Oil based mud cuttings dryer and Centrifuge for overseas client

Recently one unit of oil based mud cuttings treatment system is ready for shipment to overseas client. The system consists of 2 units of decanter centrifuge, 1 unit of vertical cuttings dryer, 1 unit of container for heat preservation operation in Winter and convenient transportation. One unit of decanter centrifuge is used for solids control system, one unit of decanter centrifuge is used for vertical cuttings dryer system.

The vertical cuttings dryer is installed on the lifting frame for smooth solids discharge, the treated solids with oil content on the cuttings below 5%, the discharged solids can be disposal or for landfill or to be sent to thermal desorption unit for further treatment. The oil based drilling mud cuttings are transferred from waste pit, or 1 unit of horizontal installed screw conveyor collect the oil based drilling cuttings from solids control shale shaker, another unit of screw conveyor is installed slantly to transfer the oil based drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer feeding port. The fluids flow to fluids catching tank, the decanter centrifuge feeding pump will feed the fluids to one of the decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation 2~5 microns, the treated fluids can be reused to prepare for new drilling fluids.

All the equipments are installed inside the standard container with windows, doors for heat preservation operation in Winter, there is space remained for vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge and feeding pump maintenance. The high speed decanter centrifuge model number is GNLW363D, the bowl diameter is 14 inch, the bowl length is 50 inch, the max speed is 3900rpm, the normal operation speed is 3200rpm, the max G force is up to 3063G. The high speed decanter centrifuge can be applied for solids control system, drilling waste treatment system, oil sludge treatment unit, dewatering centrifuge and other applications of solids liquid separation.

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