GN has re-designed the GNCD930 Vertical cuttings Dryer

Given that GN Solids Control first of all
designed the first generation GNCD 930 Vertical Cuttings Electric dryers, this
model has been created to the 4th generation, every generation has clear
strengths comparing with its ancestors. GN engineers added new purposes and
made improvements to them. Right now GN has updated this to GNCD930D/D-VFD
vertical cuttings dryers.
1st generation GNCD930 Vertical cuttings
, it offers the basic functions as every single vertical cuttings
dryer, similar to a washing machine’s drying perform, by rotating at a top
speed, the liquids and hues are separated from the other person and the solids
particles are generally dried to fall down and also discharged, the liquid is
definitely transported to next step.
next generation GNCD930 Vertical clippings dryer, GN changed the actual some
parts to have higher efficiency like the solids blocking wedding ring and some
scrapers to speed the discharge of material and as well better the performance.
Almost all of the ideas came from the construction site feedbacks from GN
useful clients.

3rd generation GNCD930C Vertical cuttings dryer, GN has great improvements. For
your main equipment, GN superior the material of screen holder and its
structure, and added in air knife to help keeping away from block. For control
individual panels, the clients could opt for the fixed speed one or good
pressurized VFD
control panel
having PLC smart screen. Intended for rotating speed, GN
possesses 900RPM and 1200RPM offered.
Such useful applications manufactured GNCD930C Vertical cuttings clothes dryer
more efficient and favorable.

Today, not long ago, GN has re-designed the GNCD930 Vertical Waste Dryer, we
can say that, it’s the 4th generation vertical waste dryer. For each model, you
will find 2 optional electric command panels as fixed velocity and VFD
controlled to decide from, And also, you can choose ideal speed per your work
site need, as 900 RPM or 1200 RPM. Contrasting with the 3rd generation, the
particular structure is more compact.
In case you have more interest or wish to see GNCD930 Vertical clippings dryer,
welcome to come to GN factory or contact GN sales at
renee@gnsolidcontrol. com.

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