Mud Solids Control system , oil drilling mud solid control system. Mud circulation system consists primarily of drilling fluid shale Shaker and vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, sand-removing machine, liquid-gas separator except mud, stir Cut, sand pumps, pumps, centrifuges, electronic ignition, mud agitator, Jet mixing devices, mud tanks and other oil drilling mud solids control equipment and complete circulatory system, mud recycling system applied in oil and water well drilling mud circulation jobs. Mud circulation system is also widely used in the oil industry, oil and gas exploration trenchless engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, electricity and water industries.


GN America company’s mud Solids Control system features:1, pressed steel plate for tank shell, beautiful shape, the intensity is high.2, modular rapid combination design, adapted to the different models, specifications of the drilling rig configuration requirements.3, complete portfolio of slurry handling equipment, complex drilling technology in slurry treatment adapted to modern requirements.4, mud circulation system can be designed according to customers ’ requirements and configuration.Mud purifying system equipped with a five-step purification equipment: Shaker, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, desilter and centrifuge; mud purifying system accessories including increase the mixing device and pouring device and chemical notation, used to change the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid in order to meet the requirements of different drilling.Mud Solids Control system  is suitable for 2000-7000 meters of oil well drilling. Its mud maximum processing volume for 240m/h, by 3 to 7 a module of combination tank body composed; purification tank tank end of used new cone end of structure, edge department easily sank sand. It is also important that you source it from a top store like