Recently one set of GNTBM-240 TBM slurry separation plant are shipped to South America client, which is a compact designed slurry separation plant for our TBM project client.
The technical configuration is as below:
Model: GNTBM-240

Treating capacity: 240m3/h (1000gpm)
(Desander) Mud cleaner: GNZY705E-Y2S, which is a double deck shale shaker with 2 ea of 10 inch desander cone, the double deck shale shaker with coarse screen( bottom layer) area is 2.63m2 , the fine screen( top layer) area is 1.35m2. The vibration strength is 7.5G, which is adjustable.
(Desilter) Mud cleaner:GNZY752E-Y12N, which is a single deck shale shaker with 12 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, the fine screen( dewatering screen) area is 1.35m2, total dewatering screen area is 2.7m2.
The feeding pump of desander, desilter is 55KW centrifugal pump, GNSB8X6-13J, the centrifugal pump produced by GN Solids is interchangeable with Mission pump. The total power consumption is 116KW, the shipping dimension is 6058x2438x2591mm, the user can transport it by 20ft container trailer with container fixing corner.

The complete GNTBM-240 TBM slurry separation plant with 2 layers installation, the bottom later installed one unit of desander cleaner, the desilter cleaner is installed on the top layer. The system control system are installed on the fluids catching tank which is on the skid, the whole system are in a 20ft container frame, the user can lift it or move it easily with the standard 20ft container frame. The control panel are installed in the front side of the complete system for convenient operation.
Except for the TBM slurry separation plant, GN solids control can also produce mud recycling system for HDD, CBM & Geothermal, water well drilling, and desander unit for Piling works and micron tunneling. If you need a customized solution for your slurry separation projects, pls contact with GN solids control.

Recently one batch of drilling mud desander and desilter are ready for shipment to China oilfield service company. There are 3 types mud cleaner/ desander / desilter traditionally, we have 2 options for desander, one is bare desander without bottom shaker, one type is desander cone with bottom shale shaker, which is to collect more useful drilling fluids. Desilter also have 2 options, one is bare desilter without bottom shaker, another type desilter is desilter cone with bottom shale shaker, which is also called mud cleaner. There are also 2 types mud cleaner, one type is desilter cone and bottom shaker 2 in 1, the other type mud cleaner is 3 in 1, including desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker. We can design different type fluids discharge and solids discharge trough as per client’s requirement and tank space layout.

We can provide different treating capacity desander, desilter and mud cleaner by adding different qty desander cone and desilter cone, with 500gpm, 1000gpm, 1500gpm treating capacity. The hydrocyclone is made of 100% polyurethane, the max drilling fluids temperature can be used is up to 80 degree. The color has option of red and black. The standard inlet pipe size is 6 inch, the standard outlet pipe size is 8 inch, as per customer’s requirement, we can also make it 10 to 12 inch.

The desander, desilter and mud cleaner is used after the primary shale shaker, and after that, we will use degasser ( vacuum degasser or centrifugal degasser) to separate the gas from the gas cut mud. Compared with the bare desander and desilter without bottom shale shaker, the mud cleaner can recycle more useful drilling fluids, and the discharged solids gets more drier.
If you need a desander, desilter or mud cleaner, pls contact with GN solids control.

We have over 11 units of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System working in North America, especially in USA.
The purpose to use GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System is to get solids and recover water, the water can reused to flush the hydrovac trucks and send to third party waste water treatment facility for further treatment, and reuse for other applications. After the first unit of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System successfully working in USA, we have got similar inquries from our customers in the same industry, we will provide customized design system for their different requirement.

What is hydrovac excavation?
Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Large volume water is required for Hydro Excavation, water recovery can save cost for the user of Hydro Excavation.
By using GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System, the user can recovery most of fluids from discharged solids, which is environment friendly and reduce solids disposal cost.
The technical configuration is as below:
1) Slurry collection hopper modular to receive slurry from the Hydrovac truck conveniently
2) Coarse solids separation shaker modular to separate big solids from the slurry, the shaker screen is special for durable life during working.
3) Fine solids separation shaker and desilter, the 4 inch desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns

4) Decanter centrifuge modular with chemical dosing unit
A big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge should be applied when chemical is adding into the fluids, the function is to accumulated ultra fine solids to bigger size solids, so that it will be easily separated out by centrifugal force, the max G force of GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is 2719G, max speed is 3000rpm. The separation cut point is 2~ 5 microns.
5) Mud tank to install all of the equipments on it in modular for convenient transportation.

Recently one set of CBM drilling rig mud solids control system are ready for shipment for coal development company. The technical configuration is as below:

1) 2 units of GNZS703F shale shaker to separate coarse solids from the drilling mud, the composite material frame shaker screens with stainless steel material wire mesh are installed on the shale shaker, the average working life is 300 ~ 700 hours, each shale shaker are drived by 2ea Italy Oli brand vibration motor, the total screen area for one shale shaker is 2.73m2, we can provide shaker screens from API 20 to API 325 for different client’s requirement.

2) 1 unit of GNZJ752F-1S desander cleaner with bottom shaker to separate the particle solids 45 microns to 75 microns, the treating capacity is up to 500gpm, the desander cone material is 100% PU for longer working life
3) 1 unit of GNZJ752F-8N desilter cleaner with bottom shaker to separate the solids size 20 microns to 45 microns, the treating capacity is up to 500gpm, the desilter cone material is 100% polyurethane for wear resistance

4) 4 units of Mud tanks, 2 ea shale shaker and desander, desilter are installed on top of mud tank, tank accessories and electric control system are attached.
5) 1 unit of Jet mud mixer, including venturi hopper and mixing pump
6) 3 units of Centrifugal pumps, which is 100% interchangeable with world famous brand pump, the pump casing and impeller are made of hard ductile iron for better abrasion resistance.
7) 1 unit of decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids from 5 microns to 7 microns, to reduce the solids content. The submersible slurry pump will transfer the clean fluids to decanter centrifuge from desilter compartment, the clean fluids are collected in the mud tank.
8) Several units of mud agitator

Recently one unit of mud cleaning system for offshore platform is ready for shipment. Different with normal design drilling mud cleaning system for onshore drilling, the mud cleaning system for offshore is with different features, like compact design, convenient transportation, offshore lifting frame, explosion proof standard to meet offshore drilling requirement, painting and coating to meet offshore requirement for better corrosion resistance.

The technical configuration is as below:
1) One unit of linear motion shale shaker, the discharged solids are collected by buffer box and collected by screw conveyor, which can transfer the drilling waste to cuttings box. The shale shaker are installed on the mud tank with offshore standard lifting pad, it needs to be lifted to the offshore platform frequently, the safety should be assured. All the mud tank pipelines are layout outside for convenient maintenance and operation. All the valves, fittings, flanges are all oil resistance material for longer working life. The shale shaker equipped with 2 ea Italy Oil brand vibration motor, the shaker screens are produced comply with API RP13C standard, with 3 layers stainless steel material wire mesh, composite material frame for longer working life. The shaker screens fixing method is by wedges.

2) One unit of mud cleaner (desander, desilter and shale shaker 3 in 1), the desander cone and desilter cone are all made of 100% polyurethane material for longer working life. The bottom shale shaker is same model with the shale shaker, the shaker screens are with same dimension. The shaker deck bottom are made of stainless steel material for better corrosion resistance.
3) Centrifugal pump, the pump casing and impeller such wear parts are made of ductile hard alloy for longer working life, FAG brand bearing for reliable operation. We can get offshore lifting pad certificate as per client’s requirement.