Vacuum Degasser

1500 HP drilling rig solids control system is ready for shipment to India, this is not a complete solids control system, but the essential mud tank for the solids control system- shaker tank, the technical specification is as below:

1) 3 units of GNZS703F-SHBF shale shaker with 3pcs screens with composite material frame shaker screens
2) 1 unit of GNZJ703F-S2S12NF mud cleaner which is desander cone, desilter cone and under flow shale shaker which is the same model with shale shaker

3) 1 unit of horizontal vacuum degasser GNZCQ360A
4) 1 set of mud tank equipped the equipments mentioned above, the mud tank dimension is 14000 x2800x 2500mm, including the trip tank, sand trap, desander compartment, desilter compartment, degasser compartment
5) 2 units of centrifugal pump as feeding pump of desander and desilter
6) 1 unit of centrifugal pump as trip pump
7) 1 unit of mud gas separator GNZYQ1000A
8) 1 set of carbon steel material shed for sun proof, rain proof

The one mud tank design is to meet the client’s requirement to replace the old shaker tank, and the remained part of the existing solids control system is still in usage. All the necessary connection dimensions can fit with each other through good communication with clients. The explosion proof electric control system is equipped to control all the electric motors in the system and the big motors are controlled in the MCC at client’s rig site.
Features of the solids control system:

Recently GN just got a new order of mud recycling system for 1000HP drilling rig from a customer in Romania. This is a full set of mud recycling system and now the production for the system is almost done, will ship to Europe very soon.

This system consists of the main components: 5 40 feet container sized mud tank, 3 shale shakers, 1 mud cleaner, 1 vacuum degasser, 2 centrifugal pumps, 2 mixing pumps, 20 agitators. The mud recycling system meets the Europe CE standard and ATEX explosion proof standard. Mud recycling system is very important during the drilling process, it will help maintain the property of the drilling mud at very good level, removing the unnecessary large sized solids and protecting the drilling equipment from being damaged by large solids.

We can make a comparison, the mud pump is like the heart of the whole rig, the drilling mud is like the blood of the rig. And the mud recycling system is the key component that will make the heart and blood running healthy and strong. All the GN’s solid control equipment in the mud recycling system is good quality with competitive price. GN’s shale shaker’s G force can reach up to 8 G, which will make the discharged solids drier and meeting the environmental requirement. The new and upgraded shaker screen is also a selling point for GN. We all know that during the drilling process, the shaker screens will be consumed a lot. GN’s new composite screen has even better longevity, better performance and can store longer time than ever before.

More and more customers from Europe and North America like GN’s products and buy more and more GN’s products. GN will continuously work hard to provide customers with the good quality but cost effective products.
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As the leading company in the solid control industry, GN solid control can manufacture not only the good quality solid control equipment, but also can make great mud recycling systems. This system is with full stages of solid control equipment and large liquid storage tanks. Since its establishment in 2007, GN has already started manufacturing the solid control equipment for the oil and gas industry. After 10 years development, GN has already accumulated much experience and can be customer’s one stop shop for solid control system. Now its product range spanning from mud cleaner, cutting dryer, shale shakers, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, various kinds of pumps and so on.

The mud recycling system is mainly composed of the following elements: there are 14 tanks in total used for mud recycling, storage and mixing and for water and fuel storage. There are 3 units of shale shakers which will be connected to the mud distributors that will distribute the drilling mud coming through the pipeline from the wellbore. There is also a mud gas separator to eliminate the flammable gas for safety purpose. And after the shale shaker, there is one vacuum degasser which will be used to remove the cut in gas in the mud to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump. After that is one mud cleaner which is composed of desander, desilter and underlying shale shaker. One decanter centrifuge is also equipped in the system for barite recovery. This can save the operator a lot of money as barite is very useful and expensive. There are also various pumps installed in the system to perform their function, such as the centrifugal pump which is used to transfer the drilling mud in the system. And there are also about 30 units of agitators and mud guns which will be used to clean the corners of the tank and mixing the mud in the tank to keep the mud property at good level.

That’s the brief introduction about the mud recycling system. Hopefully it will be useful to you. GN has many types of configuration for different mud recycling system for different HP drilling rigs.  Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

GN Solids Control recently won another big order from a Middle East customer, this order includes several shale shakers and a full container of shaker screens. All the products will be used in the oilfield for separation of the solids in the drilling mud.

2017.03.03 Shale Shaker 1
Solid control equipment plays a key role in separating the large solids in the drilling mud to maintain the property of the drilling mud and improve the drilling efficiency. Usually the solid control system in the drilling system is composed of shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, various kind of pumps and pipelines, and mud tanks. The shale shaker  is usually used for the first stage separation, also called coarse separation. And another important consumable working together with the shale shaker is the screens. There are two main types of screens, the composite frame and the steel frame. Right now GN is gradually upgrading its screen system to the composite. Now GN can not only manufacture its own OEM screens, but also can manufacture many world famous replacement screens, such as the DERRICK 500, DERRICK 2000, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, NOV BRANDT KING COBRA/ VENOM, FLUID SYSTEMS and so on. There are many great features for the new composite screens. All the composite screens are pre-tensioned, which will make the layers of different wire mesh combined together better and make the screen life longer. All the screens can usually work for 300 to 700 hours under different working conditions. The composite screens can perform better under the harsh environment and could be stored longer, usually over 5 years. The composited screens over API 60 will be 3 layers of wire mesh, while the other manufacturers only do 3 layers only when API over 120. And now the supplier for the wire mesh is the same as DERRICK and SWACO. So all in all,  the composite screens represent the future of the screen and welcome you to call us for more info.

2017.03.03 Shale Shaker 2
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Since its establishment, GN Solids Control is always an innovative company that is always striving to research and develop new technologies and upgrade its product fleets to improve its efficiency and help customers to save money. The commitment of keeping its technology and product on the cutting edge keeps GN as a leading manufacturer in the solid control area, not only in China but also in the world range. Recently GN just got the fabrication of a new product-centrifugal type degasser done in its China HQ, and GN is planning its debut at the upcoming largest oil show in Beijing-CIPPE.

170204 Centrifugal Degasser 2
This centrifugal degasser adopts many advancing features of similar products from both China and all around the world. It could be applied in many kinds of drilling fluids recycling system to remove the cut-in gas from the drilling fluids for recovering the mud property, maintaining mud viscosity, improving drilling efficiency and reducing drilling cost.
Comparing with GN’s ZCQ series vacuum degasser, GN centrifugal degasser inherited its advantages and also got some new great features below.
1. Compact design and small footprint, with its vertical structure, the centrifugal degasser could be  installed firmly as a very compact equipment , which will leave more space on tank surface for other solid control equipment.
2. Energy saving. The centrifugal degasser is no longer needing a vacuum pump to produce vacuum for removing the cut-in gas out of the mud which will save a lot of energy. And no extra feeding pump is needed for transferring the drilling mud into the degasser unit, which is also a cost and energy saving solution.
3. The impellers could also be used as agitators for preventing the solids settling at the bottom of the tank.
The centrifugal degasser is mainly composted of transmission unit, impelling unit, gas flow manifold, pressurizing unit, coarse piece separating unit and fixing pieces. The structure is simple and it could be manufactured in a short time to guarantee the requirement of some urgent delivery.

170204 Centrifugal Degasser
This centrifugal degasser is an optimized solids control equipment from the traditional degasser. If you are interested on this unit, please feel free to contact with GN for more information. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to We will try our best to help your business achieving great success.