GN will exhibit in Offshore Europe 2017 in Aberdeen UK

Offshore Europe 2017 will be held in Aberdeen, UK during September 5-8. As one of the largest oil and gas show around the world, every year there will be over 50,000 attendees, and all the buyers, suppliers, technical expert will come together to share the innovative technologies and exchange the thoughts about the industry’s future.

GN Solids Control as the leading manufacturer in the industry will exhibit in this fantastic show as well, GN’s booth number is 5A25, and the main products GN will demonstrate is shale shaker screens. GN’s product line now covers almost everything in the solid control area, such as the shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, mud cleaner, various kinds of pump, etc. Among all the large equipment, this year GN put a small product at a very important place, that is shale shaker screen.

From the beginning of this year, GN has completely upgraded its shaker screen product from the old steel frame to the new composite frame. The new composite frame screen has many great features, for example, the screens are four side pre-tensioned which will make the different layers of meshes combined tightly and well. This will make the screen lasting longer. Above API 60, GN ‘s screens will be 3 layers of mesh, while other screen manufacturers will do 3 layers only when the API is over 120. As the surface of the screen is composite material, it has better performance in terms of anti-corrosion. The screens can be stocked over 5 years on average. The new composite screens have larger opening area which will make the processing capacity much better than before. The screen wire mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK, MI SWACO and BRANDT. Now GN can manufacture almost all the replacement screens for the world  famous brands, such as the SWACO, DERRICK, BRANDT, FSI, ELGIN, and so on. GN can also customized the screens as the customer’s special needs.
Welcome to GN’s booth and we will look forward to meeting you in Aberdeen!

GN will exhibit in the Moscow oil and gas show next week

As a leading manufacturer in the solid control industry, GN Solids Control attends and exhibits in many oil and gas shows all around the world each year, such as the OTC, ADIPEC, CIPPE and so on. Next week, GN will exhibit in one of the largest oil and gas show in Moscow which is the 14TH  MOSCOW International Oil and Gas Exhibition, also short for MIOGE 2017. Welcome to attend the show and visit GN’s booth, the booth info is as below:
A 239, Hall 3, Exhibition building 13, the show time is from June 27 to 30.

During the show, you will see all the new products and technology from GN, including shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, shale shaker screen, centrifugal degasser. These are all core products for GN and they are also sold very well in Russia market. Recently GN just sold many sets of shale shakers with 4 panel screens to a Russian customer for oil and gas drilling service. GN’s shale shaker is liked by many customers for its high G force which will guarantee the better separation results, the compact and simple structure which will make the first time users easy to know it and operate it. All the main frames and beams are heat treated, this will make the structure very tough and reliable even working under the harsh environment. All the shaker motors GN used are the world famous brand, such as MARTIN or OLI. Now GN also fully upgraded its shaker screen product line from the old metal frame to the new composite frame, which will have many new features such as better longevity, great separation performance, and longer storage time with corroded and rusted but much lighter in weight. GN also sells thousands of screens in Russia market.

After the coarse separation equipment shale shaker, you will also see some finer separation equipment, such as the mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, these equipment also has many advanced material and motor, welcome to the booth to check it.
GN will look forward to meeting you at the show!

GN’s new full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control is a comprehensive company which specializes in manufacturing solid control equipment and system. Since its establishment in 2007, it always focused on the quality and reliability, and how to help the customers save more money. And among all the solid control equipment, there are 3 star products that have been proved to be more rugged, durable and reliable, they are: shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.

Recently, GN released its new product-GNLW363D-FHD decanter centrifuge. First, let’s get to know what the meaning of the product name. GN means the company name, LW means it is horizontal spiral product. 363 means the bowl diameter is 360mm which equals to 14 inch. And 3 means the length of bowl is about 3 times longer than the diameter. This ratio has been specially engineered by the technician to guarantee its good performance during work. D means the 4TH  generation of decanter centrifuge. FHD means full hydraulic driven. All the configuration is high standard which can meet most of the customer’s requirement. The bowl material is made of duplex SS 2205/ SS 2304, the screw conveyor material is made of SS 304/ SS 316 and then the surface is protected by the tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and reliable, and it can save customer’s money both in operation and maintenance. And the solid discharge port is also used the tungsten carbide inserts. The bearing is still used the world famous SKF. The FHD system is VISCOTHERM full hydraulic drive. The electrical control system is smart PLC control. And the coating is used the Cosco & Kansai Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating. The equipment can be used in extreme high temperature environment with heavy mud situation. And the decanter is designed and assembled on a skid, which makes it easier to move and save time and cost for transportation.
That’s the brief introduction about GN’s new fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com363fhd-1

Keep Focusing on, and Be More Professional

The market is down, we are supplying
service with lower price, we are waiting for the contract. Another factory is
taking more days off. As the saying goes, the economic crisis is not only your
neighbour lost job, yourself is also being fired. Nowadays more and more
oilfield companies have been suffered hard days. And some may change business,
especially small companies, keep lower and lower price will never last too

GN is mainly target on overseas market,
high quality equipment and reasonable price.  GN Solids Control equipment
have taken lots of drilling site in Middle East, Africa, Russia, America,
Brazil, Australia etc.

GN Solids
Control equipment including: shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner,
desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud
gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vertical
cuttings dryer
, screw conveyor, High G drying shaker etc.

Keep focusing on solid liquid separation
equipment, making better solids control equipment, drilling
waste management equipment
for oil drilling projects. For HDD,
environmental industry and so on. And this will be where we can make some differences,
from each and every details. So in the new year, we will still keep focusing on
the main equipment, and change the world.

Keep tune on GN Solids Control, in 2016,
we will have big improvement on shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, and cuttings
dryer. Also we will have our TDU thermal
desperation unit ready, well tested, and probably some early bird client will
use it on field. Looking forward a new challenging year.

More and more strict environmental
protection laws will require more TDU equipment, and GN TDU will be very
flexible, comparing a hug site. As in future, we can expect all waste
management work will be done on site. Not a long trip to a mud pit, and
transferred to a lot of equipment, and pumped from this to there. Find you most
convenient way to meet or discuss with GN Solids Control.

GN 200gpm mud system operation manual

200gpm mud system is small and
compact mud system which is usually used for small water well drilling rig or
small HDD rigs. The mud system can recycle, clean the mud from mud pit and
return it back to drilling rig for reuse, via mud pump. GN 200gpm mud system
have been exported to Australia, Asia countries, Niger, Kuwait etc.  Correct way to use 200gpm mud system is very
important part of the contract.

1) General
introduction of GN 200gpm mud system

200GPM Mud System is a customized mud
recycling system
and clarification system for drilling rigs designed by GN
as per client’s requirements. This system has a working capacity of 45 m3/h.
This system is designed to include 2 levels of solids control and clarification
procedure. In order

to have a compact structure, this
system adopts the structure as integrating together a shale shaker and a desilter, which is a
Desilter Mud Cleaner with
Model GNZY753E-4N. First level separation is by a GNZS752E Linear Motion Shale
Shaker, and second level is combined of a

4N Desilter and a GNSB4×3A-11J
Centrifugal Pump. Centrifugal pump provides enough power for Desilter and
drilling mud was treated via centrifugal separation by Desilter, such is main
principle of the second level. Meanwhile, a GNSLM25 Jet Hopper was equipped on
tank to be

used for adding and deposition
drilling mud, thereby provide the rig with suitable mud for drilling technology

2) Installation
of GN 200gpm mud system

Make sure the operation field is
even and clean, and make the foundation. Install and fix GNZY753E-4N desilter
mud cleaner and GNSLM25 jet hopper ( other equipments are installed before

Connect all pipelines, walkways,
guardrails and stairs. Make sure all flexible parts can easily to swirl safely
and flexibly after installation. Locate the mud tank as per
drilling site and connect all connector clips for solids control equipment
control line.

The operation steps is also very
important, it have to be taught by professional engineers from the
manufacturer, GN Solids Control.