GN will see you next week from in OTC from May 1-4

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) will be held in the oil and gas headquarter-Houston- on May 1-4, 2017 in NRG Park. Founded in 1969, OTC Houston will be held annually as the flagship show and will attract the energy professionals from all over the world to come to Houston to exchange the energy perspectives and find some new opportunities for business and for technology development.

GN Solids Control, as the leading solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, will consistently exhibit in OTC this year. This year GN Solids Control will have two booths, the info is as below:
No. 1 booth, NRG Center 1369-6
No.2 booth, NRG Arena 8834
Welcome to visit GN’s booths and get the latest product and technology info.
During OTC, GN will demonstrate its lasted products: including the latest shale shaker, 363 decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer and many upgraded composite shale shaker screens. GN’s shale shaker is always popular with customers for its great G force performance, large processing capacity and it durability. We believe you will find more new features at the OTC from the latest shale shaker. The decanter centrifuge is also very popular at OTC. Till now GN has 3 types: VFD version, fixed speed mechanical version, and the hydraulic power controlled decanter centrifuge. The full product line will definitely attract more customer’s attention, meet more customer’s requirement. GN will also continue to show the cutting dryer after last year’s demonstration, this product has great performance in processing the cuttings and solids waste, making them more dryer and environmental friendly, and could make the waste directly disposed.

Last but not least, GN will demonstrate its strategic product for 2017- the shale shaker screen. Now GN has greatly improved its manufacturing process and could make the composite frame screens which has more advantages and great features than the old metal framed screens. Welcome to GN’s booth and feel it personally. We believe you will be impressed by the great new shale shaker screen.
OTC is right here, GN will warmly welcome you to our booth and see you next week.

2 Sets of oil based drilling cutting management system sold to South Africa

Recently when the oil and gas market starts picking up, GN Solids Control also received a good order from an existing customer from South Africa, the 2 sets of drilling cutting management system. The 2 sets of cutting management system have been finished and shipped to South Africa, we believe soon it will be another successful project case for GN.

The oil based drilling cutting management system mainly consists of the following 3 solid control equipment: the cutting dryer, High-G shale shaker and the decanter centrifuge which are also the 3 core products for GN Solids Control. These 3 products are most popular among customers and contribute a lot of sales revenue to the company. The cutting dryer 930 series has the feature of fixed speed of 900RPM to product 750 G for the cutting separation. This feature can make the cutting drier and meet the operator’s requirement. It also has some safety and pretention feature. The oil circulation system will be able to protect the bearing while rotating the shaft. And without running the oil pump for a while, usually for 1 minute, the operator can’t start the main motor. This feature will protect the damage to the equipment and save money for maintenance. The high G shale shaker has also got some upgraded feature, GN’s engineer has widened the shaker deck width for easier collection of the drilling cuttings from the cutting dryer. This will also make the work more  effectively and efficiently. There are 3 options for the decanter centrifuge size choose, 14, 18 and 22 inches. After the separation from the cutting dryer and High-G shaker, the decanter centrifuge will have even finer result to the separation. It can achieve 2-5 microns, which will make the discharge meeting the environmental requirement.

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Tips for quickly selecting the right GN’s shaker screen

As the leading manufacturer in the solids control business, GN’s product range covers from shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, cutting dryer, various kinds of pumps and so on.

Among GN’s all products, the first time customer may feel confused and don’t know how to quickly select the products they need. Today, we will introduce the method on how to quickly and effectively choose the right shaker screen for your projects. Now GN can manufacture both its own  OEM shaker screen or the replacement screens for some other famous manufacturers, like DERRICK, MI SWACO or NOV BRANDT. For GN’s own OEM screens, they can be used on its three types of shale shakers and mud cleaners, such as GNZS703, GNZS594, GNZS752 and GNZJ703, GNZJ594, GNZJ752.  So when you start to order screens, whether it is GN’s OEM or the replacement screens, you need to let us know the following info: let us know the shaker brand and model to decide the dimension and design of the screen. If you can’t supply that, we will need detailed drawings with dimension, photos or even screen samples.  We can do both the framed screen or strip hooked screen, for the framed screen, you will need to let us know you need the composite or metal frame. Now we suggest our customers using the composite instead of the metal frame, cause it’s more endurable, corrosion resistant, greater non-blank area and lighter. Now GN’s number 2 factory has been into production which can manufacture 5000 pieces of screens per month. So there is no problem for delivery. For the strip hooked screens, especially for replacement DERRICK screen, you need to let us know you need the pyramid or flat surface screen. And for the screen you need, you’d better give us the API number or the ASTM or ISO standard mesh number or the cut point. And last but not least, you need to let us know the quantity for each API number, the destination, the delivery time, if there are some special needs for labels or package.

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GN’s mud recycling system for 1500HP drilling rig

As the leading company in the solid control industry, GN solid control can manufacture not only the good quality solid control equipment, but also can make great mud recycling systems. This system is with full stages of solid control equipment and large liquid storage tanks. Since its establishment in 2007, GN has already started manufacturing the solid control equipment for the oil and gas industry. After 10 years development, GN has already accumulated much experience and can be customer’s one stop shop for solid control system. Now its product range spanning from mud cleaner, cutting dryer, shale shakers, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, various kinds of pumps and so on.

The mud recycling system is mainly composed of the following elements: there are 14 tanks in total used for mud recycling, storage and mixing and for water and fuel storage. There are 3 units of shale shakers which will be connected to the mud distributors that will distribute the drilling mud coming through the pipeline from the wellbore. There is also a mud gas separator to eliminate the flammable gas for safety purpose. And after the shale shaker, there is one vacuum degasser which will be used to remove the cut in gas in the mud to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump. After that is one mud cleaner which is composed of desander, desilter and underlying shale shaker. One decanter centrifuge is also equipped in the system for barite recovery. This can save the operator a lot of money as barite is very useful and expensive. There are also various pumps installed in the system to perform their function, such as the centrifugal pump which is used to transfer the drilling mud in the system. And there are also about 30 units of agitators and mud guns which will be used to clean the corners of the tank and mixing the mud in the tank to keep the mud property at good level.

That’s the brief introduction about the mud recycling system. Hopefully it will be useful to you. GN has many types of configuration for different mud recycling system for different HP drilling rigs.  Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

GN’s good quality can help you survive in the downturn time

From early 2015 till now, the crude oil price is like the roller coaster, falling dramatically and then up a little bit then down again. It’s testing everybody’s heart durability. Recently the oil price seems a little bit stable than before. The West Texas Intermediate oil price fluctuate between $45 to $50. Well, this seem better than the price earlier this year which dropped below $30. But it still far below the price for the oil company can make money. Everybody is struggling, nobody wants to give up and if we can’t make money, we need to try all of our best to figure out how to save money. GN Solids Control, as the leading company in the solid control business, can help you save money and survive in the tough time.

As an important part of the drilling system, solid control system plays crucial role in the whole process. If managed well, the solid control system can save you a lot of money in terms of the mud cost, the consumables, and equipment procurement cost. GN’s equipment from shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, to agitator, centrifugal pump, mud gun and various of tanks, are all cost effective and good value for money. There are several advantages GN can reduce the equipment price. Now GN has realized the large scale manufacturing for the equipment and consumables like screens. This can help reducing the procurement cost, labor cost and be more efficient. If the quantity is large, this will also reduce the transportation cost. All GN’s equipment are skid mounted and easy for transportation, this will save a lot of handling fee. Recently the US dollar to Chinese RMB exchange has increased, this will make the equipment price more competitive. And GN’s No. 2 new facility has been into operation, mainly used for manufacturing the shaker screens, this will increase GN’s manufacturing capability, good quality control and delivery time control. It will finally reduce the cost a lot and bring many more benefits to customers.

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