GN Piling Systems for Asia Market

Among all the products and systems provided
by GN Solids Control, although the solids control and waste management systems
always occupy the largest portion, the piling systems and HDD mud recycling systems
still have their certain share in GN’s products. Like in some places where the
oil and gas resources are not so affluent, there are always construction
companies who buy TBM systems from GN.

This picture is taken in GN Solids Control’s
workshop, in this picture, there are 3 sets of piling unit, ready to be
delivered to an Asian country. It is a repeated order from old clients, who has
been using same piling unit from GN Solids Control for several years. Now they
have new projects to be started and they need at least 3 sets.

What is the capacity of those 3 Piling mud

For this order, they are 200GPM Mud systems,
with 1 double deck desander and a small tank underby, this is standard model of
GN Solids Control GNMS-200D. It is not only suitable for the piling projects,
also called TBM, and also suitable for water well drilling and small HDD
projects, which use water as the base media for drilling.

Besides this model, for same function mud
systems, GN also have standard 500GPM and 1000GPM capacities available with
models respectively GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D.

What’s the working process of GNMS-200D mud

The piling systems are normally used
alongside the piling machines. The slurry first arrives the lower layer shaker
for separating out the larger solids, normally, end users choose mesh 15 or
mesh 25 screens on this layer of shaker.

Then the slurry pump or centrifugal pump
transfers the slurry to the desander cone for the second step of separation.

purchased such systems from GN Solids Control?

For the same piling systems, GN has clients
nearly all over the world especially in Asia, outsite China, Korea, Singapore,
India, Vietnam, etc. In Australia, GN is the first and only solids control manufacturer
accepted by Australian market. In middle east, GN products spread to Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and Oman.