GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Middle East Company

Recently one set of GNOST-15B oil sludge treatment equipments are ready for shipment for Middle East company, it consists of modules as below:
1. Transfer module: it suck the oil sludge and transfer to primary coarse shaker separation module to separate big solids.
2. Coarse shaker separation module: Classification Vibrating Screen GNLMP1236
3. Crusher module: to break the big solids into smaller piece, for easier separation of solids and transfer to pre-mixing tank.

4. Pre-mixing tank module: 2 units, the dimension is equivalent with 20ft container, the pre-mixing tank equipped with heating lines, mud agitator, submersible slurry pump, the user can use demulsifier or oil sludge surfactant according to the oil sludge conditions.
5. Fine solids screening module: oil sludge separation shale shaker GNZS706, which is a double deck shale shaker, the top layer screen is to separate the bigger solids, and the bottom layer screen is to separate the fine solids.

6. Solids liquid separation module: GNLW553D-VFD decanter centrifuge, adding with flocculants, the treating capacity of oil sludge is up to 20m3/h, to separate fine solids from the oil water mixture. The bowl diameter is 22 inch, the bowl length is 71 inch, the max speed is 3000rpm and max G force is 2719G. When use it to treat drilling fluids, max treating capacity is up to 500gpm.

7. Oil water separation module: GNSD-125 3 phase disc separator, to separate the oil, water and few solids, if necessary, proper demulsifier can be added for easy separation of oil and water, the oil can be recovery and water can be sent to waste water treatment facility or reused in the circulation system.
8. Chemical dosing unit: to prepare for oil sludge demulsifier, Oil sludge surfactant, flocculants.
It is customized oil sludge treatment system according to client’s requirement, if you need a oil sludge treatment solution, pls contact with GN solids.

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