A complete HDD mud system is consist of several essential components, including following:

  1. Shale shaker for the 1st step separation.
  2. Desilter cones as 2nd step separation.
  3. Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desilter cones and mixing hopper.
  4. Mud gun and mud agitator.
  5. Mud tank and corresponding a

    ttachments like lighting system and rails&ladders.

  6. Electric control system.

In a standard design of 350GPM HDD mud recycling system, all above mentioned parts should be installed. And if such system is to be shipped to oversea customers, the cost and shipping time should be taken into consideration too. After discussion with an engineer from customer’s company, GN comes into a solution to make such system to be shipped in a container, in order to save time and money for end user.

  1. To use a double deck shaker with desilter cones. In this case, the drilling mud to be treated firstly enters into lower deck screen for being treated by shale shaker, this screen mesh is not so fine as the upper layer. Then the liquid phase falls into tank below the shaker and pumped to desilter cones for further treatment. The upper layer screen is regarded as drying shaker for desilter cones.  In this way, two steps of separation are combined in one equipment, and a better separation result is achieved.
  2. A smaller tank just 10mm smaller than the standard container size in width, and height lower than container inside height, so that the tank after dissembled the equipments, could be shipped by container. Vessels for containers are weekly scheduled while for bulk, it is monthly.
  3. Storage capacity. You may ask how to ensure the storage capacity. Answer is if the tank is designed to enter a 40ft container while equipments shipped in an extra 20ft container, and the ideal storage capacity could be reached. End user’s engineer has his own solution which is to use an extra buffer tank for storage. And such buffer tank is easily to source locally. He could use GN’s agitators and mud guns for buffer tank.

In fact, at the very beginning, GN started business with HDD mud recycling systems. Like CPP, the largest petroleum pipeline contractor in China, only sources from GN Solids Control. GN earns a good fame by providing with TOP HDD contractors with TOP quality products.