Solids Control Centrifuge and Vacuum Degasser to Asia Client

One batch of solids control centrifuge, vacuum degasser and shale shaker are ready for delivery to our Asia client.

Decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser and shale shaker is our most popular solids control equipments, the shale shaker is the first phase cleaning of drilling fluids, the primary shale shaker will separate the drilling cuttings and reduce the solids content in the drilling fluids, the fluids dropped into the sand trap, the desander cone and desilter cone is the second and third phase cleaning of drilling fluids, the feeding pump of desander suck the discharged fluids from shale shaker and feed to desander cone, the feeding pump of desilter cone suck the treated fluids from the desander cone and feed to desilter cone. The treated fluids from desilter cone can be reused to prepare for new drilling mud in the mixing tank with mixing hopper and mixing pump, sometimes when silt accumulated in the drilling fluids.

Decanter centrifuge will be applied to separate the ultra fine solids, the clean fluids discharged from solids control centrifuge will be storage in a separate tank/ compartment, which will be used to prepare for new drilling fluids and reused by the drilling rig.
The decanter centrifuge produced by GN solids control can be high speed or variable frequency drive or fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, the explosion proof standard CNEX, ATEX and IEC EX for option according to our client’s requirement. We can produce different size decanter centrifuge 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch with different bowl length as your required treating capacity. Except for drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, we can also produce decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management project, oil sludge treatment project, waste water treatment, dewatering unit application.

For more information of solids control decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, shale shaker, pls contact with GN solids.

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