One set of oil sludge treatment system ready for delivery to South America

Recently one set of oil sludge treatment system are ready for delivery to South America client. This is a customized 2 phase separation oil sludge treatment system for client’s project.
The technical configuration is as below:
1. The first mud tank work as dilution liquid storage tank and coarse solids separation module with double deck high G drying shaker with spray system and closed cover to prevent oil sludge splashing, the continuous spraying with dilution liquid will reduce the shaker screen blinding by the high viscosity oil sludge. A submersible slurry pump is used to transfer the dilution liquid to high G drying shaker, decanter centrifuge flushing line, decanter centrifuge dilution line.

The electric steam generator provide hot steam to the heating lines around the mud tank to heat the oil sludge
2. The second mud tank acts as a centrifuge separation module with 2 phase decanter centrifuge or 3 phase decanter centrifuge, by using the 2 phase decanter centrifuge, the solids and oil water mixture fluids will be separated, the fluids will drop into the mud tank and transfer to truck wagons by submersible slurry pump, the solids will be sent to disposal, working with proper chemicals, which will increase the treatment efficiency and get better treatment result.

When 3 phase decanter centrifuge is used, the oil, water and solids are separated out, the oil and water will flow to 2 different compartment as oil storage tank and water storage tank, the water can be recycled in the treatment system, the oil can be sent to the user, the solids will be sent to disposal.
3. The vacuum pump will pick up the oil sludge from the waste pit to the screening module with a buffer box to reduce the pressure.
4. Chemical dosing unit and air compressor, electric heater will be prepared by the user.