Besides oil and gas drilling, there are other drilling works very commonly using mud recycling unit or systems, like HDD drilling, CBM drilling, Piling, TBM, water well drilling and etc. All their aims by using the mud recycling systems are to re-clarify the drilling mud by separation out the cuttings and to ensure the drilling mud after treating to be re-used into future projects.

Cause the depth and earth condition are not same, or the drilling volume differs, the standard for the drilling mud is not same. That’s why, the adopted mud systems are combined with different equipments. Now we cited with HDD mud recycling systems and Piling mud systems to show some of them.

1.HDD means horizontal direction drilling, usually, it means to drill a pipeline from across the river or road, without disturbing the surface. Comparing with Piling, it has a higher standard of mud. In HDD mud systems, there are always 2 steps of separation, like Shale Shaker, and Desilter cones and an feeding pump for desilters. Then, after separation, end user need to add some additional material into the drilling mud to ensure its former character, so there must be a jet mud mixer with another centrifugal pump for feeding.

Depending on the different treating capacity requirement, the tanks below the systems are different. On larger systems the 2 steps separation can employ a shale shaker and a desilter with underflow shaker, on smaller systems, GN design the 2 separations into one equipment, GNZJ705-Y4S, a combination of shale shaker and desilter cones with underflow shaker to make the unit more compact.

2.Piling is always for construction projets when making the basement. The requirement is less demanding comparing with HDD ones. There are 2 steps of separation equipments, same as HDD systems, but in piling mud recycling works, there is no need for jet mud mixer unit. So such systems are always smaller and more compact.

No matter it is mud recycling systems for HDD or for Piling, GN’s products has such features:

1. Polyurethane material for cyclones, for more anti-wearing and longer service life.

2. Vibration motor brand: Italy Oli.

3. Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel and heat treatment for complete shaker deck for High G force operation.

4. Explosion-proof electric control system, also rain-proof and dust-proof. In outdoor jobsite, service life is 2-3 times longer than Non-Ex-proof electric control system.