GN Slurry Dewatering System for Construction Industry to New Zealand

One set of GN Slurry Dewatering System for Construction Industry are ready for delivery to New Zealand. Features of GN slurry dewatering system including:
1) Complete package design to provide Turnkey solutions
2) We have rich field proven experience
3) 5 phase separation system to reach better treatment result
4) Modularized system for fast installation and flexible movement
Why we use GN slurry dewatering system?

We provide customized design, customized painting color, after-sales service and training of the client’s engineer. The solution is to use liquid and solids separation equipment to treat slurry from Hydrovac or HDD project, to collect reuseable material for construction and discharge the treated clean water. Normally the slurry should be contaminant free which is from horizontal directional drilling for replacement of underground pipes or other private construction.
The system is consist of several modular as below:

  1. GNLMP1536 Mining vibrating screen modular, a mining vibrating screen installed on top of a mud tank, the coarse solids, rubbish, stones, branch, etc. big materials are separated out, and the slurry drop into the mud tank.
  2. GNZJ706 Double deck shale shaker fine mesh modular, the double deck shale shaker is installed on top of a mud tank, a submersible slurry pump pick up the slurry discharged from mining vibrating screen and feed to the double deck shale shaker, the fine solids from the slurry are separated out by the top layer shaker screen and bottom layer shaker screen, totally there are 6pcs composite material frame shaker screens are utilized, total screen area is up to 4.63m2.
  3. GNZJ594J-12N Desilter modular, the separation cut point is 20 microns.
  4. GNLW553D Big bowl dewatering centrifuge modular, the mechanical separation cut point is 5 microns. With chemical dosing unit, the ultra fine solids can be separated out and get dry solids and clear water.
  5. Chemical dosing unit modular

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