10 Sets of GNZS595 5 Panel Shale Shaker for Offshore Drilling company

Recently 10 sets of GNZS595 series 5 panel shale shaker are shipping to offshore drilling company. GNZS595 is customized designed model as per client’s requirement.

GN solids control produced GNZS595 linear motion shale shaker with 5 panel shaker screens, the shaker screen dimension is 585x1165mm, with composite material frame for longer working life, the screen area is 3.4m2, the deck angle adjustment range is -1°~+5°.The shale shaker is drived by 2ea 2.5HP vibration motor. Each shaker with an explosion proof starter , we can provide CNEX, IEC EX, ATEX starter as per client’s requirement. The shale shaker can be made as tandem shale shaker, or triple shale shaker, or single shale shaker, the drilling fluids can be distributed by flow divider.
Except for GNZS595 shale shaker, GN also produced 4 panel shale shaker and 3 panel shale shaker with the same dimension 585x1165mm shaker screen. GNZS594 series shale shaker with 4pcs shaker screen I the most popular model for drilling fluids treatment, the max G force is up to 7.5G which is adjustable. If you need high G force drying shaker up to 8.0G, GNZS594F-SGZF high G drying shaker can be applied for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment.

The working principal of linear motion shale shaker is as below:
The main components including shaker deck, skid, shaker screen, vibration motor, buffer box, wedge, deck adjustment device, damper spring, deck fixing device.
The drilling fluids flow from wellhead mud return line to shale shaker buffer box, then overflow to shaker deck and shaker screen from feeding end to discharge end. While moving, the drilling fluids will go through the screen opening hole and fall into the mud tank. The drilling cuttings are discharged from discharge end, to get drier drilling cuttings, the client can use ViST vacuum screen to make the drilling fluids remain longer time on the shaker screens. https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/high-g-drying-shaker

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