drilling mud system

As the oil and gas exploration and production technology is improving day by day, the traditional mud recycling system is gradually replaced by automatic, systematic and close-looped mud recycling system. Cutting dryers is more and more used together with the solid control system in the drilling rigs to meet the critical environmental requirement. The cutting dryer can meet the environmental requirement and recover and recycle more material for reuse.

Among all of GN’s products, one of them is the star product, that is cutting dryer. No matter in the flow line for solid control or for waste management, it has shown great performance. There are two types of cutting dryer, fixed speed and VFD. GN can manufacture them according to different customer’s requirements and save money for customers. The screen bowl’s maximum diameter is 930mm. And there are three different kind of screens for your choice, 250 micron, 350 micron and 500 micron. The handling capacity is 30 to 50 tons per hour. Tungsten carbide protect the flights on the rotor from abrasive solids and ensure longer operation life. The special design of high pressure air knife can clean the basket screen automatically and easily, and avoid the screen to be blinded by the viscosity mud and water based mud. The flushing system with specially designed nozzles around the body of cutting dryer can avoid the liquid discharge channel being blocked by sediments. The lubrication system is electrically interlocked with the main motor starter to prevent machine operation in the event of low or no oil pressure to the gearbox. The VFD control panel can facilitate soft starting, fingertip control of the VFD system can change the motor speed and thus the G force can be changed to the working conditions. The VFD system is made by ABB or SIEMENS and it is explosive proof.

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As a leading manufacturer in the solid control industry, GN Solids Control attends and exhibits in many oil and gas shows all around the world each year, such as the OTC, ADIPEC, CIPPE and so on. Next week, GN will exhibit in one of the largest oil and gas show in Moscow which is the 14TH  MOSCOW International Oil and Gas Exhibition, also short for MIOGE 2017. Welcome to attend the show and visit GN’s booth, the booth info is as below:
A 239, Hall 3, Exhibition building 13, the show time is from June 27 to 30.

During the show, you will see all the new products and technology from GN, including shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, shale shaker screen, centrifugal degasser. These are all core products for GN and they are also sold very well in Russia market. Recently GN just sold many sets of shale shakers with 4 panel screens to a Russian customer for oil and gas drilling service. GN’s shale shaker is liked by many customers for its high G force which will guarantee the better separation results, the compact and simple structure which will make the first time users easy to know it and operate it. All the main frames and beams are heat treated, this will make the structure very tough and reliable even working under the harsh environment. All the shaker motors GN used are the world famous brand, such as MARTIN or OLI. Now GN also fully upgraded its shaker screen product line from the old metal frame to the new composite frame, which will have many new features such as better longevity, great separation performance, and longer storage time with corroded and rusted but much lighter in weight. GN also sells thousands of screens in Russia market.

After the coarse separation equipment shale shaker, you will also see some finer separation equipment, such as the mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, these equipment also has many advanced material and motor, welcome to the booth to check it.
GN will look forward to meeting you at the show!

GN is becoming a more and more famous brand in the solid control and waste management industry. After using GN’s products, more and more customers from Europe and America are starting to buy more and more GN’s products. Recently GN Solids Control was awarded another big order of shale shakers by an old Russian customer. Now all the shale shakers are ready and will be shipped to Russia very soon.

The shale shaker is a very common but pretty important part in the solid control system, it is the first stage separation in the whole system. It’s equipped with four panels of screens to separate the coarse  and big size solids. So the effectiveness of the shaker’s working will greatly affect the performance of the following solid control equipment, such as the desander, desilter, mud cleaner, even the decanter centrifuge. GN’s shale shaker has a very simple structure which will make it very easy for the operators to understand it and use it to work. All the frames and bars are heat treated and very tough. The G force could reach up to 8 G which will make the solid more drier and better separate the solids and liquid. This shaker will be used in the oilfield operation. It will contain four panels of screen, whose size is 100% interchange with the Mi Swaco MONGOOSE screen. Now GN has fully upgraded its screen fleet from its old steel frame to the new composite frame, which will make the longevity better, much more non blank area and long storage time, usually above 5 years without getting rusted. The screens are much lighter than the old steel frame and one man can easily handle it for installation, which will make the on site job easier and safer. Except for the 4 panel screen shaker, GN also has 2 panel and 3 panel shaker, which will be used in diamond drilling and HDD/ trenchless industry.

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GN brand is now recognized by more and more customers from Europe and America due to its good quality and competitive price. Recently GN got another big order from an US customer. It’s mud cleaning system, which includes one collection hopper, one large shale shaker, one high-G shaker 594, one Desilter, one processing tank, one large bowl decanter centrifuge 553, and one set of supporting legs for decanter centrifuge.

The large shale shaker and high-G shaker have very similar features, but the high-G shaker has even stronger G force which will make the solids and cuttings process by the shale shaker even more drier. This will make the waste meeting the environmental requirement for disposal. The desilter could be used to separate even smaller size solids up to 20 microns. This desilter will be composed of 12 hydrocyclones.

The 553 decanter centrifuge is a large sized bowl equipment which can separate the solid size up to 2-5 microns. This equipment inherited the great features of 363 decanter centrifuge which is the core product of GN. The bowl material is made of stainless steel 2205, the screw conveyor surface is made of tungsten carbide. Also the discharge port is used the tungsten carbide which will ensure the longevity and performance of the equipment. But this large bowl equipment has large diameter and length of the bowl, this can make the mud even clearer and solid even drier. And this can also expand the processing capacity. As the industry developed, we believe there will be more and more customers like this large capacity products. As it will represent the efficiency. You can also find three types of this decanter centrifuge, the fixed speed, the Variable Frequency Drive and full hydraulic drive. GN can customize the equipment according to the customers’ requirement and needs.

Except for the large equipment, there will also many connecting pipes, feeding pumps and processing tanks to guarantee the system running smoothly.
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Recently GN was awarded a new order of 6 sets of shale shaker and 2 sets of jet mud mixer for an Indian drilling company. Till now all the manufacturing work has been done and it has entered the stage of commissioning and final testing before delivery. After all the work is finished, all the equipment will be loaded on the ship and headed for the Indian job site to help the customer executing their job.

This Indian drilling company owns their own solid control and mud recycling system. This time they just want to replace their old shale shaker fleet and change for the new ones. After researching and doing investigation in GN’s facility and make comparison with some other solid control equipment manufacturers, the customer finally impressed by GN’s product for its good quality and competitive price.

As one of GN’s core products, the shale shaker has many great features. The simple but all very functional structure can make the operator easily learn how to use it and maintain it. The special shaker bed seal design is GN’s patent and is welcomed and liked by many oilfield customers. All the steel structures have been heat treated which will guarantee the toughness and longevity. And one more thing needs to be added is that all the shaker screens from GN have been upgraded to the composite frame, which means the new shaker screen has better separation performance, much larger opening area which will make the shaker has larger processing capacity, and the longevity will be better which can make the job site work safer and the workers don’t need to change the screens frequently, it reduces the chance of accident. And the screens can be stocked over 5 years without being corroded or rusted.
The jet mud mixer is equipped with centrifugal pump which now is 100% interchangeable with Mission OEM pump. We believe more and more customers will like it.
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