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This week GN solids control shipped one batch of mud transfer pumps and mud agitators to Asia client. The centrifugal pumps are 100% interchangeable with world famous brand centrifugal pump, we can provide bare pump head and all the parts and the whole centrifugal pump with motor, skid, coupler, and control panel.

Features of GN centrifugal pump:
1. The impeller and pump casing is made of hard ductile iron alloy, which is abrasion resistant material and can longer the working life of the centrifugal pump. Different with the other competitors grey steel material, it is easily break.

2. The bearing is top brand bearing for reliable operation, the client do not need to repair the pump time and time and delay their operation.
3. The mechanical seal is also an important wear parts for the centrifugal pump, for better sealing and zero leakage and longer working life.
4. The mounting skid of the centrifugal pump is made from casting instead of welding to provide the reliable operation and less vibration for longer working life.

Mud agitator is one of the mixer equipment to be installed on top of the mud tank, together with tank bottom mud gun for better agitating and mixing of the drilling fluids in the mud tank, to prevent the drilling fluids to be accumulated in the tank bottom. The direct connection mud agitator design is with compact size, convenient operation, maintenance and customized agitator shaft length and impeller size for better performance.

56 units of drilling fluids mud agitators and 3 units slurry vacuum pump shipped to China client this week.
The mud agitator is consist of electric motor and gearbox and skid, it is installed on the mud tank to prevent the solids from accumulation on the tank bottom. The mud gun length and mud agitator shaft length is customized according to mud tank inner depth. GN mud agitator have C version and D version, the C version mud agitator is that the electric motor and gearbox is connected by coupler , if the client need local standard motors or they want to install their own motors, they can buy the gearbox with coupler and skid, and install the motor locally to meet the special explosion proof standard. D version mud agitator is the lastest mud agitator, the gearbox and electric motor is connected directly, with compact design, it will save space on the mud tank, and easy for maintenance.
The slurry vacuum pump is the most popular drilling cuttings transfer pump since this year, with the advanced technology. It is a pneumatic slurry transfer vacuum pump for liquid, slurry, and solids transfer. The pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density, solids content max. up to 80%.
GN solids control can offer various pumps, including submersible slurry pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vacuum pump for different applications. Vacuum pump is our new products, we already sold it to many jobsites in the world.

Since last year, the world petrol and gas
market has been down for a long while, at first, it was caused by the going
down of the crude oil price, and after more than 6 months, although the price
of crude oil was raised a bit, the expectation is still not so satisfactory to
encourage the drilling companies to come back to market.

Although under such economic background, GN
Solids Control has got orders from both domestic market and oversea market. Like
this order, it is about 6 sets centrifuges and 40 sets mud agitators, for a
drilling mud service company in South America.

Before, the oil relating industry was
always regarded as rich industry who always focusing on the most expensive
solutions. But since the down of crude oil price, the oil companies’ budget is
tight, and was radiated to service companies, forcing those companies to have
to look for most cost effective solutions. They still need highest quality
products, but with reasonable price. GN Solids Control, therefore, become their
best choice.

The end user is planning to use 6 mud
agitators to match one decanter centrifuge, and extra 4 sets of agitators as
back up. They are GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges, with VFD control panel
with PLC smart screens, with positive pressurized VFD control panel, the
international highest standard, and with the most popular bowl diameter size 14

Mud Agitator GNJBQ150DD, 15kw mud
agitators, with double layer impellers, GN mud agitator is compact designed mud
agitator, direct connection, easy to install and need small footprint.

Besides centrifuges and mud agitators, GN
has the complete line of equipments for solids control and waste management
systems, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, mud gun, jet
mud mixer, and various pumps.

After the operation of those 6 sets
centrifuges, this end user is planning to add the qty to 10 sets and will try
GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer in near future.

Mud agitator, as an auxiliary equipments in solids control system and main equipment for mud plant, plays an important role in drilling mud tanks. It helps the drilling mud in tank to be evenly mixed and avoid from sedimentation.

Normally, there are two types of mud agitators:

  1. Vertical type mud agitator:
  2. Horizontal type mud agitator:


Advantage and disadvantage of Vertical Type Mud Agitator:

In structure of vertical type mud agitator, the gear box and motor are vertically connected with each other, motor is located on top of gear box. When it is installed on tank, it occupies less space than the horizontal type mud agitators. But comparing with horizontal type mud agitator, it is a bit complicated for maintenance and repair.

Advantage and disadvantage of Horizontal Type Mud Agitator:

Comparing with vertical type mud agitator, this horizontal mud agitator need more space on tank top. But also because of the horizontal location of motor and gear box, both of which are installed in same level of surface, it is easier to maintenance and repair.

Recently, the horizontal solution is more popular in usage.

GN Solids control, as the 1st API/ISO/CE/HSE Certified solids control company in China, focuses not only on main equipments like centrifuges, shale shakers, vertical cutting dryers and etc, but also for auxiliary equipments like mud agitators. This year, GN has designed and put into production the new generation of mud agitators, the 3rd generation horizontal mud agitator, which sure will proved more efficient.

Mud agitator is a compact unit used for the drilling fluids. Not only applied within the mud mixing tank for mixing the drilling fluids using a selection of chemical, but additionally utilized inside the storage tank avoid the sediment.

GN mud agitator is with various explosion for instance ATEX and IE CEX. The motor power is from 3KW(4HP) to 22 KW (30HP) to meet with diverse sorts of density of mud. Based on the distinct deep of mud tank, GN is able to deliver the single, double even the triple impeller in an effort to correctly mix the drilling fluid. Also, there is a really essential info shoppers need to have to provide to us could be the length of shaft. Regard for the length of mud agitator, we are capable of fabricating shaft and installing with stabilizer around the bottom of tank. Technically, the productive working diameter of mud agitator is three meters. On the other hand, the corner of mud tank is want to use the GN mud gun to prevent the mud sediment. So, GN mud agitator and mud gun are basic unit equipped around the mixing tank and storage tank.

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