For both OBM and WBM in drilling rig systems, the solids control systems are totally same, like shale shakers, desanders, desilters and solids control centrifuges. Sometimes there are degassers in front of shale shakers. But normally, the further treatments regarded as waste management systems are not exactly same, especially in standard drilling waste management.

Standard OBM Drilling Waste Management System:

  1. Screw conveyor for collecting and transferring drilling cuttings discharged by solids control system. And another slope screw conveyor used to convey the drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer.
  2. Vertical cuttings dryer, use a centrifugal force to dry the cuttings, which shares same principle like a washing machine. GN Solids control is 1st China Company who made the vertical cuttings dryers, and now it’s the 3rd generation vertical cuttings dryer. This is well tested in jobsite.
  3. Decanter centrifuge, the liquid phase of drilling mud treated after vertical cuttings dryer will be further treated by a high speed decanter centrifuge, like GNLW363BG/BG-VFD, which  is ideal solution for this application.

Standard WBM Drilling Waste Management System:

  1. Same as OBM systems, the first adopted equipment is screw conveyor for collecting the drilling cuttings.
  2. The second equipment in OBM and WBM system are quite different. In most WBM waste management systems, they use high-G shale shaker for drying the solids, like GNZS594HGE-LD.
  3. Also decanter centrifuge with a high speed, same as OBM waste management systems.

In some cases, the operator uses vertical cuttings dryer in both OBM and WBM, like GNCD930 is suitable for both conditions.

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