum tank, the drilling fluids enter the hollow shaft of the rotor through the suction tube under the action of the atmospheric pressure. And then the mud spray to the tank wall through surrounded windows of the hollow shaft. As collision and the function of separate wheel, the mud separated into thin layers, bubble immersed in the slurry breakup and gas escape. The vacuum pump is normally installed after shale shaker, but before mud cleaner feeding pump, to prevent the centrifugal pump impeller from damaged by the gas cut drilling fluids. The mud gas separator is another type of mud gas separator which is installed before drilling mud solids control system, to separate the hazardous gas from drilling fluids.

The model is GNZCQ360B, tank diameter is 920mm, capacity is less than 360m3/h, vacuum degree is -0.02~-0.04Mpa, the main motor is 37KW, the vacuum pump motor power is 7.5KW, rotation speed is 860rpm, the suction size and output size is DN150 and DN200, the pump is self suction pump without needing a feeding pump. The water ring vacuum pump help to discharge the gas out of tank. Except for GNZCQ360B vacuum pump, we also have GNZCQ270B vacuum pump, which with treating capacity 270m3/h, the main motor is 22KW, and vacuum pump power is 7.5KW, the rotary speed is 700rpm.

The main components of vacuum degasser including main motor, vacuum vessel, skid, vacuum pump, water gas separator, etc. If you need other solids control equipments except for vacuum degasser, pls contact with GN solids control, such as linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, etc.

Oil sludge treatment system manufacturer in China

As a manufacturer of oil sludge treatment system in China, GN solids control produced oily sludge treatment system has been widely used to treat crude oil tank cleaning sludge, refinery plant waste oil sludge, drilling waste oil sludge, contaminated soil washing system.GN standard design oily sludge treatment system with treating capacity 1~2m3/h, 5m3/h, 15m3/h for your different requirement. The basic treating process generally including:

  1. Oil sludge picking up, normally we use sludge vacuum pump to pick up the oil sludge from waste pit to pre-mixing tank, we have nominal flow rate 10m3/h, 20m3/h and 40m3/h vacuum pump for option.
  2. Heating and pre-mixing tank, depends on the treating capacity and oily sludge conditions, we can use 1 set or 2 sets of pre-mixing tank, 1 tank as heating, chemical jetting and pre-mixing tank, the submersible slurry pump will transfer the prepared oil sludge from 1# pre-mixing tank to #2 pre-mixing tank, which is also with heating lines to improve the oil sludge separation efficiency. With 2 units of premixing tank, the user do not need to wait until the chemical is properly mixed with oil sludge.
  3. Coarse screening and heating tank, the prepared oil sludge, the double deck shale shaker will separate the coarse solids from the oil sludge
  4. Chemical dosing and dewatering , the chemical dosing unit is installed inside 20ft container for convenient operation and maintenance. The oil sludge with fine solids will be mixed with proper chemicals will be sent to decanter centrifuge for solids liquid separation.
  5. Solids liquid separation and heating tank, the decanter centrifuge can separate the solids from liquid with the chemical mixed oil sludge.
  6. 3 phase separation, oil ,water and little solids separation, the 3 phase disc stack separator will separate the oil and water and few solids, the oil can be recovered and water can be used in the circulation system.

Industry Waste Water Treatment Centrifuge manufacturer in China

As a manufacturer of industry waste water treatment centrifuge in China, GN solids control can produce different models of waste water treatment decanter centrifuge, including GNLW224ET-VFD with 9 inch bowl dia , GNLW364ET-VFD with 14 inch bowl dia, GNLW454ET-VFD with 18 inch bowl dia , GNLW554ET-VFD with 22 inch bowl dia, GNLW654ET-VFD with 26 inch bowl dia , GNLW764ET-VFD with 30 inch bowl dia. VFD drive decanter centrifuge is ideal for waste water treatment by adding proper chemicals. The main components including bowl assembly, gearbox, main motor, back drive motor, skid, cushion pad. The working principal is as below:
The bowl and screw rotate to the same direction with a certain differential speed. The waste water is feed into the screw shaft continuously , under the working of centrifugal force, heavy phase solids is tossed to the bowl wall as sediment layer, which will be pushed to the cone section of the bowl and discharged from the slag outlet. The light liquid phase forms an inner liquid ring, the liquids will flow out from the liquid output at the big end of the bowl. The bowl straight section is the clarification area, the bowl cone section is the drying area.

Except for the T series dewatering decanter centrifuge, GN also produce D series drilling fluids and drilling waste treatment decanter centrifuge, the T series dewatering centrifuge with 8.5 beach angle degree, such design allows the centrifuge bowl with longer cone section, the drying and dewatering area is longer, so the discharged solids cake is drier. Accordingly, the liquids discharge capacity is reduced. With chemical dosing unit by adding proper chemicals, the discharged solids is drier and discharged water is much clear.
If you need waste water decanter centrifuge and drilling fluids solids control decanter centrifuge, pls contact with GN solids control.