Sludge Vacuum Pump and Decanting Centrifuge for Environmental Solutions

Recently one unit of sludge vacuum pump and decanter centrifuge are ready for shipment for environmental solution.

The mini vacuum pump model number is GNSP-10B, the max capacity for water is 10m3/h, for oil sludge, industry waste, drilling waste transfer, the flow rate will be different according to material conditions. The inlet and outlet size is 3 inch (89mm), vacuum degree is 85Kpa/25 inch Mercury column, the max suction horizontal distance is 50m, max discharge horizontal distance is 500m, the max suction depth (vertically) is 3 ~5m according to density and viscosity, the max discharge depth vertically is 5~ 10m, the max solids content is up to 80%, it can be used to transfer high solids content material, and mx allowance solids size is 50mm. The vacuum pump is 100% air operated, required pressure is 550 Kpa ~ 690 Kpa(80~100 PSI), air demand is 4.3m3/min (150CFM). Working principal of vacuum pump for suction process is that the compressed air enters into the vacuum generator, which generates negative pressure in the pump body and suck the materials from the suction port. The discharge valve is closed. The suction time and discharged is set by the user according to their requirement. they can select automatically operation method or manually operation method as requirement.

The discharge process of the sludge vacuum pump is that closed the vacuum generator valve, the air flow directly enter into the pump body, the discharge valve is opening automatically, and the positive pressure will push the material along with the air flow out of the pump body, at this moment, the suction valve is closed.
The decanter centrifuge can be used for solids liquid separation for industry waste water treatment, dewatering centrifuge, waste separation, oil sludge treatment, etc. applications. If you need a decanter centrifuge, pls contact with GN sales engineer to select a model.

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